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Cece's POV

When will school ever end? Okay so Gunther and I are probably going to Tino's after school. Oh my god I can't wait! I don't think I care what people will say about us. Okay maybe I care a little. I mean, what if I lose all my friends just because they see me hanging out with Gunther Hessenheffer? Hang out? That's all we were going to do, right? Hang out "as friends". *Sighs* I just hope someday-

"Cece Jones!" my teacher Mrs. Healey yelled my name breaking me from my thoughts

"Oh yes!?" I said waking up from my thoughts

"Cece I called your name an hour ago!"

"An hour ago? Why?" I asked confused

Some people laughed behind me "To hand in your homework!" my angry teacher said rolling her eyes

"Okay, okay I'll get it I'm sorry" I said searching for my half finished homework somewhere inside my backpack. Let's face it; Gunther is really taking up most of my mind.

~After school~

I looked around to see if I could find the blond boy with gorgeous blue eyes. I walked outside of school deciding he wasn't there and he had left. I saw a crowd of boys; they were probably in 8th grade, that's where all the bullies are. What were they all doing there? I was afraid to get close, no I wasn't. What I was truly afraid of was to see if that was Gunther in the center of the crowd. I made my mind up. I walked closer to

See who it was. I used every one of my senses to make sure no one would hurt me. I let my mouth hang wide open.

It was my Gunther.

They were beating him up. Almost destroying him with punches. How could they do this to him? He never hurts anyone? It's not fair!

I ran over to him and without noticing it, I started attacking the bigger boy beating up Gunther. Gunther stayed lifelessly not even attempting to strike back. As soon as I started attacking him, the boy put Gunther down. Unexpected tears fell down my face. I went by Gunther's side.

"Why would you do this to him!? What did he do?" I yelled at them fearlessly

"He messed with the wrong person that's what. Why do you hang out with that loser anyway!?" the boy asked me

"He's my friend! Now get out of here leave us alone!" I said hugging on to Gunther

"Come on guys" he said demanding to the boys around them. "Let's get out of here"

The boys quickly nodded and followed their monstrous leader.

"Oh and Cece" the boy said turning to me. "Tell your girlfriend that I'll be back for his sister and things are going to get much worse for both of them." He said blowing a kiss at me


"Gunther! Gunther, are you okay?" I asked the unconscious Gunther in my hands

I had to do something maybe like call the ambulance. Yes I had to call the police. But what was the guy's name?

I reached for my phone but surprisingly I felt a hand stop me from calling.

"Cece…" I heard Gunther say weakly. "Please, don't call the police or ambulance."

"But Gunther, I have to. You are hurt and I'm not going to let anything happen to you!" I said almost crying again.

"Cece listen it is okay! I'll be fine but you just can't tell the police! If you do… well bad things will happen."

"Gunther are they threatening you? You can't let them do this! Cece they are an entire gang! If I send one of them to prison the others will attack."

"All right well what you want me to do then?! Just leave you here to die?!"

"No, listen just call my parents. I'll tell them a gang tried to steal my backpack and I got beaten up. I'll tell them I woke up here unconscious and I have no idea who they are. You will tell them you found me here and had no idea what happened."

"Gunther? Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Definitely." He said smiling at me

"Okay. Give me your parent's number."

"All righty" he said getting out his phone and handing me his mother's number

I carefully dialed the number on my cheap cell phone my mother called a blessing to have. My hands were shaking a little.

"Hello? Gunther? Honey I am at work what have I told-"

"Mrs. Hessenheffer?"

"Yes? Who is this?"

"I am Cece Jones, a friend of Gunther's"

"Oh well why do you have my son's phone?"

"Well I just found him lying on the floor of a sidewalk. He got beaten up, I think…" I say with a shaky voice.

"Beaten up! My little Gunther?! Where is he!? I will be right over there!" she says trying to stay calm

I explained to her that we were a few blocks away from school.

"Is Tinka there with you?" she asked

"No Mrs. H, she's not here."

"okay I'll be right there in less than a few seconds."

A minute later I saw a black automobile park in front of us. A lady with long blond hair and very slim walked toward us. She rushed over to Gunther.

"Gunther sweet heart, are you okay darling?" she said kissing his forehead.

"yes mama I am fine. Nothing a few stitches cannot do." He said trying to smile.

She made her best effort to carry him into the car. But Gunther also made an effort to walk. Without knowing it I hopped in with them.

We rushed over to the hospital. I wasn't allowed to go in so I waited in the waiting room. It seemed like days I waited there. Two hours later the Mrs. Hessenheffer came out and sat down next to me.

"Cece, Gunther is fine. He only has a few cuts and bruises and he got a few stitches in his arms and his forehead." She said in her deep accent "Thank you so much for helping my little boy." She said giving me a small hug

"No problem! I will always be there for Gunther, I promise" I said meaning every word of it "Any sign of Tinka?" I asked

"No. Kashlack is looking for her everywhere but there is no sign of her anywhere. I am kind of worried"

"Don't worry she'll turn up somewhere."

"Oh Cece, Gunther wants to see you."

"He does?"

