Title: Is That Legal?

World: Rune Factory 2

Characters: Kyle, Mana, Aria

Words: 481

Author's Note: I always thought the mock weddings were a little strange. Fun, but strange.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rune Factory 2, or the characters or settings mentioned.

Kyle and Mana sat at their kitchen table. Kyle was reading the only book that was in his bookcase, a book on weapons and battle techniques. He never understood why his bookcase was loaded with books, but this was apparently the only one in there. That and the Fireball book, but Aria had that, and as far as he knew, you couldn't read it. Mana was drinking some milk.

It wasn't often the couple had alone time. Mana worked at the school as a teacher, and Kyle was usually outside farming. When they actually were home together, Aria was always there with them, and she usually got all her loving parents' attention, but they hadn't seen her all day.

"Aria's usually here around this time of the day to throw her lunch in the shipping bin," Kyle told Mana, his voice laced with concern.

"Don't worry about her, darling. She's probably just playing with her little friends."

"Aren't they supposed to be in school?"


The silence was interrupted with said girl barging in the house, looking giddy.

"Were your ears burning? We were just talking about you," Mana giggled.

Aria gave her a confused look. "What did I do?"

"Nothing. You're just usually messing up my shipping bin right around now," Kyle stated irritably. He hadn't really been pleased with her when he found out where the snacks he gave her were going.

"Oh...yeah. Sorry," she said sheepishly.

"It's okay. How's your day been? Did you play any fun games?"

Aria giggled and blushed. "Yeah! Me, Sera, and Serena got married today!"

Mana choked on her milk a bit and coughed. "What?!"

"Well...kind of. They just thought they were getting toast, so we're not actually married. Which is a relief, because I don't need to remember anymore anniversaries."

"W-What anniversaries?!" Kyle was livid.

"Oh, I got married to Roy," she said casually.

Kyle was gaping like a fish, and Mana giggled at him.

"Then the week after that, I got married to Orland, then last month, I married Leonel! It's not easy pleasing all these husbands."

"Aria! Go talk to Gordon, and divorce all of them this instant! Is that even legal?!" Kyle screamed. What kind of priest married 8-year-old kids!

"Oh Kyle, she's just pretending. I think it's cute," Mana said pleasantly.

"Cute?! Listen to her, she's talking about PLEASING them! She's too young for children!"

"Huh?" Aria replied eloquently.

"You're overreacting. Aria, what would you like for dinner?" Mana asked her daughter with a smile.

"Hm...I want seafood pizza!"

"Seafood pizza it is." She glanced at Kyle and frowned. "Kyle, go take a bath."

Kyle was still red-faced and embarrassed. Yes, a bath was all he needed. He got up and headed to the bath house.

He hoped Aria would listen to him and divorce Orland, Leonel, and Roy. He didn't want to be the world's youngest grandfather.