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"Bella?" I called out as I made my way down the stairs and found the front door open.

Frowning, I made my way onto the front porch and stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of my beautiful wife underneath the moonlight. She was so beautiful.

She turned to me and smiled, resting her hand on her round stomach in a way that made my heart tighten with love. It was a movement of love, protection, for our child. I had vowed on our wedding day to never take her love for granted and I never had.

"Is Calla down?" She asked quietly as if she was afraid if she spoke too loud it would affect the beauty of the night. This was true since our three year old daughter had superb hearing thanks to her mother's genetics.

"Yes. Finally." I groaned as I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder.

As she placed her hands on mine I still had to resist the urge to pinch myself and remind myself that this was real. My life with Bella and my beautiful daughter was real. The little baby boy growing day by day in her belly was real, I thought as he kicked against my hand.

It had been four years since Bella had returned to me and we had married a month after that day, neither of us wanting to wait. Calla had been born nine months after that night. Tiny with dark hair with shades of red in it with big brown eyes and three stones on either side of her eyes just like her mother. She was beautiful, smart, funny and kind. Just like her mother.

A year after Bella had returned we had travelled to Lexian along with Alice, Jasper and the baby and Rosalie, Emmett and their new born son, Emmett Jnr.

Lexian was beautiful. It was full of natural land, like taking a step back in time on Earth before people started to value shopping malls and luxury apartment buildings more than they valued nature.

The castle was like something you'd imagine in King Arthur, the whole village was and we all expected a guy to pull a sword out of a stone. I think we all did. It was outstandingly beautiful and though Emmett had trouble with the vegetarian diet, we all adapted after a couple of days.

Esme had raced toward us when we had arrived, pulling Bella into her arms and then cooing endlessly over Calla, who had been spoiled rotten by her doting grandparents and army of aunts and uncles. It was as I watched by wife with her family that I understood the extent of what Bella had given up for me.

While travelling through space had been a blast and the land and Bella's family were all out of this world, some of them literally, the town's people had taken a while to get used to us.

We had all been strolling through the market when someone had hissed a word at us in Bella's language, a language she only used when she was angry and I found it as sexy as hell. This time not so much.

Emmett, who had claimed to be dying of hunger at this point, had demanded. "What the hell did he just call us?"

Bella had turned to me with a smug grin. "He just called you an alien." She told us with glee and then laughed as she saw our offended glares. "See? It's not nice to be called an alien, is it?"

I had laughed and pulled her into a deep, loving kiss only to pull back after a few seconds and worry I had broken some sort of Princess and alien law, but Bella had laughed off my worries and told me she'd kiss her alien husband whenever she'd like.

Calla had been treated like royalty and it had shocked the hell out of me when Bella pointed out that here not only was she royalty, Calla and I was too. I had even been given my own crown, which the guys had ripped the piss out of me for.

Bella's crown lit up like a Christmas tree as soon as we had landed and she had seemed to glow in her home.

Alice had been welcomed into the village immediately and it had been heartwarming to see that while these people looked at us like we were freaks, they looked at her like family. Alice had rested her head against Jasper's chest as he held her while she wept slightly. She had been worried about being branded a freak and evil by the Lexians like her mother had her. It had been overwhelming to be made feel like she had finally come home. She was still unsure about taking up Carlisle's offer about finding her father, not wanting to affect his life, but she had admitted it was good knowing that she had the choice.

Spike had simply loved every part of the journey.

We had left for home, promising to set up a date to return, but I had seen the worry in Esme and Carlisle's eyes and the sadness in Bella's.

When we had returned home she had waved it off as being just a little homesick. She had later admitted that she did miss home, but she loved her life with me and on Earth. She had also told me that Esme was worried about her. It had frightened her to see the slight differences in her daughter. To see her start aging, even though it was only a year.

