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Fifty Shades…Full Circle

Chapter 1

It's been six weeks since the accident and Dr. Greene finally released me yesterday. Boy was Christian glad. We did the best we could to keep the passion going during that time, but I thought Christian was going to devour me last night. I felt the same way about him. I couldn't get enough of him. I think we pretty much fornicated our way through our entire bedroom and bathroom.

I feel invigorated today. I still have my moments of sadness. It never goes away. We had Sam's service. Only family. Teddy wanted to go and he did well. I was very proud of him. It was probably the toughest thing Christian and I have ever been through. He's been keeping busy with work. Looking at planes. In fact we may go to Houston to look at one he is interested in next weekend. Actually I think he may be as interested in the company as he is the plane.

He's due home any time now. I need to get down stairs to the gym. I've got to start working on getting back in shape. This is always the worst part. Trying to lose the weight and get the body back in shape.

I've got my exercise clothes on and headed down.

"Hi, baby. You're home." I stop to give my returning warrior a quick kiss.

He grabs me around the waist as he kisses me and picks me up. I feel as though he will go down my throat. I put my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He cups my butt with his hands as he kisses me and walks toward the bed. He leans over the bed and drops me falling on top of me. I giggle as he lifts my sports top and grabs my breast in his mouth.

"Christian! Stop."

"Hu uh." He growls.

"You still have your suite and tie on." I try to wiggle away.

"Mmmm. You smell good. Taste good too," he whispers against my nipple.

"Seriously. The door is open. The kids will come walking through any minute. Release my breast, Mr. Grey." I giggle again.

He pushes up and looks down at me and pulls my top back into proper position. "Okay. But I'm taking a rain check."

"Who says I'm giving one?" I ask.

"I don't fucking care. I taking one anyway," he smirks.

I get up and straighten myself.

"Where are you going?" he asks.

"Down to the gym. I have to be able to ward off all those flatter stomachs and tighter asses you come in contact with every day." I tell him as I turn to leave.

He stops me by putting his finger in the top of my exercise shorts and pulling me back to sit next to him on our bed. "Wait just one minute. What do you mean by that?" he asks so seriously. "Do you honestly think that I would ever look at anybody else?"

"Well, no. I didn't mean anything by it. A woman just wants to keep her man happy. Keep him at home," I give him my best bat of the eyelashes.

"Anastasia, you do keep me happy. Please give me more credit than to think a flat stomach or a tight ass could turn my head." I think I've really hurt him. "Baby, I had all the ass a man could ask for before we got married. I fucked anyone I chose, anywhere I chose, any time I chose and in any manor I chose. If that's all I wanted then I'd still be doing it. I love you and you give me everything I need. I've not as much as looked at another woman since the day you fell into my office and I never intend to. Do you understand me?"

I nod as I stare into his eyes. "Yes, Christian I do. I just want to look good for you and for me. I feel better when I look good. Even you work out." I trace his jaw with my finger and give him a kiss. "Want to work out with me before dinner?"

"Let me get changed."

"Okay. I'll meet you down there."

I walk myself down to the gym that is on the lower level of the house. I take a minute to stare at the equipment. Well. I might as well start. I decide the treadmill, is a good starting point. I turn it on and begin walking.

Christian appears through the door and my heart almost stops. He is in his jogging shorts and shoes, only. He walks over to the other treadmill and turns it on. As he walks he continues increasing the speed until he is at a run. I feel so inadequate. I'm doing well to walk. I do my 20 minutes and then stop and decide to do some machines. I haven't really used them much since I worked out after Grace was born. I can't remember really how to set them. Finally Christian stops and comes over to help.

"What's wrong?" he asks trying to catch his breath.

"I'm trying to remember how to set this machine."

He gives me a sympathetic chuckle. "Here." He makes a few adjustments. "Now get on and see if that works." I lie down on the bench and try to push the bar up.

"Too heavy?" he asks.

"A little." I tell him. "He adjusts the machine some more and it's easier to use.

"There. That's better. Thanks." I tell him.

He stands next to me and watches as I struggle to lift the weights. He actually helps a little. After doing several reps I decide I'm finished. Christian quickly resets the machine to an ungodly amount of weight and begins to lift as if he were lifting a box of tissues. I watch him as every muscle in his body flexes and relaxes.

"Show off." I smirk at him. After finishing he helps me jump up on the vertical knee raise. I begin to lift my legs. Takes him about two lifts before he is between them, circling my legs around his waist and cupping my but in his hands. "Let go," he whispers.

