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Chapter 1

Twist of a Glitch

Bellatrix laughed as she hexed him, as she fucking hexed him into another dimension, literally. He felt the darkness encroach on his senses, constrict his breathing and threaten to swallow him whole. But Harry's scream brought him back to the present, Lily's eyes, in disbelief. He began to smile, ready to shove off Harry's fears. Did his godson really think he could let his mad cousin get the better of him?

Bella and he used to practice dark curses on one another as children, the same hexes and jinxes their twisted parents poisoned their minds with.

He started to open his mouth to laugh and throw back something equally horrifying at his darkly beautiful yet psychotic cousin. But the whispers that had echoed in the chamber grew louder and echoed, soothed his aching limbs. And he watched Harry cry out in agony as his body was ripped from this world and into the next. A force, beyond their control was sucking him down, down further still.

In this place, the curse had no effect over him. He was standing in the odd amphitheater-styled structure the arch had been placed within. In fact, after falling through the Veil, he had come out on the other side to find an empty, sepia toned room.

So this is what death looks like? Prongs, mate, where's the bints and beer?

He couldn't help but laugh at his own dark humor, anything to keep from losing it. Because inside he was screaming with Harry, desperate to return to his godson's side.

Salazar's bloody loins, they're just children!

He wasn't surprised to learn his godson had rushed off recklessly into a trap. But he had been delighted, eager to join in the fight to come. His wand hand had been twitching for decades, after all, imagining all those delightful curses that would spill from his lips when he got out of Azkaban. Most of them were aimed at Wormtail, but any Death Eater would suffice.

Sirius tried to turn around to better gauge the purgatory he seemed trapped within, only to be frozen back into place. Echoes of voices filled his mind, only this time they came from the other side of the Veil, back in the land of the living.

Maybe this is hell? he briefly thought. His one condolence in death would be to see James and Lily again, his family.

He wasn't surprised when the whispers just outside his hearing suddenly blended and compressed into one to welcome him. He had been expecting something of the sort.

"Welcome Sirius Orion Black."

Just get bloody on with it!

"You have come to us early. We were not expecting your arrival for another sixty years."

"You and me both," he heard his voice answer and grinned. At least something was working properly in this hellhole.

The voices paused, as though in thought, before continuing. "Much is at stake in this dark time, for our world. There are many dangers the Savior must face alone. Without you, he is vulnerable...lost..."

Sirius wondered where this eerie calm had come from. He didn't want to feel calm. He wanted to fight his way out of this place until he returned to Harry's side, until he found a way to damn them all to hell for daring to touch his godson.

Grunting out his next words, he managed, "What are you getting at? I'm dead already, aren't I? And by the way, I have a few questions about that. Where are my best mates, James and Lily? I swear on Merlin's tatty knickers I'll crawl right back out of this place if you don't at least offer me some Firewhisky. I need a drink...I need to get the fuck out of here..." His voice faded, trailed off at the end as a sob racked his chest. Squeezing his eyes shut, he forced the emotions back down.

Too many people said you were mental before Azkaban, mate. Keep it together, Padfoot...

Sirius had often wondered why his conscience tended to sound like Prongs, after all these years...

The Veil had been silent for some time. What it said next surprised him.

"What would you be willing to sacrifice, to reclaim what evil has stolen from you, Sirius Orion Black?"

Sirius laughed, a short, roughened edgy bark, before steeling his nerves. He didn't have a clue in hell why he was stuck in this place, talking to a bloody Veil. A part of him was weary, had given up the night James and Lily were murdered. But Harry was out there somewhere, having to deal with a psychopathic Dark Wizard alone. He would have help, but he would lose himself in this battle one day. This was what Sirius was hoping to prevent from happening to his godson. He knew what happened to people who were so scarred by war they were unable to move on. He was one of them.

So, with a slightly sadistic smirk, he looked at that rippling, sepia-toned Veil and answered, "Everything."

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