Intel leaks of a pending attack target by a notorious Next gang, they strike fast and hard, and always in a group, and no one has ever caught them so far. It is a big news even for us heroes, and Joubert is cashing in on this by having us in separate groups of stakeout to burst their party. I can't say that I like this idea, the idea of waiting, hanging about idly waiting, but being famous has its perk, though it won't be filmed, we are actually staking out in a pretty fancy room, air-conditioned, 40-inch flat-screen TV, a single queen-size bed, and all.

There is something else that I should be thankful for, if it wasn't for Barnaby, I wouldn't have gotten the chance of being paired with him in this mission! I wish Barnaby continues with his sick leaves, and gets scarred on his pretty face with his chickenpox! What am I thinking?! I shouldn't be mean, he's a nice guy, a fellow hero and all, but I just wish that he stop sticking so close to Kotetsu! I should probably think about something else… Focus, Karina Lyle, you are on a job!

Alright, let's see... We have the perfect view of the factory the gang should be attacking tonight, that place recently manufactured some advance top-of-the-line computer chips, worth a lot if the gang can find the right buyer… Oh, there's a nice full moon out there right now, and we are cooped up in here, it's not like I don't enjoy his company, but it's a lovely night out there, we should be out there, under the moonlight watching the stars. That would be nice…

Hmm...? I can see you in the window's reflection, Kotetsu. Your face plate is up, and it looks like you are standing right behind me, looking at me.

Don't be silly, Karina Lyle, he is just looking at the factory! But there is more than one window, he doesn't have to look through the one I'm standing next to. Is he staring? Is there something on my hair? Is the zipper loose? Wardrobe malfunction?

Why are your eyes on me? Do you know that I'm watching you too? Say something, Kotetsu! I don't think my heart can bear any more of it, my heart is beating so hard that you can probably hear it.

He heard it, oh god, he heard it! He's walking over right now! I must be blushing hard, I can feel myself burning up. Please, don't come any closer! What am I going to do?! What am I supposed to do?! Should I turn around? Should I wait for him to say something? I should confess to him now. Don't be silly, he must have known my feeling for him. Does he?

Do you know that I love you?

You are raising your hand! Are you going to touch me? Or will you turn me around and tell me that you love me? Will you lean forward to kiss me? Will you pull the zipper down, and carry me to the bed? Gawd!


Calm down, Karina Lyle, he is just stroking your hair.

Why is he playing with my hair? Is he thinking that I won't notice him petting my hair bun? Hey, just what game are you playing, Kotetsu Kaburagi?

"Say, Blue Rose, how do you change your hair colour every time you are in costume? Do you have to dye your hair everytime you change, or is it part of your power?"



"That sums it up for the night, the Next gang won't be terrorising the street now that they have been appended. Let's recap what happened, our Blue Rose arrived first on the scene, and actually ignored the hostages and went straight for the points. Even without the extra points from securing the hostages, she's the big winner tonight as she single-handedly captured every single one of them before the other heroes arrived. Let's replay the scene of the last criminal actually running towards the clueless Wild Tiger, begging him to arrest him, and Blue Rose almost froze both the criminal and Wild Tiger in a single blast.

"Look out, Barnaby and Sky High, if this goes on, Blue Rose will top the chart in no time."