Then, a while ago people had started wondering about Anastasia and Calla's birthstones and Alice, who was already paranoid had been terrified that someone would realize the truth and take her daughter away from her. The two little girls who were inseparable had been told to be extra careful from that point on and even at their young ages, they had understood.

To me it had been a sign and I had formed a plan. We were going to leave Earth and live on Lexian where are children could be free from fear. I had spoken to Alice who had agreed before I could even get the words out as she had been thinking along the same lines. She didn't want to leave her home, but she wouldn't have her daughter at risk, or the new baby that was on the way.

Make that three as all of our women had fallen pregnant within weeks of each other. Something that we men were extremely proud of while the girls had rolled their eyes.

Rosalie had been horrified at the thought of being left behind on Earth and had spoken to Bella about leaving with us. I could see that Rosalie was afraid that she would lose the family that were closer to her heart than her own blood and the relief when Bella had threw herself into Rosalie's arms and cried and began mumbling about how happy she was. That she could have both of her families with her.

Charlie had declined the offer. He and his wife Sue were quite content on Earth.

Now it was just a waiting game. Esme, who had been in correspondence with Bella through the ship that was under a sheet in our garage. It made me laugh to think of Bella basically emailing her mother who was on the other side of the galaxy. Esme had cautioned the girls about travelling while pregnant and advised to wait until the children were born. She had also rambled on about how excited she was, how there was to be a weeklong celebration for the return of the Princess and Prince -which strangely enough was me- and the new Lords and Ladies of Lexian, which had delighted our friends to no end.

We were all anxious about the trip what with their being three toddlers, three new borns and three married couples in a ship for three months, but it would be worth it. Our children would be safe and I wouldn't only have fifty years with Bella, I would have hundreds of years with her, my friends -Emmett was deliriously happy about that- and my family. Bella had told Spike all about his new home and all of the pretty young female dogs there while I had laughed my ass off at her trying to match make a dog. Life couldn't be better.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella whispered as we watched Spike trot around the front yard.

"I am thinking about what a lucky man I am. How I will never stop being grateful. I am grateful that I was out and heard your ship crash. I'm grateful for your love. I am even grateful that Tanya turned out to be such a bitch and left me because if she hadn't I wouldn't have met you. More importantly, I am grateful to you. My precious, beautiful wife who I will love even when I am eight hundred years old and still looks young and handsome." I teased her.

Bella turned in my arms and kissed my cheek.

"Would you have ever believed it that night when you pointed your gun at me and told me not to move that you would end up loving and marrying the woman you thought would probe you?" She laughed, her eyes shining beautifully as her smile could have lit up the sky.

"I did not think you were going to probe me." I argued with a smirk.

She laughed at me outright. "You did! You didn't see your face. Why did you think I told you I wouldn't hurt you? I was afraid you would faint."

I rolled my eyes. "Men don't faint. We briefly lose consciousness. Women faint." I kissed her forehead as she giggled.

"Of course we do." She agreed lovingly.

I glanced up at the stars and smiled. "I'll admit that I had very brief concerns about it, but I wouldn't change a thing, Bella." I told her seriously. "I look up at those stars some nights and think to myself that they must have sent you to me. That somewhere in my past I must have done something to deserve you. I don't know what it is, but I will always be grateful for that. I love you so much, Bella. You will never know how just how much, but I don't mind telling you."

Bella's eyes filled with tears at my words and the emotion she undoubtedly heard behind them.

"I love you, Edward. I have since that very first moment and I will to my last."

I kissed her with everything that I was and then just simply held her.

I began to think of what our future would be after the babies were here. How they would change, what would I do for a living? But as I looked from the stars to my beautiful wife who made me feel more a live and more loved then I ever had. A woman who had given me a family. Who loved me for me and always would. I knew my future would be full of love.

I smiled at the thought of my future with Bella, my children and friends, excited for the future. Happiness that I doubted anyone would ever feel and love overcame me as I held the woman I loved that the stars themselves had sent me.

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