This is one of my fanfictions that is not a yaoi… My friend Daniel gave me the idea, so if he's reading this right now, thanks and hopefully we can sit at lunch again! This is a Hetalia story, Romano gets a new addiction to Mario games… Once again thank you to all my readers and my friend who inspired me… Grazie!

Chapter 1: Explanation

"Romano, you've been playing that game for like… Ever…" Veniziano watched his brother Romano, who was eating a bag of chips while playing Mario Kart on the Wii. "It's been 8 hours straight."

"Yeah, whatever…" Romano said emotionlessly, trying to get to the finish line and move onto the third lap.

This all happened when Japan invented Mario Kart Wii… He began to sell the new Wii models with Mario Kart and all of the accessories, and Romano just decided to get one on one fateful day. He installed the system into the TV and started the game.

After that, Romano looked into the Mario series. Not only impressed by the fact the main characters were Italian and brothers, he enjoyed the gameplay and elements of the story. In other words, Romano became a nerd…

After intensive research on the series and hours and hours of gameplay as well as money spent at Game Stop, it's clear that Romano became addicted to the series… Poor Veniziano… His brother doesn't even want to make pasta with him any more…

It's short, but it's the explanation… Next chapter will be a love-letter to Mario games… Prepare to see the Hetalia cast as Mario characters!