Title: The one in-between (always gets blood on his hands)

Type: one-shot, drabblish

Timeframe: season 2, episode 12: Nightshifter

Character(s): Dean Winchester, mentions of: Sam, Ron Resnik, John

Genres: General, Character study, coda to Nightshifter

Warnings: one swear word of the f-variety

Summary: Dean and his place between the people he loves. He stands there, with his head empty and his thoughts a lie.

Disclaimer: Kripke is a genius. I'm not. Ergo, they do not belong to me. All rights go to CW and Kripke.

"The one in-between (always gets blood on his hands)"

"He didn't mean it."

"What?" Ron asked, looking at him perplexed.

"Sam. He didn't mean what he said earlier. About you being insane."

"Oh," Ron looked unsure, not knowing what to say or do.

He doesn't know why he says that. It really isn't important right now, some minor squabble between Sam and Ron. Only that he likes Ron. And, obviously, he likes his brother.

So he hates a little to see them at odds, the almost hostile looks thrown under the confusion of not knowing how to deal with the other - what to make of each other.

It isn't all that girly touchy-feely thing, though. Before you ask. That is Sam's domain, and Dean does not deal in feelings much.

He has an ingrained role of a peacemaker, a bridge between his stubborn-set Dad and fire-cracker brother. He has grown into that, the way the other two have grown into opposition to each other, with Dean as their in-betweener.

He didn't elaborate- there was a sense of danger, the fucking shapeshifter on the loose (how he hates those) and they were on a job.

Sam was, as he loved to remind Dean, an adult. He could do his own explaining, find his own words to stumble through conversations with Ron. Dean couldn't do that forever for him (not that he won't try, mind you - he has been forged into a protector and Sam was jealously his).

After Ron dies, there is a clash of tensed muscles in a fight and a run, a run, a run far away into darkened rooms.

The End