"Lord Potter." A quiet voice called out from the corners.

Harry turned around in shock. The title 'Lord' was something he was unfamiliar with, however he wasn't stupid enough to not know that he was the only Potter left, especially at Hogwarts.

A tiny hand reached out, resting on his shoulder and a figure stepped out of the shadows. Small and and with a slightly petite figure however well endowed, Susan Bones was a quiet girl who kept to herself, despite being the star of many a Hogwarts boys dreams. "Lord Potter, I must talk to you." She spoke formally, casting her eyes down.

Harry's eyebrows receded into his fringe, looking down at her red/brown hair. "Uhh, Susan Bones. You don't need to call me uhh a Lord." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"But I must! I can't disrespect you!" She looked up with wide eyes filled with fire, before casting her eyes back down.

"Disrespect me? I don't get it." Harry let his eyes furrow together.

"Are you making fun of me?" Susan looked up again. "Never mind. I came here to talk to you about something very serious. My aunt and I are giving you the regards of The House of Bones. You have saved me and many of our friends and the Ministry. While the Minister didn't properly thank you, House Bones will. Lord Potter, I find myself, and the majority of the Wizarding World in your hands. Although you have refused our invites in the past, House Bones would like to formally invite you to our annual school 'Let Out Ball.' We would be honoured if you were to attend."

With that she pressed a scroll of parchment into his hands and with a curtsey ran off, leaving one Harry Potter to think over a lot of things.