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I Gunther Hessenheffer am tired. I am tired of hiding. I am tired of pretending it never happened. I am tired of simulating that we're undefeatable. But we know we are not. We are humans and we are how we are for a reason. I was standing in a dark room. I heard the cries of an innocent girl calling for her mother. She was begging to put the gun. She was begging me. I was pointing the gun at her. I'm better than this. Cece wouldn't want me to do this. I don't want to this. I want to be a normal American 17 year old… but I can't…not anymore…

~ 6 years early ~

Gunther's POV

Middle school. Even the sound was different for elementary school. Truth is, everything was, or it appeared to be. Tinka and I moved from our country to the United States when we were going to first grade.

Here's the summary; in our old country, we were the richest, most popular children ever! Even though we were only in kindergarten, everyone followed our trend. Our trend was, and is sparkles, feathers, and be-twinkled cloths. We loved goats and everyone in our village. We were the happiest children in the world. That is until the day papa gave us the news. We were moving to America! Frankly, Tinka and I were pretty excited about the whole moving cause of papa's business. Our parents told us stories about America, freedom! Opportunities! Happiness! All of this was truth except for one little detail they forgot to tell us; bullying.

As we walked through the doors of middle school we wished for one thing only. We hoped for our bullying to stop. We were sick of hearing people call us freaks, imitating our beloved accent, torturing with our precious goats. I didn't want to continue sitting every night with Tinka telling her that I loved her outfit and that the people that threw cruel insults at us were simply jealous. We begged to go back home, the place where we weren't know as the sparkly goat freaks. Our parents did not understand what we were going through. They'd always say we were over reacting. Tinka made me promise one day that we would stop begging them to return to the old country. She said it was useless and only caused arguments. We only hope that now that we were going to middle school for our first year, it was different. Maybe here in middle school everyone would think we're cool, as they say in America, and want to follow our trend just like in the old country. I wanted to believe this was true. I wanted to believe the bulling would get better in middle school. We both had to believe it, for our own sakes.

"Gunther" my younger (by 15 minutes) twin sister said as we entered the school. "Do you think anyone will like us here? Do you think they will admire our handmade be-twinkled outfits?" I was wearing a blue shirt with the letter G printed on it in black sparkles with some awesome black jeans I got. Tinka was wearing a matching pink shirt with the letter T on it and a pink knee length skirt. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail.

I smiled lightly "Of course they will Tinkabell. They have to."

We walked over to the office to pick up our schedules. To our disappointment we only had 1st, 4th, and 6th period together. I immediately detected the disappointed look on my twin sister's face.

"Tinka, don't worry. We are going to have many friends and we won't even need each other that much anymore."

Tinka gasped "Gunther! Don't you say that again! I will always need you."

I smiled at her "Oh I'm sorry Tinka I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying. We will have lots of friends. But of course we'll always be there for each other."

She looked pleased with my answer which was good enough for me. "Okay Gunther." She said and grabbed my hand to find our lockers.

"So they are locker numbers 110 and 198." I said checking our numbers. Mine was 198 while Tinka's was 110. I saw my sister rush over to her locker.

"Look Gunther! Mine's right here!" she pointed at the lockers. I looked over at mine. It was way on the other end.

"Umm Gunther what's wrong?" Tinka asked looking a little disappointed

"Umm nothing Tinka. It's just that… my locker is all the way over there" I said pointing at my locker.

"Oh. It's okay!" she said so calmly it was surprising

"What do you mean its okay?"

"I mean… you said we were going to make more friends right?"

"Yeah but…"

"So don't worry about it brother twin. We'll have plenty of friends. See I'll make a friend right now." She looked over at her neighboring locker's number and said "WHOEVER HAS LOCKER NUMBER 111 PLEASE PROCCED TO YOUR LOCKER NOW" I covered my sister's mouth before she could say anything more.

"Tinka!? What on Earth are you doing?"

"Duh! Making friends!" she said

"No Tinka you shouldn't…" I was cut off by a gang of boys heading our direction. They were at least two years older than us.

"Did someone call for the person that owns locker number 111?" the boy said I recognized him immediately. It was no other then Tyler Joseph Blue. Better known as Ty. Brother of one of our frenemies Rocky Blue. Rocky and Cece were the closest we ever got to having friends. They both always teased us too. But they weren't as bad or intimidating as some of the other people. In my secret little world, I would be Cece's best friend. We'd run of in the sunset together happily holding hands. Well I guess I have a little crush on her. But who am I kidding? No one can stand to be near me in this place, worse so date me. But anyways, Ty's a different story. He is one of the bad boy gang's leaders. They always pick on younger kids, tease girls, and hit on a new girl every second. Or I heard so in rumors. He approached Tinka and I and I grew nervous with every step he gave.

"I asked you two freaks a question! Who called the owner of locker number 111?!"

"Umm… that would be me" Tinka said more confident than I thought she'd be

"Well you know what little girl? In this school all the girls belong to me. All of them! Including you!" he said pointing at Tinka with an evil laugh

"Ty leave them alone!" me and Tinka both looked in the direction the voice was coming for. Two girls were there a brunette and a really cute red headed one. Rocky and Cece.

"Ty leave Gunther and Tinka alone. Can you go find something better to do?" Rocky said almost pleading

Ty rolled his eyes "all right but they called me! Catch you later freaks." He then went really close to my sister and I heard him whisper "Remember, you belong to me"

Tinka watched him leave terrified. Rocky spoke "Tinka don't worry he says that to all the girls to scare them. Even Cece but she ignored them right Cece?"

"Umm yeah!" Cece said not paying attention

Just then the bell rang for first period

"Well" Cece said "Wouldn't want to be late on the first day of school! Later Gunther" she said walking away with Rocky

"Hey! Why didn't she say later to me!?" Tinka protested

"Umm I don't know Tink, I don't know. Come on let's go"

I did wonder why she only said it me.

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