Scott walked into the hospital of his friend, he saw him sat on the bed looked at his stitches and complain how it itches to Melissa, he slapped his hands a few times and threaten to tie his hands to the bed if he tried to unpick the stitches. He stood there and saw the bite on Stiles shoulder and he growled letting them know he was there, his mum left the room after giving the young wolf some harsh words. Stiles looked at him with wide eyes and bite his lip "Scott." He said not backing down from the look of his friend was giving him

"You let Derek bite you."

"Is that a trick question?" he asked

"Stiles that was not a question but a statement and now this is a question why the fuck did you let him bite you?" he growled his eyes flashing amber, Stiles growled a little himself sat up on the bed, kneeling as he winced at his side as it was taking a…fucking… long time to heal in his words,

"I let him bite me after I started pucking up blood, on my bed room carpet."

"You could have called me!" Scott yelled Stiles blinked at him

"AND HOW LONG WOULD IT HAVE TAKING YOU TO GET TO ME!" Stiles shouted back, Scott was shock for a moment and stepped back "AND HOW THE FUCK WAS I MANT TO HAVE CALLED YOU WHEN I FELT LIKE INSIDES WERE TRYING TO FOR IT'S WAY OUT OF MY MOUTH!" He continued to shout at the dark teen, the hospital room door open and in walked Isaac looking a little sheepish, Stiles looked around and sat back on the bed "Sorry." He said it more to Isaac than to Scott.

"Hey Scott." The blonde said, the other wolf looked at the curly hair blonde and watched him climb onto Stiles' bed and nestle between his legs

"Hey Isaac am I missing something?"

"You normally do Scott; like that your best friend had internal bleeding and was two hair's breath away from dying along in his room." Came Derek's gruff voice as he walked in, Scott's first words were going to be 'what the fuck are you doing here' but changed that to

"You had internal bleeding?"

"Yeah Gerard was hard on me than I let on." He smiled weakly as he let his hand run though Isaac's blonde hair, Scott's eyes widen as he moved to the bed

"Is that why you bit him?" Scott turned to Derek; the alpha wolf eyed him carefully,

"I was looking for Isaac, he got upset that me and Peter we were yelling, I found him holding Stiles who was white a sheet and being throwing up blood, I there was no choice, I couldn't move him to take to the hospital and the ambulance would have not gotten there in time." It was partly the truth he was not going to Stiles was thinking about blowing brains against the wall or that he had pin to the wall or the fact that Stiles was butt naked as well. Scott was shocked and moved closer to Stiles and warped his arms around his friends earning a little growl from Isaac who had to move from his comfy spot

"I'm sorry, Derek did the right thing…I think." He frown "But Urrrrh why is Isaac curled up like a cat?"

Week later Stiles walked out of the hospital after seeing his dad who was going to have his hand rest after punting Derek in the face and breaking his hand on his jaw, he was stuck there for another few days maybe a week, he shook his head and kept on walked until the fresh air hit him, Stiles saw Derek waiting for him "Where is Scott?" Stiles asked


"Oh Allison." He said sounding disappointed he walked over to Derek,

"Forget about him tonight." Derek a said opening the car door,

"Okay are we going to my house?"

"No the pack house." Derek said as he watched the teen slipped in "Isaac is there he is waiting for use."

"Oh okay." He said he said, he wondered why he was not going back to his house, maybe they thought they he could not be trusted to be by himself, rested his head against the window and closed his eyes, he could feel his wolf paw at his insides wanting something

"Are you feeling restless?"

"Ummm yeah my wolf feels like he should be doing something but, so it pawing at me almost as if it was mad." He said looking out the window "And why are we going to your house and not mine?" Stiles asked

"We're avoiding Scott." Derek said

"Why? He can just come to the house?" he said

"Yeah well we got Danny and Jackson they are going to keep him busy if he calls your house and Peter decided to ummm date Scott mother again." he said, 'oh' Stiles mouth as he kept looking out the window, he knew that would keep him busy for a while "Stiles I'm not mad." The teen shifted his head and looked at him from the corner of his eyes "Yes okay I was, the gun and what you planed on to doing with it."

"I'm sorry, I just felt…" he stopped and shook his head as his wolf paw at him again

"You felt what…lonely?"

"You hit the nail on the head." He said dryly "Ummm you said you and Isaac are going to show me how much you would miss me if I popped it."

"Yeah we are."

"Well how are you going to do that?" he asked

"You will see Stiles, me and the pup have been talking about it." He smiled…Derek Hale is smiling, oh god what is going to happen to me

He sat in one of the old bed rooms with Isaac sat in his lap nuzzling at his neck, "You asked us about how we're going to show you how we're going to miss you well…"

"We're going to make love to you." Isaac said blushing after what he said and hiding his face in Stiles' chest, the other teen's eyes widen before he looked up

"Make love as in sex?"

