A/N: This fanfic appeared in my mind after replaying of all the missions from original StarCraft and StarCraft: Broodwar. I think that Jim Raynor rocks, so I decided to create a female Confederacy Magistrate, Commander Sira Filars, who finds him very attractive – while he is head over heels over Sarah Kerrigan. And since lonely Commander is lonely, I decided to add a commando of her faithful subordinates – mainly her adjutant Max Rand, medic Trent Dallas (nothing against the female medics in game – but when playing games, I always end up with my protagonist being the only woman in the whole group, so I decided to do it here as well), scientist Don Vega, pilot Jack Wesley and trio of marines – Larry 'T' Tee, Daryl 'N' Nee and Larry 'G' Gee. Oh, and some nameless marines, too. After all, what commander would have such a small unit?

Disclaimer: I own nothing (that means no StarCraft – apart from my bought copy – no Jim Raynor, no Kerrigan – uhm, now that is something I do not really mind… - no Zerg, Protoss or Terrans), just this fanfic and original characters mentioned above are mine.

01. Prologue

"Commander, come to take a look – we are almost at Mar Sara," sounded the ship communicator. "I think this is something you just have to see yourself!"

Sira immediately jumped from her cot, quickly throwing on her clothes. Not that her men didn't see her naked or semi-naked already – after all, they have been stuck together for years now – but that still didn't mean she was overly comfortable with showing herself off like that.

Mar Sara was on the screen on the bridge. Sira just gazed at the planet wordlessly. So this was the world she was supposed to protect. Part of Mar Sara reminded her of the holo pictures of Earth her parents showed her. The other part of Mar Sara seemed… shadowed somehow.

"Don?" she asked her scientist, "that," she pointed her finger on the screen, "is this sign of that alien infestation reports spoke about?"

Don, the man in question, shifted his glasses on his nose and jumped to explaining what was in science reports he had been reading trough last few days. Obviously, every planet which started to look like that was quickly attacked by so far unknown but highly technologically advanced aliens. Also, the "shadowing" was sign of infestation which very quickly started to affect crops, the animals and people became diseased. Also, the ground got that squishy and slimy feel to it.

As Don finished his report, her adjutant broke the short silence. "Incoming transmission, Commander, from Norad II. Looks like the higher ups noticed our arrival."

"Patch it through," nodded Sira, leaning on the backrest of his seat. On the small screen in front of his panel appeared face of man in his fifties. She opened her mouth to introduce herself when the man interrupted her. "You are Commander Sira Filars, I take it?"

"That would be me, sir," replied Sira, forcing her irritation down. She may be half his age but that still didn't mean he can treat her like misbehaving five year old! Her men thought the same, according to the annoyed murmur around her.

"I have expected you to be a bit older," continued the man. "I'm General Edmund Duke. You and your team were chosen due to your exceptionally good record. I hope you will shine on Mar Sara."

"I hope so, sir."

"Good. You should be receiving the coordinates for your landing. Good hunt, Commander. Duke out."

The screen blacked out again. All of them fell silent for a moment. And then Tee said dryly: "Had to hurt like hell to sit with that stick in his ass."

All of them broke in laughter. No matter what will pass, she thought as she messaged her other ship about the transmission, they will make it and excel in anything they do. Just like always.