Minako gasped. This man from the Dark Kingdom had been leading her this entire time. Was she… just a pawn? Had they planned to bring her to England, to target her, alone, and take her out? Was this the end?

No. She hadn't told Alan yet. He needed to know, just like the other 5 000 that had come and gone. She couldn't let it end here without her happy ending. She wouldn't let it. Not her, not now. She would win. And she would stop them. But… how?

"V-san. Please relax a little. We don't need to fight. Let me tell you a little story. When Serenity sealed our kingdom away, she made, shall we say, a little mistake. The shadow of the Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) fell to Earth, both in the Nijizuishou (Rainbow Crystals) and a little thing that we like to call "La clé de la nuit". It currently resides in France, hidden under the Louvre. It's French for "Key of Night". A fitting name for the object that will send this universe to the grave forever, don't you think?" He said it so calmly, it was disturbing. "You know, you were never meant to defeat Danburite. But he was a fool. He loved you. He loved you from a thousand years ago. And he never let it go. Such a fool. Believing in love. Love is for the weak, and the powerless. Those of us who have true power, feel no need for such pitiful emotions." As they left his lips, those final words, they were replaced by a beam of holy light from the blue-clad soldier in front of him.

"How dare you!? How dare you assign value to our feelings!? It's our love for one another that gives us the will to fight on, and to never give up, no matter how hard it gets! It's our love that connects us and makes us strong. We may be weak alone, but with our love, we can be 3, 4 even 100 times as strong!"

He laughed again, that disturbing, horrible laugh. "Getting angry, V-san? Well, I have bigger fish to fry. You'll have to deal with these." A wall behind him rose, and in doing so revealed hundreds upon hundreds of the black-robed men she had first encountered in this country. She was going to have to get creative. "Have fun." He left that horrible laugh as a parting gift, as he disappeared, meaning, she was sure, to go and get that key. She had more immediate concerns.

"Well, nothing like the direct approach." Minako ran straight into the field of these black-robed man-demons, kicking and punching and dissolving them to shadows left and right. But whenever one fell, there were another two to take its place. She would never beat them all like this. She reached the centre, where she found herself encircled by these strange beings. Right on cue, Katarina and Alan ran in, guns blazing and ready to fight. The men-demons scattered, scared by the new sound. "Oneesama! Alan! Perfect timing!"

"Anytime, Minako!" Katarina replied. A true warrior. Both of them. It was fate, she was sure. They were warriors from her past, re-incarnated in her present. More importantly, they were friends. More than friends. There were no words for their relationship. But enough poetry. It was time to fight.

Minako scanned the field once more and placed a rough estimate and about 700 left to take out. The began charging that strange black energy again, and this time she was sure it was offensive, not defensive. She had to take them all out. Now. For Katarina. For Alan. For the world.

Artemis jumped onto her shoulder and whispered in her ear. "You know what to do." She nodded, the ends of her long hair flicking as she went. She held up the Crescent Moon Compact and summoned forth the rain of Venus. "Katarina! Alan! Take cover! This could get dangerous!" She pointed straight upwards, into the heart of the rainstorm. "Crescent Beam!" A straight and bright beam of golden light travelled directly to the heart of the storm. When it reached, the water droplets were replaced with more beams of light. Raining from left and right, a shower of the holy light cleansed the souls of these godforsaken creatures. Each one melted to shadows, leaving nothing in its wake. The fight was wearing down her disguise as she stood in the centre, her mask and blue frills disappearing in a halo of light. Clad in a brilliant orange, stood Sailor Venus. She stood, funnelling the light for her holy storm into the eye of the golden maelstrom that had gathered above her. When not one evil soul was left standing, she relinquished the beam and allowed the attack to end. She stood alone, in the centre of the room. The warrior princess of the Silver Millennium. And now, soldier of Love and Beauty, destroyer of the Dark Agency and victor over the Dark Actors. She stood strong and proud as her friends came down to meet her.

"Minako!" The combined cry from the two police officers came as they ran to her side. "You were fantastic!" Katarina shouted at her. "You defeated an army single-handedly!"

A blonde head shook as the hugged the woman and the man opposite her. "I didn't do it single-handedly. I had you." A small stream of tears started from all three pairs of eyes as they hugged tighter and tighter. As they released one another, Alan whispered to Minako, "Thank you." She didn't know what he was meant to mean. She didn't know what he really meant. All she knew was that it meant he loved her too. Could anything be better than this day?

"Go on ahead. I'll make sure there aren't any left." They all nodded collectively, and walked in different directions: Alan and Katarina to the exit and Minako further in, no idea it was to be the last time they ever saw each other again. After opening three doors, Minako found no more. As she turned to leave, she found one more door, slightly ajar in the shadows at the far end of the corridor. She approached it carefully and, opening it fully, found another man inside. A quick beam through, and he was naught but mist. But it was not him that sentenced her to separation. It was the grenade it held. As it dropped to the floor, she began running too late. It exploded, and so did the warehouse. There was no way for her to have survived.