Standing in the shower he let the hot water sting his cuts and bruises, Stiles hissed and let his tears fall mixing in with the water around him, after he felt clean enough to leave the shower he warped a towel around his waist, he looked in the mirror at his black eye and busted lip the only things anyone could see, but he knew Gerard did much worst that he's been hiding under his shirt. After cleaning his teeth he walked out the room and moved to his room, his dad was in hospital after he got flung across a room and out the window, he was okay just a little out of it with broken leg.

He walked into his room and jumped "Fuck Isaac your scared me?" he said laughing as he held on tighter to his towel, he saw the blonde standing there, his own eye puffy and as he held tears in his eyes

"What were you going to do with that?" he chocked as he point to the loaded gun on the bed side table, Stiles bite his lip

"Nothing it's my dad's he had it with him?" Stiles said, Isaac growled at him

"No don't lie to me Stiles that was not with him at the hospital." He said as tears rolled down his cheek, Stiles knew he couldn't lie to the boy he thought was his pup and broke down

"I'm sorry Isaac, I…I…I sat there thinking about before I went to my shower, I'm sorry." He dropped to his knees, Isaac ran over to him and could see the marks over Stiles body an whimpered at him as he helped him up and onto the bed, his towel fell off but nether said anything "I know I should be strong but I can't I'm weak." He cried into the young wolf's chest. Isaac licked his tears off his face and held him tight like how Stiles held him over the last few months,

"You should have said something about these Stiles this one is bad you have internal bleeding." He said looking at the pain filled brown eyes.

"What is going on? Isaac I turn around and find you leg it…" Derek stopped as he walking into the room after climbing thought the window, he saw the gun and flip to anger, he picked up Stiles and pinned him to the wall, making him gasp "TELL ME YOU WERE NOT THINKING ABOUT USING THIS ON YOURSELF?" He yelled, Stiles blinked tears in his eyes, Isaac whined as he moved behind them

"Don't shout at him!" He yelled Derek looked at the young pup

"I WANT TO KNOW… he turned back to Stiles…WAS YOU GOING TO USE THIS ON YOURSELF?" he shouted, Stiles looked u at him

"YES ALRIGHT I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT, I'M TRIED THIS BULL SHIT YOUR BULLSHIT SCOTT'S NEVER ENDING BULLSHIT …I'm tired and I hurt all over inside and out, so I thought about but I can't kill myself, my dad needs me, who else is going to stop him from eating all the bad food out there." He smiled weakly at himself and then to the floor as more bobs of tears rolled down his face,

"I…I need you." Isaac said standing behind Derek "If you died I think I would go insane."

"We would all go insane Isaac." Derek said Stiles looked up at him and saw the large wolf calm down and is now looking at him with worry in his eyes, he was about to say something when he double over and cried out in pain.

Derek knelt down as Stiles pucked up blood, "He's more hurt than we thought he was." Isaac said moving to the other side of Stiles, Derek picked up the teen and placed him on the bed, he saw the dark bruise on his stomach and he growled

"Why didn't you say something, told someone at the hospital?"

"Because I didn't think it was that bad." He winced,

"We have to take him to the hospital." Isaac said jumping from one foot to another

"We can't move him again will be a bad idea." He looked at the teen on the bed and saw all the cuts and bruises that they had missed, Stiles is a pack member and should look out for him more "Stiles listen to me, I know you said you never wanted the bite but now seems the good time for it." The brown eye teen looked up at him

"I didn't want it from Peter or from Scott." He winced, Isaac knelt by him on the bed

"Your cold." The blonde whined

"Stiles?" Derek said "I need to bite you now not later but now!" he said, the teen nodded to him.

Derek shifted and knelt on the bed, Stiles heart beat was going crazy he knew what was coming and he knew how painful it was going to be, feeling his panic Isaac gently laid a hand on Stiles cheek and turned his head to his shoulder and tried to comfort him knowing the bite will be painful, the alpha looked at Isaac who gave him a pleading look as if he was saying 'bite him now' look on his face, with his face hidden away in the shoulder of his pup Stiles heard Derek growl and a flash of pain as Derek bite into Stiles offered shoulder and neck sinking his fangs into the soft flesh of the boy below him, Derek's wolf was happy really happy he got to turn Stiles and the teen let him, not Peter or Scott but him. Stiles tried to hold his cries of pain in and bite down on his own lips but all too soon the pain become too much "AHHHHH." He cried out his hand tighten in on the blonde's shirt, there was a slight sting as he felt Derek pulled mouth away from the bite and start lick the bite

"Scott is going to kill me." He whined, Derek chuckled as he continued to lick the bit,

"We now should get you to a hospital now, the bite will start working the moment the I bite you but we need to make sure, it can take time." Between Isaac and Derek they put PJ's on him and help him out the house and into Derek's car. Derek sat in the car with Stiles at the back with Isaac he turned to look at both of them "Once your better we're going to talk about this gun thing and me and Isaac will show you just how much we would miss you." he said starting up the car.