And here we have a small idea that I had while reading some Operation Blackout centered Club Penguin fics. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Alternate Universe to my usual headcannon. It is in no way connected to my other stories.

Failure Means the Loss of Everything

Icetail stared up in shock at Montague, who was standing above her on the ledge in the mountain side. Behind her was Herbert P. Bear Esquire and just a couple more ledges up; the entrance to Herbert's lair. All around, Club Penguin was slowly freezing over. The black haired agent was forced to acknowledge the horrible truth. She had failed, the EPF had failed.

"Why?" Icetail asks, stunned to the core, unable to say anything else. Montague smiled and jumped down, landing in front of woman that glared at him. His hand gripped her chin, making her lips curl in disgust.

"Why you ask? The answer is simple really," Montague says, his brown eyes widening in insanity. "I had control; I had the power to do anything."

Icetail slapped Montague's hand away.

"The fate of everyone on this island now rests on your shoulders," she hissed, anger flashing in her eyes. "I no longer bare any responsibility. You stopped me from saving all the civilians."

Montague grinned.

"That's the whole point my dear," he said carelessly, shoving me towards Herbert, who twisted my arm behind my back and pinning my other arm to my side. "Any last words?"

"I have nothing to say to you," Icetail spat, letting Herbert take her into his lair and throw her into the open room where the other capture agents stood, inside the cryostasis chambers that they had been placed in. Herbert looked at Icetail, staring with a look that held only a solemn gleam.

"So in the end you chose the side of the traitor," Icetail growled. "Even after everything that he has done to you."

Herbert was silent, the tall man just staring at her. Icetail sighed and wrapped her fingers around her spy-phone. Lifting it so that she could speak into it, she pressed the button that would send out one last message to a single person.

"Cadenceā€¦" she said in defeat. "I'm sorry, the EPF has failed. I have failed, and I cannot come back home. Forgive me sister. Do not look for me, help everyone else, give them shelter from the cold. I can't help you anymore."

Icetail let out a single sob, before sending the message. After that she threw her phone off the side of the mountain. It was over. Herbert Percival Bear Esquire had won. Montague had won, and Icetail accepted it. Herbert opened the final cryostasis chamber, knowing full well that Icetail had accepted her fate.

"So be it," she said as she stepped up to the chamber. Icetail paused as she stepped it.

"You know, you never did tell me why your parents had the last name of Bear."

With a smile, the young woman, who had outsmarted every plan that Herbert had made, stepped into the chamber. Turning to face Herbert, she held her hands against her chest and bent her head, making the one prayer that contradicted everything she told Cadence.

"Please save me, sisterā€¦"

That was the last thing she said before the cold made her muscles still.

Everyone believes that the good guys always win, but what happens when they finally lose? Can you accept the consequences that follow? Do you have the strength to comprehend the fact the bad guys have defeated the heroes? Or do you always believe that there is more story to come?

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