"Christian I'm really trying to work out," I plead.

"I said let go," he reiterates.

I release my hold on the machine and put my arms around his neck as Christian supports me. "Let's get in the hot tub."

"Christian I haven't finished." I try to tell him.

"Sshh. Just come with me. I'll give you a better work out than these fucking machines will."

Well I can't really argue with that. Can I? Christian walks us over to the spa room with me in tow and slams the door closed with his foot. He walks up the steps then down into the tub, clothes and all. We sink down into the warm water still clutching each other. He seals his lips over mine and he is devouring my mouth. He sits back in the bubbly water and pulls my foot up taking off my shoe and athletic sock, nipping at my toes, then repeats the process with the other foot. Fuck he is so damn hot!

He slides on top of me again and pushes his hands under my top pulling it over my head and off. Gliding his tongue over my neck and down my chest he stops to softly kiss my breasts. I can feel his hand as he slides it between my legs rubbing me through my gym shorts. I circle his neck and pull his mouth closer to mine as I arch my back to meet his hand.

"Oh, fuck, Christian." I gasp.

"What is it baby? Do you want me to take your shorts off?"

I nod. "Yes."

"Say it. Tell me what you want Anastasia." He whispers against my lips.

"Take my shorts off." I moan.


"Please. Please take them off." I ask.

"I'll do whatever you ask me to, baby," he whispers.

Christian puts his fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down my legs and off my feet leaving me totally naked underneath him in the warm swirling water.

"Now what?" he whispers as he slides his finger between my thighs and finds me. He begins to circle with a slow steady rhythm leaving me to whimper under his touch. "Is that good? Is that what you want?" he asks.

"Yes. Yes." I roll my hips to meet his fingers as his fingers pass my threshold. He is kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. "Baby, you're so ready." He stills his fingers and I whimper and try to roll my hips to force them inside. "Put your hand on mine," he whispers. I place my hand between my legs on top of his. "Now show me what you want." I move his hand to repeat the motion. "That's a good girl. Show me what you need so I can give it to you, baby." He begins to massage me with the pad of his thumb as he slides his fingers.

"Oh, god, Christian." I try to catch my breath.

"I think you like that," he teases me.

He kisses me deep and wet. "Do you want me to make you come?" he asks. "Answer me or I'll stop."

"Yes. Yes. Please." I can only cry.

"Please what?" he demands.

"Please don't stop." I beg him. That's what he wants. He wants me to beg.

"That's all you had to do , baby." He whispers against my neck. "One climax coming up."

He continues to circle and stroke until I think I will come out of the tub. My breath is hitching as he rubs faster and faster making me quiver with each perfectly timed stroke. I can feel the tightness in my abdomen as he forces me to the edge of my tolerance.

"That's my girl. You're right there baby. Just relax." I finally feel that sensation in my core that lets me know I'm past controlling anything. I can feel the waves of my climax consume me and take over. "Look at me, baby. Look at me," he commands me. I look into his eyes just in time to give myself to him. I convulse under his touch and melt in his arms. "That's my baby. That's my good girl." He whispers as I finally begin to catch my breath and relax. Christian slides his shorts down and moves on top of me. I can feel his firmness as it probes my opening, then with one smooth move he is inside.

I can only gasp as I accept him, "Oh, god," is all I can get out. He pulls my legs to wrap around his waist as he begins to withdraw slowly and then quickly fill me again. My hands can feel each and every muscle in his butt as they flex and relax with each rhythmic push. I can hear his breathing as it becomes more erratic and he begins to drive harder. Bracing with his arms; his hands on the side of the tub on either side of my head I feel as though he will crawl inside of me as he closes his eyes and clenches teeth. He is breathing through his clenched teeth as he races toward his climax. He bows his head and pushes once more deep and hard. "Fucking, God." He growls.

"Look at me," I whisper. "I want to see you." Christian looks into my eyes and I can see his surrender as he stills and begins to tremble. He finally finds his breath and relaxes in my arms. "Oh my God, Baby." He showers my neck with kisses, finally finding my mouth. "I love you so much Anastasia." He murmurs against my mouth. "There could never be anyone else for me. Never."

We've gotten dinner finished and kids to bed. We're just out of the shower. Christian has collected on his rain check and I'm in my robe towel drying my hair. Christian is already in bed with his laptop working away. Reaching into my dresser I grab a nightshirt and drop my robe to slip it on over my head. I put the robe and towel away and grab my lotion and head for our bed. I scoot up on the bed next to him and begin to rub the lotion on my legs. Christian closes the laptop and puts it on his nightstand. "Here. Give me that," he says as he grabs the lotion bottle. He moves over in front of me and begins to massage the lotion into my legs.

