Message Received

Reid felt his phone vibrate in his pocket as he sat in the back seat of the SUV being driven by Hotch to the hotel the team were staying in while on their current case. He couldn't fully contain his smile when he took it out and saw who the message was from: A.R. Cell. Ashley; his girlfriend of nearly 3 and a half years. He checked his watch, it was pretty late for her to be texting him, he opened the message and began to read.

A: Hey, can't sleep, u up? Free to talk?

He smiled glad to talk to her after the day the team had had, he typed his reply.

S: Hey, y can't u sleep? Yep, I'm free 2 talk, what r u doin?

A: Cool, don't know y, I'm listenin 2 music, missin u, thinking bout u ;) How's the case goin?

S: Bummer, miss u 2, lol :P, not great, long day

A: , This might cheer u up, the book I ordered online 4 u came 2day, looks good, I might read it

S: It does, it's somethin aside from getting 2 c u, 2 look 4ward 2, ur goin 2 read it? :s

A: Oh, ur so sweet! Yes I'm goin 2 read it! U mayb a genius but ur gf is pretty smart 2!

S: I try I know u r, I only date smart women :P, I'm jst surprised u want 2 read it :o, we don't usually have the same taste.

A: U have good taste in women :P, unlike a lot of ur books this 1's in English! Btw, do u think u'll b home by this weekend?

S: I no I do, not sure, probably, hopefully , Y, u got plans?

A: Crossin my fingers 4 u , had plans with Uncle David but he cancelled.

S: Thanks, thought I heard Rossi say somethin bout that, what were u thinkin bout us doin?

A: Thought mayb we could have another picnic, I really enjoyed the last one n it's soon goin to get 2 cold to have another, I'll even let u bring ur new book! ;)

S: Yeah, that one was good, if I'm back I'd love 2, u don't have 2 bribe me 2 get me 2 come, I love spendin time with u, I love u, remember?

As she was typing her response, but before she could finish it another text from him came.

S: But, I'll definitely come if you make ur amazing banana cake :P

A: Cheeky! :D I'll make u a deal, I'll make my "amazing" banana cake if you bring ur magic fingers 4 a massage, how bout it?

S: Deal, just a thought tho, we can eat the cake at the picnic and save the massage 4 when we get home ;)


S: Thought u'd like that! Babe, I'm at the hotel now, I g2g n get some sleep, been a long day.

A: K, u get some sleep, I should get some 2, I'll c u when u get home, but txt me sooner if u want, good luck with the case, I love u, night babe xoxo

S: K, c u then, thanks, love u 2, sweet dreams beautiful xoxo

Reid was grinning as he put his phone back in his pocket and grabbing his go bag, headed into the hotel. Having had a long day the entire team immediately noticed Reid smiling.

"What's put u in a such good mood?" asked Rossi

"Just made plans for the weekend." Reid replied trying to downplay it

"What, the bookshop called to tell you the book you ordered has come in?" laughed Morgan

"Something like that." He replied taking the room key Hotch handed him.

"Morgan's just jealous you made plans before him." Reassured Hotch with a small smile

As he unlocked the door and went into his room he thought about what Hotch had said. Reid had to admit, he loved the fact that although nobody knew it, he was more successful in the relationship department than Morgan. As he undressed and climbed into bed his thoughts went, as they often did, to Ashley; he loved the way she made him feel. He couldn't remember loving anyone as much as he loved her and he had really good memory. Truth is if he weren't so afraid of what Rossi would do to him he'd have asked her to marry him by now. That night something happened that almost never did during a case, he fell asleep smiling.