They were all looking. Countless Lords and Lady's.

"Is that the Muggle born?"

"Who let that filth in here?"

"Oh, Lord Potter is here?"

Feeling her heart thudding in her chest, Hermione determinately looks up, doesn't blush, and goes to greet Hannah.

"Hermione! You look amazing!" Hannah exclaimed, grabbing her shoulders and holding her at arms length.

"Thank you! Really though, it was all Mademoiselle Estee. But you look fab!" She waved off the compliment, instead reverting the attention to Hannah and her bright yellow robes, which somehow did look 'fab' with her blonde hair.

"Pssh!" Hannah rolled her eyes. "And I'm a dragon."

Hermione gave a grin, as the whispers gained volume.

The ballroom they were in was one of the largest in the country, and the Ministry's pride and joy. Archways led into the room, which had a marble floor, and a high roof, decorated with paintings of Greek gods and goddesses. The aristocracy were all dressed in fine robes and jewels and the few Ministry employees that were not nobility, looked extremely uncomfortable and out of place.

"Oh my how rude!" hannah exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. "Hermione, this is my boyfriend, Justin! Justin, this is Hermione. But you guys do kind of know each other right?"

"Yeah, Justin and I were in a couple of classes together. And you know," Hermione's voice dropped, "the DA." "Yeah. It's good to see you Hermione - or would you prefer Em?" The good looking boy teased. "How's your summer been?"

". . . Eventful." Hermione said after thinking it over. "I mean, with Harry it always is."

"He's Harry Potter - what can you expect?" Justin grinned, flashing his charming white teeth.

"Not much else I guess." Hermione gave a laugh, and turned around in surprise when she felt a hand on her arm. "Harry! We were just talking about you!"

"Yeah I heard." He gave a grin. "Hey Justin. Hate to break you up, but Hermione needs to come say her hellos to some others."

Hermione gave a roll of her eyes, before hugging Justin and Hannah goodbye, insisting that they would see each other soon.

As they walked over to where she could see Susan's aurban hair, Hermione rounded on Harry. "What was all of that about?"

"You have been requested to be met by a few of the Ladies." Harry said uncomfortably. "Including Lady Malfoy, Lady Gaudet, Lady Turner, Lady Parkinson, Lady Nott."

"Why do they all want to see me?" Hermione asked incredulously as they reached Theo and Susan.

"Hermione." Susan gave her a look. "They'd be crazy not to want to see you. You front up, with a title, a Lord and an amazing set of robes. You've stolen the show girl!"

Hermione gave a slight blush, rolling her eyes. "Yeah whatever. But do I have to 'greet' them myself?"

"No. I can come with you. But it might be better if the boys stay here." Sue threw them a look. "It's just not quite polite in society."

"Whatever." Hermione shrugged, looking at Theo out of the corner of her eye. "Who do I have to talk to first?"

Hermione was pissed. That was the only way to describe it. She hated, hated, hated, how she was basically being put on display for these society matrons. And how she had to go talk to them and act like she actually cared about what they were saying and cared about their feudal system they still seemed to be living in.

"They're all over there. Go see Lady Malfoy and the rest will follow." Theo said quietly, before slinking off to talk to one of the Greengrass sisters.

Looking longingly at Theo (who now had one of the girls hand on his own), Hermione walked towards the Lady, with Susan next to her.

"Lady Malfoy." Hermione gave a slight curtsey, quickly followed by Susan's head inclination.

As Narcissa Malfoy was in fact a Lady she was a higher rank of Hermione (as an Em), while Susan was slightly above her, as a future heir, where as Narcissa Malfoy would never inherit a title. Therefore the Lady had to sink into a slight curtsey, as her husband was not present.

"Em Granger, Lady Bones." The blonde woman gave a slight raise of eyebrows. "I must say, I was highly surprised when you were announced."

"Rightly so Lady Malfoy, especially after you publicly announced your hatred for me due to my blood purity, or lack thereof." Hermione raised her eyebrow right back at her, clearly in no mood for aristocratic nonsense.

"That is highly disrespectful of you!" The matron of the Malfoy House hissed. "I shall see to it myself that you are evicted from these grounds!"

"On what charge?" Susan came to her friends defense. "Lady Malfoy, we were under the impression that you wanted to meet Em Granger, not harass her like a nineteenth century witch! Please, we bid you goodbye." She gave a slight eye roll and grabbed the crook of Hermione's elbow, and led her towards the table at the edge of the room filled with drinks.

"Em Granger." A woman in deep scarlet robes appeared, her lips and shoes matching. "It is a pleasure to meet you my dear. Lady Bones, my greetings."

"Lady Gaudet!" Susan gave a slight smile, which however fake, seemed to warm the atmosphere.

"I must say Em, that you on the arm of Lord Potter surprised us all! After all none of us were aware that he was really dating at all!" She gave a slight look, leaning forward and giving Hermione an unwelcome eyeful down her low cut robes, as she whispered conspiringly.

"Oh we're not dating!" Hermione exclaimed, laughing it off the way that society matrons used. "He's just my friend."

"Oh is that so?" She asked conspiringly. "Because my girls were very interested in him-"

"Aila!" A voice called out, as a Lady approached. "Aila, aren't you going to introduce me?"

From what Hermione could tell, she had not interrupted for her own benefit, maybe more to save her friends pride.

"Oh yes. Em Granger, Lady Bones, this is my good friend Lady Nott." The woman gave a smile at the introduction.

"You're Theo's friend!" She gave Hermione a once over. "And I already know Susan! Has all that Firewhiskey gone to your head ?" She teased her friend like a school girl.

Hermione's stomach was jumping in circles. "Lady Nott." She sunk into a deep curtsey.

"Don't be ridiculous child! Come here!" And with that Hermione found herself being enveloped into the woman's midnight blue robes. "Theo's told me all about you my dear! You were his partner-"

She was cut off by a loud yell across the ballroom. Hermione turned quickly, moving out of her friends mothers' grasp and fishing her wand out of her robes. She had been Harry Potters best friend for too long to ignore a perfectly good warning.

"Get your hands off me!" Harry Potter yelled at a certain Warlock with a remarkable white beard.

"Harry, it's for your best my boy." Dumbledore said calmly, his eyes emitting a sparkle. "I insist you come back to the Dursley's with me."

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" He shouted, brandishing his wand.

"Harry it's for the best. For your own and-" As Dumbledore reached for Harry's arm he suddenly found another wand at his throat.

"Professor with all due respect, you have no authority to be taking him anywhere. And if you touch Lord Potter you are going directly to be violating another Lords wishes." Theodore Nott's brown eyes gave a dangerous glitter, as Dumbledores own died.

"Oh Theo." Lady Nott gasped.

Looking at Susan, who had also drawn her wand, Hermione started pushing past people to the circle that had formed around the three wizards, with Susan beside her.

"Harry!" Hermione gasped, having lost sight of him for a couple of secounds. She cursed herself after that - did she want to distract him and have him taken by Dumbledore?

He did not turn around however and continued to stare down Dumbledore, who was feeding him ridiculous drivel. Then suddenly Dumbledore grabbed him and smoke surrounded them.

Hermione found herself shouting, along with Susan, Theo, Neville and Hannah (who had just appeared) as they shot curses and jinxes at the two men. Unfortunately when the cloud of smoke cleared, all that was left was a pair of glasses.

The Lord and Headmaster were gone. Leaving the Ball in a state of disrepair.

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