"That feels nice." I smile up at him as he massages my calves.

"Where now?" he asks.

"Well I pretty much need it all over; arms, tummy backside," I tell him.

"Turn over," he orders me. I turn on my tummy and he puts the lotion in his hands and massages it into my back paying special attention to my butt. Then he instructs me to turn over and straddling my legs begins to spread the lotion over my tummy and breasts, then my arms. After he has finished he bends down and kisses me then heads for my breasts.

"Christian, don't," I tell him.

"Don't what?" he asks as he gently kisses my breasts.

"Baby, haven't we done enough?" I ask.

"There's no such thing as enough with you," he whispers.

"Christian, I'm sore and I'm tired," I whine.

"Sore?" he asks with surprise.

"Yes, sore. We hadn't had sex in four weeks because of your ribs. We did it one night and then I was out of commission for six weeks. Besides I'm still tender from that hysterectomy. Give me a little breather."

"Why didn't you say something?" he almost looks like I've slapped him.

"Because I love sex with you and I missed it. It's not like I never want it again. I just need to take it a little slower, baby."

Christian moves back over to his side of the bed and lies down facing me, looking defeated.

"Oh, Christian Grey, don't pout at me. We did it all over this room last night and then twice today already. Can we snuggle?" I look up at him through my lashes and give him a little smile.

"Come here woman," he pulls me over to him and gives me a good kiss. "You need to tell me these things. If it's too soon, baby, then let me know. I don't want to rush you."

"You aren't rushing me. I just need to ease back into things a little." I snuggle up to him and he holds me tighter. "I thought I might take down the nursery tomorrow and go through my maternity clothes."

"Why don't you wait and I'll help you with the nursery this weekend," he kisses my forehead.

"Are you sure you want to?" I ask him.

"Not any more than you do. We can do it together," he says. "I'll let you go through your clothes by yourself. I can't help much with that."

"Okay. What happened to my dress and necklace? I haven't seen either one," I ask.

"The necklace and earrings are back in the safe. The dress was discarded. There was no way to clean it. I didn't want you to have to look at it anymore."

"Oh. Okay. It's just as well. Do you have a lot going on tomorrow?" I ask him.

"The usual. Meetings most of the day. I need to talk to Stephen about that plane I'm interested in. I want to take a look at it before someone else jumps on it. What do you have going on?"

"Nothing. Just going through the clothes I guess."

"Tell you what Mrs. Grey. Why don't you come into town and meet me at the office and let me take you to lunch."

"Really? You'd have time?" I ask.

He looks at me with a look of surprise on his face. "Well, of course I have time. Even if I don't I'll make time."

"Are you sure?"

"Fuck, yeah."

"I'd like that. I haven't really been out of the house in weeks except to see the doctor."

"Good. Come up about noon. Any place particular you want to go?"

"It doesn't matter. Any place is fine."

"Okay. I'll put some thought into it."

He is stroking my hair. "Sweet heart, please tell me if I ever push you in to anything you don't want or aren't ready for. You have to tell me Anastasia. I need to know how you're feeling."

"I will. I'm sorry. I should have said something. I was just as glad to be back in service as you were."

"Baby, I can never get my fill of you. I could fuck you all day every day. I could spend the rest of my life buried inside you, but not if it is uncomfortable for you. I don't ever want to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me. I think we were both just a little over enthusiastic. I feel sure I'll be better tomorrow." I give him a big hug. "I'm excited about lunch tomorrow," I tell him.

"I think I need to get you out more, if you're getting excited over a lunch." He looks down at me and smiles.

"I have an idea." I whisper.

"What?" he whispers back.

"Turn out the light and let's make out," I whisper again.


"Yeah. If you're lucky, I'll let you feel me up," I promise.

Christian reaches over and turns out the light and we snuggle and make out until we fall asleep.

Teddy bear is off to school and I'm still at the table with Grace and Gail. Grace is finishing her cheerios and making her usual mess, but she is enjoying them.

"Grace, baby, I love you but you sure are a messy little girl." She gives me a huge grin and continues getting half her cheerios in her mouth.

"Gail are you sure you wanted to take on the children?" I look over at her sipping her coffee waiting for Grace to finish.

"Oh, yes. I adore them. I'd much rather be with them than making beds and running the vacuum." She smiles over at Grace.

"Gay. Cherwio," Grace sticks out her hand covered in milk to hand Gail a soggy Cherrio.

