Regina Mills was a screamer. As in, moaning, panting, whimpering, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Emma had learned early on that trysts with Storybrooke's Mayor anywhere that could even be considered remotely public were out of the question. She had tried, once, in the "party" room in the back of Granny's diner. But Regina didn't know how to keep those pretty little lips of hers shut and they had been interrupted by Ruby running in to check to see if they were beating the shit out of each other again. She had claimed she had heard "banging". If she had only known…

And yet, it was one of Emma's greatest fantasies – to fuck Regina in public, to make her squirm with the idea that she had to keep that damned mouth shut, to make her come oh so hard while she had to hold it all back.

Emma shivered, shifting uncomfortably in her wooden seat. She looked down at the array of books she had spread on a back table at The Storybrooke County Library. She was supposed to be analyzing the crime rate trends in the town over the last decade to see which areas needed more patrolling and, in turn, which needed a higher budget. And then she found that 1% that included "Public Indecency Arrests" and her mind trailed off to how publically indecent she wanted to get with the Mayor right this moment. A shiver shot down Emma's spine as she heard the familiar clicking of a pair of Jimmy Choo heels behind her and very long, very skilled fingers drawing little circles on her shoulder. Speak of the fucking devil…

"Working hard or hardly working?" Regina asked playfully, tucking her lips close to the shell of Emma's ear before sauntering to the edge of the table. She pulled herself up and sat on the edge. She crossed her left leg over her right and smiled down at the blonde, fully aware of the way her pencil skirt was now half spiked up to reveal dark, olive skinned thighs.

"You were supposed to be here an hour ago," Emma grumbled. She kept her eyes down and pretended to be reading the documents intently. Her thighs were already twitching, and if she saw those dark brown eyes and Regina's pearly white, syrupy sweet smile, she might lose the little bit of self control she still had.

"A Mayor's duties never end, Ms. Swan." The brunette leaned forward slightly and strained her neck to see what Emma was reading.

The younger woman raised her eyes ever so slowly, coming face to face with Regina's perfect breasts that were spilling over the v-neck of her blouse with the help of her best friend Victoria's Secret. Emma bit her lower lip.

A coy smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as the Mayor saw the blonde gazing at her…assets. She said nothing, but instead continued to pretend to read the document in front of the Sheriff. She uncrossed her legs very slowly, flashing a brief glimpse of the black silk panties she wore before crossing them again, this time right over left. "It seems to me," Regina said, her voice having dropped an octave into that infamous 'fuck me' tone that Emma loved oh so much, "that based on what I'm reading, we need to up the budget for-"

"Come here." It wasn't so much of a request as a demand. The force of Emma's tone surprised Regina and she turned her gaze away from the document, raising an eyebrow playfully.

The blonde clenched her jaw and sat up straight in her chair. She paused a beat, waiting for Regina to comply. When she didn't, she grabbed one of Regina's hands roughly and pulled her off of the table. The brunette landed not so gracefully into the Sheriff's lap and a loud gasp escaped her lips. Just as Emma opened her mouth to speak, Belle's voice echoed through the library's overhead system.

"Dear patrons of the Storybook County Library. We will be closing in approximately twenty minutes. Please make your final selections and bring them up to the front desk. We will be doing a final sweep in fifteen minutes where all patrons will be asked to leave. Thank you and have a pleasant evening."

With that, Emma's mouth turned up into a wonderful, devious grin. She trailed her fingernails up the length of Regina's thighs and scratched playfully. Leaning close, she brushed her lips up the side of the brunette's neck and grinned as she felt goosebumps prickle on olive skin. "We're gonna do a little experiment," the blonde breathed as her lips made their way just beneath Regina's ear. "Remember that time at Granny's? When you couldn't keep those kissable lips of yours shut?" Emma licked at the sensitive spot behind her ear, waiting for the brunette's response. As if on cue, a little whimper bubbled up Regina's throat. She moved one hand from its resting place on the older woman's thigh and clamped it shut over her mouth. "If you so much as whimper, Madame Mayor, I will leave you here with nothing but the memory of my fingers teasing you, touching you, but never giving you that sweet resolve which I know" – Emma brushed her index finger up Regina's inner thigh and traced it over the damp silk cloth between her legs – "Oh yes, I know, you want so badly." The blonde pushed the black material aside and rubbed teasingly in small circles.

A little squeak crept up Regina's throat and she bit her lip, hard, trying to stifle herself.

"Let's see how quiet you can be when you absolutely have to." Emma moved her hand away from Regina's mouth and rested it on the small of the brunette's back to keep her upright. Her lips brushed against the center of the brunette's throat before she darted her tongue out and licked slowly, oh so slowly up the length of the Mayor's neck.

