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Another night shift over, thank god. I had pulled double shifts for the past week and tonight was the last one. Hopefully.

As Sheriff to a small town in Montana, I tended to work a lot of shifts. Hell, it wasn't like I had a wife to come home to. That ship had sailed. Well, driven out of here in her boyfriends Mercedes, I thought with a scowl.

Four years ago I had moved from Chicago to Willow Creek, Montana, with my new bride and a promise of a nice, safe future.

Within a year I was single and living alone in the house that Id bought for us.

I was driving home, along the deserted roads and smiled. I had always liked solitude and one of the great things about my home, was that is was secluded. I admitted that some nights it was a little too much, but on tonight's like this, feeling like I was the only person in the world, that's exactly what I needed.

That's when a loud explosion sounded, rattling the car and scaring the ever living shit out of me.

Pressing on the breaks, I jumped out of my truck and stared in the direction of the crash. Without thinking, I jumped back into my truck floored it in the direction of where something huge had crashed in the empty fields. I worried about what had happened, if someone was in there and badly injured It would take too long for anyone to get out here.

After a few minutes I pulled up at the crash site and froze.

Whatever had crashed hadn't made as much damage as I would have expected, but that's not what had me frozen in shock.

It was the machine. It was nothing like Id ever seen. It was sleek and a metallic colour, it was small, my truck was bigger than it.

My truck got the better or me and I slid out of my truck. That's when the banging started and I paused midstep.

I watched as the door to the... plane, ship, was forced open and someone climbed out, cursing in a language that Id never heard of before.

The woman struggled out of it and then proceeded to pace around it, kicking it now and then and hissing in the strange language.

I had to admit she was beautiful. As part of my training as a police officer I took in details about everything, and boy did I do it about her. She was around 5'4, dark hair that reached her lower back even though it was held partially up in a clip of some sort. She had pale, ivory skin and was wearing strapless blouse that was a few shades darker than her skin and had strips of fabric that fell to the floor, she was wearing those harem pants that everyone was wearing a while ago.

She was the most beautiful thing Id ever seen.

When she reached into the thing and came back out with a blade the size of my arm, my instincts took over and I yanked out my weapon and held it in both hands, in a police stance.

"Freeze!" I shouted, pouring authority into my voice.

The woman froze, as if she'd just realised anyone was there and turned toward me, despite my order.

My heart thumped when I saw her face. Big brown eyes, small nose, full lips and she had these strange three gems on either side of her eyes in the shape of a quarter moon.

Her eyes were side with surprise, not fear.

"I won't hurt you." She assured me, in a quiet voice. Her voice was soft and sensual. A voice that made a man think of late night and silk sheets.

Shake it off, Edward.

I walked slowly towards her.

"What are you?" I demanded, pointing my gun at the ship and then back at her.

She huffed. "Well, you're a gentlemen, aren't you? I am not a what, earth person, I am who."She snapped.

Earth person. Did she really just say that? I looked at her ship thing and my mind raced with the possibilities.

"Are you an alien?" I asked quietly.

She rolled her eyes. "No. I just don't live on this planet. I only visited because I needed a break from home. I wish I hadn't bothered now. My ship broke down soon after I entered your atmosphere and I have a weapon pointed at me by a rude man who think's I'm a what." She rambled.

"I don't believe in this alien shit. I never have. This can't be happening." I mumbled to myself.

"If you truly believe that in a universe that Is constantly expanding that your planet is the only one with life, then you're a fool and self absorbed." She added wryly.

I shook my head and walked over to her... ship and examined it. It was all so foreign. The technology was something out of this world, no pun intended. It was far superior than anything Id ever seen. The markings on is were strange, symbols that I couldn't read.

"You crashed." I blurted out, turning back to her.

She gave me an indignant look. "I didn't crash. The thing broke down. Not to worry, I've pressed the SOS button thingie, someone will come and get me and you can pretend this was all a dream and go back to your ignorance." She nodded and then turned to jump up on her ship.

"How long untill they get here?" I asked, worried about her. If all this was real and not some dream of hallucination from sleep deprivation, then people would see it and she was in danger.

"About three months," She shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"Three months?" I choked.

She gave me a droll stare as if I had just said something stupid. "Of course." She shrugged. "Its takes a while to get here from my home."

I looked around helplessly. I couldn't leave her here alone, for three freakin' months. Someone would come asking questions and the woman wasn't exactly shy about what she was.

I walked back over to my truck and got some rope from the back seat and sheet.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a frown.

"My homes not far away, so I'm going to tie this around your ship and drag it back. It's the only thing I can think of," I muttered as I tied a secure not around it and then did it again, untill I was positive it would last the short trip. "I just hope to god it doesn't snap off and we leave it on the road somewhere."

She frowned, a cute little 'v' forming between her eyebrows. "Why are you taking my ship?"

It was my turn to give her the droll stare. "Because I can't live it, or you for that matter, out here for three months. Do you know the lengths some people would go to get their hands on an alien."

"I'm not an alien!" She snapped.

I sighed and ran a frustrated hand through my hair. "Work with me here, I don't know what to do. I don't even know whether or not I'm dreaming this entire thing. The only thing I know is that I can't leave you out here. So you're coming home with me until your people come to get you."

Suprise flickered in her dark eyes. "Aren't you afraid I'll try to probe you," She said dryly and I smiled.

"I think I'll risk it."

She seemed to size me up for a moment.

She must have seen something in me worth trusting because she jumped off her ship, landing lightly on her feet, holding her hand out to me.

"My name is Isabella. Bella."

I took her small hand in mine.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Edward."