"No thank you, angel." Gail tells her.

"Smart move, Mrs. Taylor. I wouldn't eat it either. How is Myra working out? Can you tell yet?"

"She seems to be doing fine. She's getting used to the routine and learning where everything is and how it works." Gail tells me.

"You'd let me know if there are any problems wouldn't you?" I ask.

"Yes, Ana. I would. But I think it will all work out well."

"Okay. I'm going into town to have lunch with Mr. Grey today. Anything I can do for you while I'm there?" I ask her.

"Oh, how nice. You need to get out. You and Mr. Grey haven't been out since the …..party." She looks down into her coffee cup.

"It's okay, Gail. It won't go away just by not talking about it."

"I know. I just hated to bring it up. I didn't want to remind you."

"It's okay. I need to go through my maternity clothes today and get rid of them. Christian and I are going to try to go through the nursery this weekend. Do you know of anyone who could use the furniture and the …. the baby clothes?" It's really hard to hold the tears back. I don't want to give his baby clothes away. But that's silly. I have no use for them and I'm sure someone else does.

"Well, my niece is expecting. She's having a girl, but she might be able to use some of the things. Ana? Are you sure you're ready to do that?" she asks.

"No. I'm not sure. But it has to be done. If I wait until I'm sure, then they'll always be there. I guess I can have Liz come and redecorate it as a guest room again. Maybe I'll just leave it empty for a while. Maybe I could turn it into an office. I intend to try to go back to work and I'll need an office at home. That's a thought."

"Well. I guess I'll head upstairs and get started on my closet, or maybe I'll wait until I get back from lunch. I think I'll get a bath and get really spiffed up for my husband. I'm looking forward to this lunch." I give her a big smile.

I get a nice warm shower and wash my hair, then take my time finding something cute to wear. It's a really nice almost spring day and I'm so looking forward to getting out. I get my hair smoothed out and up in a ponytail. Gosh, it's gotten so long. I really need a haircut. Got all my make up on and slip into some really cute leggings and an oversized top that drops off one shoulder and some dynamite heels; black leather stilettos with leather ties that wrap around my ankles and tie. I add some huge hoop earrings and a long chain necklace. I look pretty good. I feel pretty good. One quick look at the behind in these leggings. Always check the back side before you go out. I don't usually dress like this, but I sort of like it. Not as conservative as usual. Okay. Mr. Grey, here I come.

I stop by Grace's room to tell Gail I'm leaving. She's giving Grace a bath after her cheerios. "Gail, I'm gone. I'll be back after lunch sometime."

She looks up at me, "My goodness you look nice. That's a new look for you. "

"You sure it's okay? I usually dress a little more conservatively, but I sort of like it. Mia helped me pick it out ages ago. "

"Oh no, it looks good on you."

"I hope Christian doesn't think it's too much."

"Ana, he'll love it. Now go before you're late."

"Okay. Later."

Once in the garage I decide to take the R8. I haven't driven it in ages. It feels good to be back in my car. I put on my sunglasses and crank up the radio and take off toward town. The grass is just beginning to turn green and the trees have small green buds on them. Everything looks so fresh and new and clean. Sam crosses my mind, but I really try to concentrate on the radio and try not to let tears spill out of my eyes.

Finally I see Grey House. Who knew this would be mine. I never ever imagined that I would be in this position when I graduated from school. I married a man that I adore and who adores me and it came with all this attached. Pulling in the garage entrance the valet greets me and takes may car. I give Taylor a wave as I walk across the lobby toward the elevator. The elevator has a group of young women standing and waiting so I just move in behind them. Their conversation pricks my ears.

"So have you ever heard anything about Mr. Grey and anyone else?" the tall redhead asks.

"No. I told you. You need to drop this," her blonde friend tells her.

"But surely he's not immune to other women. After all he is a man," the red head says.

Shit what in the world are they discussing?

"Cynthia. I'm telling you. Don't even think about it. Not if you like your job," the blonde tells her.

"Oh why not? The man is friggin' gorgeous. All powerful men have women on the side. I could be that woman," adds Ms. red hair.

"Girl, you are headed for trouble. You need to get that off your mind. I hear the man is crazy about his wife," blonde warns.

"I really wouldn't mind hittin' that a little. I'll bet he's really good in the sack." They both giggle.

"Look," the elevator doors open and we all walk in. I make my way to the back and hug the wall. "Look, I've worked here almost five years and I've never heard even a hint of him fooling around. If any of these girls here had ever hit that, believe me it would have been all over the building."