"No the other kind." Derek said closing the door and started removing his jacket, Stiles felt dumb struck

"You two want to mak…screw me? Sorry make love sounds so sappy and lame and…"

"Stiles shut up we want to show you how my much we would miss you and how much we love you." Derek said sitting on the bed, he watched as Isaac lick and kiss his neck,


"Why what?" Isaac purred as he unbutton Stiles' shirt

"Why do you wa…nt…ME." He squealed as he felt Derek's hand squeeze his thigh dragging his wolf nails sliced his jeans making Stiles shiver "Ssss…hit."

"Because we love you." Derek whispered as he pulled the teen in to a burning kissing as the blonde stilled worked on pulling off Stiles shirt.

It wasn't long before all three were naked and Stiles was out of it, letting his wolf enjoy what was happing, a whimpered left Isaac's throat as he looked up at Stiles as he bite his hip sinking his fangs into his flesh, "Tell him what you want Isaac." Derek growled at the pup,

"I want your cock in my arse while Derek Fucks your arse, all of us claiming and owning each other." The said

"What a dirty mouth for a pup." Stiles said as he pulled him into a kisses, Derek chuckled as he bite Stiles' shoulder "Ummmm." Came the loud moan of the teen, laying down Isaac handed Stiles the tube of lube, he squeezed a cool amount onto his hands before handing it back to Derek,

"Copy my movements." Derek growled, he circled a finger around his entrance making him shudder as he did the same to the blonde under him, the older wolf pushed his finger into Stiles entranced making him gasp, the new wolf did the same the blonde wolf


"Neeee." They whine together making Derek growl happily, he slide his whole finger all the way into him and Stiles doing the same, Stiles coped Derek movement with his fingers the best he could, both young teens whining like puppies needing food, Isaac was thrashing about under Stiles as Stiles was moaning and begging for Derek's cock.

Pulling his fingers out Derek held moved Stiles' hip over Isaac's body and guided him into the blonde "Nice and slow you don't want to hurt him, this is his first time just like you." Derek grinned, he helps move him, Isaac warped his arms around Stiles' shoulders as he felt the hyper teen slide into him, Isaac closed his eyes and bites his lip as Stiles rested in him

"I'm sorry pup." The short hair teen whimpered and then he was wincing as Derek started to push into him, he buried his face into Isaac's neck and mouthing at his neck as he felt the alpha wolf nestle inside of him.

They all were still; huffing and puffing "Can someone start bloody moving!" Isaac cried out and to making his point he bite Stiles shoulder earning the blonde wolf a snap of Stiles' hips, he threw his head back and screamed, feeling the muscle tighten around him and started rocking his hips into Stiles who in turn started to rocking into Isaac the two young teens starts to cry out an moan as Derek just growled his eye glowing red his claws digging into Stiles' hips, Stiles' hand pumped Isaac's cocked making the blonde scream as he felt Stiles slam into his sweet spot as Derek hammered into Stiles' sweet spot

"FUCK!" Stiles screamed as he felt him felt get close and he need Isaac to be close,

"S…Stiles bite me." The blonde moaned a growl came from the other teen's chest as he sunk his teeth into his shoulder making Isaac scream, his body wanted to arch up but he was forced down into the mattress making his hips rip out of his thigh bones sockets as he came over his and Stiles' stomachs, pulling Stiles up from a other's neck Derek warped his hand around his neck and help him tightly as he pounded into him, Isaac grabbed a hold of the other teen's hip to keep him inside of him wanting to feel his cum fill him. Derek growled as he bite down on Stiles' neck again forcing a scream from the teen, he came inside of Isaac who moaned loudly as Derek felt Stiles' muscle tighten around painfully making him cum inside of Stiles.

They all lay together in a sweaty pale after another 3 rounds, all covered in bites, blood, and cum "Holy shit." Stiles said his voice a little horse, he could feel his wolf happily rolled about in his of him

"Holy shit is right." The blonde said nuzzling to Stiles' neck as Stiles nuzzled into Derek's chest.

"Just go to sleep." Derek said and he let his hand wonder up and down Stiles' arms, Stiles being Stiles still has to question verything

"Just have a few questions, why did we all have to bite each other?" he asked

"Mating thing." Derek answered; both Isaac and Stiles looked at him with the wide eye butter wouldn't melt look, getting an eye roll of the Alpha "We three are mates of sorts." He told them

"Sort of?" Stiles asked

"Urrh the three of us?" Isaac said a few minutes later

"I told you I would go crazy as well if you died."