Hanna/Aria story as requested by CoolasDuck. The chapters will alternate between Aria's POV and Hanna's POV. This story begins in Aria's POV

If I had taken my eyes off of Hanna for one second, I might have noticed the dingy carpets that hadn't been cleaned in months, I might have noticed that the mirror on the wall was broken, I might have seen the blood stain on the chair in the corner, or the holes in the sheets, I might have noticed that this was a place that neither Hanna nor I would want to be caught dead in, but then I suppose that was the point, not to be caught.

I pushed Hanna against the motel room door, our lips connecting desperately as they hadn't been able to all week. I felt her hands grasping my hair, attempting to pull me closer, though I wasn't sure that was possible. I fumbled with the room key, trying to open the door, to get inside, to get to the bed so I could touch her, so I could feel her, so I could love her.

And God do I love her, every little piece of her, from her cascading golden locks to her luscious lips, her blue eyes that peer into my soul, her fierce loyalty to her friends, her ever present sarcastic remarks, the way she (almost always) refuses to leave the house in anything but heels, even the way she dances listening to Justin Bieber.

We both knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. It was immoral, not because we're both girls. No, that wasn't the immoral part. The immoral part was that she was with Caleb, and I, I was with Ezra. But even that wasn't the surprising part. The part that had shocked us, more than our irresistible attraction to each other, more than our infidelities, was the fact that after six months, our relationship, secret as it was, managed to completely escape everyone's notice, not that that hadn't been the point. Neither Spencer nor Emily seemed to notice the stolen glances we shared. Even A hadn't threatened or even hinted about it, leaving us to assume that meant that A didn't know either, and we were trying our damndest to keep it that way.

We knew we would lose everything if anyone found out, and there really is no rationalizing it, try as we might, but I suppose that love, real love, is never rational.

My problem was that I had fallen in love with two people. I couldn't explain it even if I tried, there weren't words to describe it. The thought of losing either Ezra or Hanna was too painful to contemplate, though I knew eventually I would have to choose, and whoever I didn't pick, I would lose forever.

I finally managed to unlock the door to room 107 at the Hawthorne Motel in Ardmore. Hanna and I stumbled into the room blindly, and I kicked the door closed behind me, pushing Hanna down onto the ratty excuse for a bed that I hadn't actually looked at yet.

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