"Well, maybe he just hasn't met the right one. I can be pretty convincing."

Okay, do I pull her hair out now or wait until the elevator stops?

"I'm telling you, don't even think of going there," says Ms. blonde.

The elevator stops and the doors slide open. There stands my husband, jacket unbuttoned and hands in his pockets. He's staring straight ahead at the floor. I can tell he's got something on his mind. He doesn't even notice that anyone else is in the in the elevator. He gets on and turns to face the door, not speaking to anyone. Make one move and I'll gouge your eyes out, bitch.

"Um, Mr. Grey." Ms. redhead extends her hand. "I'm Cynthia Bellows. Marketing."

Christian just looks over at her. "What?"

"Cynthia Bellows. I'm in marketing."

"Yes?" Christian responds, never acknowledging her hand.

"I just wanted to introduce myself. I wanted to let you know that I'm available for any special projects that you might be working on. I'd love to be involved. I'm available anytime and willing to work late hours or whatever it takes to get the job accomplished."

"Ms…Bellows is it? First of all I don't do any special projects. But, if I should, it would involve senior management, only. Second I never, repeat never work after hours with female employees."

The elevator stops and the doors open and Christian gets off without looking back.

"Excuse me. This is my floor." I make my way to the front of the group of girls. "Excuse me , Mr. Grey." I call.

Christian stops and turns around and smiles as he holds out his arm and takes my hand as I exit the elevator car. "Hello, Mrs. Grey. I've been waiting for you to get here."

Christian surprises me by pulling me up in his arms and giving me the longest, wettest kiss. Strange, because he's not one for public displays of affection.

The elevator door slides closed as I hear the blonde. "I told you not to go there."

Christian puts his arm around me as we walk toward his office. "What was that for?"

He smirks. "Well, I knew you needed to plant your flag. I just thought I'd help you plant it a little deeper."

We go into his office and he pulls me in his arms and smiles at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing. I just like it that you're jealous."

"I wasn't jealous. I'm fine." I tell him.

"Yeah. I can see you're fine," he snorts.

" Oh, I can think of a special project for Ms. Bellows," I tell him.

"Really what?" he asks.

"She can work on not letting the door hit her in the ass as she leaves," I suggest.

Christian laughs. "Don't worry. Her desk will be cleaned out by close of business today."

"Christian, I was just kidding. You can't fire her, much as I'd like you to," I tell him.

"Fuck I can't. I don't put up with that fucking shit. I have no desire to be involved in a sexual harassment suite."

He walks over and picks up his phone. "No one in this company better ever be caught involved with someone they fucking supervise."

"You don't allow coworkers to date?" I ask.

"I don't care if they butt fuck each other across their desks as long as none of it involves employees and management."

I laugh out loud and catch myself putting my hand to my mouth. "Sorry."

"What?" he asks.

"I just got that image in my mind of everyone butt fucking on their desks."

He smirks and he talks to the head of marketing, "Smithson. Grey… I want a Ms. Bellows, gone by the end of the day…. You heard me….. I don't like her work….that works out then….take care of it."

"What works out?" I ask.

"She was still on her three month probation for new hires. Terminate at will."

I'm sitting on the edge of his desk and he walks over and puts his arms around my waist and looks down at me, "You look awfully fetching today. I've never seen that outfit." He nuzzles my neck. "How 'bout I just butt fuck you across my desk, Mrs. Grey?" he breaths against my neck.

"I think that's one of those home activities, Mr. Grey. Besides, I'm hungry," I tell him.

"Mmmm. Me too. For you," he growls.

I can't keep from giggling. His mouth finally finds mine and I feel my heart quicken as he kisses me. I put my arms around his neck and kiss back until I feel him pushing me down on the desk.

"Oh, no you don't. I need lunch. You promised me."

He slides his hand down my leg and grabs my foot. "I like these shoes."

"I guess so. They must be six inches high," I tell him.

"I think you need to wear them sometime when we fuck," he finds my neck again.

"Mr. Grey? I never imagined you having a foot fetish." I giggle.

"The only fetish I have is an Ana fetish," he breaths against my skin. "We'd better get lunch or I'm going to clear this desk and take you on it from one end to the other. All that 'making out', as you call it, we did last night has done nothing but make me horny as fuck."

"Oh, my poor baby." I give him a pout.

"I just hope you're ready for me when I get home. Let's go." He picks up the phone. "What did you drive in today?"

"The R8."

"Have Mrs. Grey's R8 brought around."

"Okay, Madame. Let's hit the road."