"Emma," Regina breathed, rolling her head back before tangling her fingers tightly in blonde curly tresses. She tugged and pulled Emma's lips harder against her. The younger woman growled and Regina's lips parted in pleasure as the sound melded from the girl's lips to her throat, vibrating. The sensation sent a jolt down her front to tingle between where Emma was teasing ever so slowly between her legs.

"I said quiet," the Sheriff hissed, leaving a chain of kisses up the side of Regina's neck before baring her teeth and taking the tip of the skin playfully between her pearly whites.

It took every ounce of self control within Regina to control the yelp deep in her throat.

Emma brushed her fingertips over the wet warm flesh between the brunette's legs and grinned as the Mayor's mouth dropped open in a silent moan. She hovered her lips over Regina's ear and breathed heavily, the warmth shooting through the older woman with the intensity of a thousand fireballs. The blonde pulled back slightly and flashed a devious smile before pushing two fingers knuckle deep inside Regina. She chuckled softly to herself as the brunette buried her face in Emma's shoulder and tried her hardest to suppress the whimpers and moans that were clawing at her throat.

"Look at me," the blonde purred, moving her left hand from the small of Regina's back to her short hair to tug the older woman's face in front of hers. "I wanna watch you squirm," she whispered, pushing her fingers up and brushing the pad of her thumb over the brunette's most sensitive spot. Emma leaned her face close, their noses almost touching. "I want you to ride my fingers and I want to watch you try and control yourself when you cum helplessly on them. Because I know you will."

Emma curled her fingers forward in a 'come hither' motion inside the brunette and Regina's eyes went wide, reaching out to rest her hands on blonde's shoulders. She dug her nails deep into the girl's pale skin and narrowed her eyes. The older woman began to grind rhythmically in Emma's lap, rocking back and forth onto those long digits that knew every place to touch, to tickle, to scratch, to press. The sensations were overwhelming as the blonde began to push roughly into her and angled her palm so it was constantly pressing on her swollen clit. Regina couldn't control herself. She leaned forward and captured Emma's lips in a bruising kiss, forcing the girl to swallow her moan of ecstasy as she teetered over the edge toward her orgasm.

The blonde grabbed a fistful of Regina's blazer and pulled back, breaking the kiss. "Cheater," she mouthed before stopping her fingers' movements. Emerald eyes were a shade darker as Emma reveled in the realization that, for once, she was in complete control of Regina. The confident woman with the loud mouth now sat trembling against her hand, her lips parted but her voice quiet. And it was all Emma Swan's doing.

Now, the squirming part. She curled her fingers forward once again, agonizingly slow, watching as Regina's eyes fluttered shut and her thighs clenched around Emma's hand. She could feel the brunette's walls contracting against her fingers and she immediately stopped once again. Emma flashed the Mayor an 'eat shit' smile. She waited a moment before leaning close to run the top of her tongue up the curve of Regina's jaw. "Say please," Emma breathed in Regina's ear.

Regina had little control of her body, her hips still grinding helplessly, trying to find some sort of friction regardless of Emma's halted movements. She opened her mouth to speak, her vocal cords vibrating, before she decided against it. It could be a trick. Regina shook her head and dug her nails into the blonde's forearms, hard.

"Smart girl," Emma whispered before pushing up and fast into Regina, bringing her over the edge and watching in pure delight as the brunette tried everything, absolutely everything to hold back her inevitable scream. Regina buried her face in the nape of the younger woman's neck and growled, fucking growled, deep in her throat in time with the rhythm of her grinding hips as she rode out her orgasm. Emma had never heard such a sexy sound. She shivered. She hadn't realized how much the little sounds and squeaks and, yes, even the screams turned her on. They were aggravating and inconvenient but, she quickly realized, part of the sex appeal of one Miss Regina Mills.

Emma pulled out of Regina and pushed her off of her, leaving the brunette to grasp the table for support, her legs still shaky. The blonde grabbed the other woman's hand and tugged her toward the exit just in time as Belle rounded the corner to tell them they were closing.

She pushed the brunette roughly against the side of her bug and wrapped the digits of her hand gently around Regina's neck, brushing the pad of her thumb back and forth over the sides where her vocal cords lay beneath. "Granny's Diner, 15 minutes, back room. Be prepared to use these." She leaned in and placed a warm kiss where her fingers had been just a moment before. Tonight, Emma almost wanted them to get caught if it meant hearing Regina screaming her name.