You feel as if you aren't loved my child? You feel as if all hope is lost, and as if you have nothing to live for? Then remember child, that I am the Lord, and I will never give you anything that is too big for you to handle. Remember that you are always loved by me. I am your Father, lift up your head up and let me dry your tears. Trust in me, and I can show you great things. All hope is not lost, your life is not over, this is nearly the beginning of it all. As you go through life, you will make your own choices. I give you the choice to choose freely what you want to do, and the rest is up to you.

You may make some bad choices, and you may make some good ones. But nevertheless remember to learn from them, and remember me, your Father. Don't forget me child, for I am the one that created you after all. I made you with love, in the image of me, so why do you say you have nothing to live for? Child, you have everything to live for. Your journey is just starting, and you will soon find your purpose in life.

You say your prayers aren't answered, but you are not listening for the answer. Listen and you shall hear all that you need to. Believe in me, do not forsake me, nor abandon me. Remember my undying love for you. Remember how much I care, and just how special I think you are.

You are loved, and all hope remains. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain. So for now live life, and when the time comes, if you have listened to what I said, then I will have a home prepared for you in Heaven.