"Yeah. Just go in there and ask for him" she said pointing at the door

"Okay" I said walking over to the door

I spotted a nurse walking around "Excuse me, can you please show me where Gunther Hessenheffer is?"

She smiled down at me "Sure thing! Right this way"

"Thanks" I said following her

"Gunther!" I rushed over to hug him

"Cece!" he said hugging me back

"Gunther I am so sorry I didn't come sooner to help you." I said sadly

"No Cece. this is not your fault. I am sorry I did not take you to Tino's like I promised"

"Its fine Gunther, I'm just glad you're okay." I said smiling at him

"No Cece. I will take you to Tino's like I promised." He said slightly holding my hand which made me blush

"Cece, do you know where Tinka is?"

"No your parents are trying to find her but they can't"

"Oh no. Cece they said they might hurt Tinka too." Gunther said really upset. "I have to go find my sister!" he said attempting to leave

"No! Gunther! You must stay! You can't just leave until the doctors say you can go"

Just then a large blond man came inside grabbing on to Tinka's arm

"Gunther! Son are you all right?" he said in a deep accent like Mrs. H's running over to Gunther's side and letting go of Tinka's arm

Tinka just stood. She seemed to have been crying. She looked at me as if I had just token everything away from her and I was the trouble of her whole pain. I wonder what happened to her.

Tinka's POV

I had to survive through the whole school thinking about the beautiful paradise my Ty had shown me. why would he share all that with me? Was he pulling my goat? Was there something more to it?

After school I searched around for Gunther. He was nowhere to be seen. But of course, he did not love me anymore. So why should I care about him?

Ty was waiting for me.

"Hey Tink!"

"Oh hey Ty." I said still not getting over Gunther

"Why do you look so upset?" he said gently grabbing my hand

"I just miss Gunther a little that is all" I said quietly

His smile turned into a frown "Am I not doing a good job on replacing Gunther?"

"No! Ty that is not it! I promise you are doing a great job. Hey Ty, let's not talk about Gunther, okay?"

"All right" he said smiling "Come on let us go to our beloved place"

I followed him with a smile on my face. Little did I know that someone was watching us that did not like us together and he wasn't going to just stand there.

We arrived at our garden. We went up the hill to the Oak tree and we lay down on the beautiful green grass watching the clouds.


"Yes Ty?"

"What are your parents like?"

"Well they are okay. I mean my father owns a butcher shop and my mother works with him. I just wish sometimes they would not work so much. Back in the old country, we'd always go to the park together or play some of our favorite games together. Now all they do is work. They do not have any time for me or Gunther." I sighed

"Well I feel you. My mom is always out and my father is on trips most of the time because he is a doctor. Rocky, well, I feel bad I've never really been a decent big brother with her. Now all she does is avoid me and hang out with Cece. I don't blame her though."

"Ty you are a real wonderful person if you really want to. You know that deep inside you. You do not have to be a cool jerk to be liked by bullies that hurt others."

"Yes Tinka you're right. Thank you for helping me realize that."

I smiled at him "Ty I did not help you realize that. You know you have always known that"

He smiled at me. We laughed and talked for about 3 hours. I had not felt so free and happy in a very long time.

"Ty I better get going back now. Even though Gunther is pretending he hates me I know he still cares about me."

"Sure Tink, we can leave now." He said getting up and giving me a hand to stand up

We walked together to my house. We were laughing and having fun. But when I got home I knew something was wrong immediately because my father was standing outside the door and he did not look happy.

"Tinka! Where have you been!?"

"Papa, I was…."

"With me." Ty said interrupting me

"With you! and who are you?" my father said angrily

"Papa he is my friend, we were just at the park."

"Well Gunther got hurt and you were not even there for him! What kind of a sister are you?!" he yelled at me

"Papa I am sorry I did not know!" I said trying hard not to cry

"I'm sorry this is my fault I offered her to go to the park." Ty said quickly

"Well I don't want you near Tinka again do you hear me? I know all about you Tyler Blue! You are nothing but a trouble maker!"

"Papa you cannot keep me from seeing Ty! He is my best friend! You cannot do this to me!"

"Oh yeah well Cece was there for your own brother but you were not! How do you think that makes all of us feel!? Plus we were looking for you for hours! Why don't you answer your phone?!"

I ignored him and I started crying. My twin brother was hurt, my parents were mad at me, and I was never allowed to be with the boy I loved?

"Tinka. Look at me. Don't cry okay. Just go with your father, everything will be fine." Ty said taking my hands and hugging me

I nodded

"Get off her!" my father said grabbing my arm "And I do not want to see you here again. Got it?"

"Yes Mr. Hessenheffer." Ty said leaving

My father did not say anything. All he did was grab me by the arm. He took me to the hospital. My mom did not even look at me. I saw my brother full of bruises and stitches in the hospital bed. I wanted to say I was sorry and run to hug him but Cece was there with him. She was the little hero and I was the bad guy. I always am. And even if I did hug my brother he would push me away. I meant nothing to anyone anymore and the person I did mean something to was never to see me again. I felt some more tears slide down my face.

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