Fifty Shades…Full Circle

Chapter 121

"Can I go wif you Mama?" Gracie asks as she keeps me company while I try to take a bath.

"No baby. We'll be out past your bed time."

"But dats okay. I can stay awake," she pouts back. "I pwomise."

"I know you can, but this is just for grownups tonight. I tell her as I run the sponge over my arms.

"But when can I go?"

"When you get older you can go out at night. But for now your only night life, is going to be visiting Grandma Grace's."

I can't help but see her little eyes begin to glisten.

"Grace, honey don't cry or…. I'll drag you in to this tub."

"Uh uh. No you won't." I can see the hint of a grin.

"You don't believe me?"

"Daddy won't let you," she grumps.

"Well, you know what? Daddy isn't here." With that I reach over and pull her into my lap, clothing and all.

I believe her screeching will break my eardrum as she laughs. "Mama. My clothes bees all wet."

"I know they are. How about I just give you a bath while you're here." I quickly divest her of her clothing and begin to splash with her in the bubbles.

"Mama? When do I get does?"

"What baby?" I ask her as she points to my breasts floating in the bubbles. "Oh. You mean breasts?"

"Uh huh. Bests."

"They are b-R-easts. Well when you get older they will begin to grow and when you get to be a big girl you will have bigger breasts."

"What a sight." I hear Christian chuckle. "What are you two doing?"

"Mama got me wet daddy." Grace feigns disgust and pouts.

"She did?"

"Uh huh. And she thaid I can't go wif you to da party."

"Well, she's right. You're too little to go." Christian reaches in and extracts her from the bubbles wrapping her in a towel. "Come here little bit. Little girls don't go to parties late at night."

"Uh huh dey do."

Christian kneels down to her level. "When you get older. Tell you what, tomorrow is Saturday. If you're good for Gail, I'll take everyone for ice cream tomorrow. How's that?"

"Okay. I make sure we all bees good," she says. "If Teddy and Tommy are bad I wiw spank dem."

"No you aren't going to spank them. You just look after Grace and let Tommy and Teddy take care of themselves."


"Good girl. Come on sweetie. Let's find you some dry clothes while mommy finishes in the tub." I watch as he takes her by the hand, still naked as the day she was born and they walk back to her bedroom. I have to smile at those chubby little round butt cheeks waddling along next to her father. Wish my butt still looked like that.

"Daddy when I get big I can get big b-r-easties like mommy." I can hear her tell him.

"Who told you that?"

"Mama. She thaid they will gwow big when I get big." She stops and stretches her arms up. "Daddy cawy me."

Christian leans down and picks her up groaning as he does, that naked little bubble but resting on his arm. "You're getting big little girl." He stops for a moment. "But not big enough for breasts. Not for a long time. Not for a very, very long time."

I'm just finishing my make-up when Christian walks in dropping his trousers and turning on the shower. I can't help but watch the muscles ripple across his chest as he moves. "Enjoying the view?" he asks flexing his butt cheeks.

"Always." I smile up at him and roll my eyes then continue to finish my blush before adding shadow and mascara to my eyes. While he showers I finger dry my hair leaving it wavy then add a few curls with the curling iron. Quickly disappearing into my dressing closet, I powder and put iridescent lotion on my shoulders and legs, then slip into the silk periwinkle undies that I bought for tonight. I can hear Christian whistling as he is dressing. He's in a good mood.

I finally slip into my black, curve hugging, bandage dress and then sit down and put on my black strappy heels with the ties that he likes so much. Finally bending over I shake out my hair rubbing my fingers through it to give it more volume.

"Christ." I hear him growl as I stand up and see him watching me from the doorway.


"You. I'm not sure I want to let you out of this bedroom, much less the house looking like that."

"What's wrong with the way I look?" I ask as I brush the curls out of my face and put in my gold and diamond chandelier earrings.

"Not. One. Fucking. Thing. Mrs. Grey." He walks over and whispers against my cheek as he puts his arms around me. His lips press against my cheek.

"Mmmm. I assume you approve then?" I ask.

"Most definitely. I'll be hard pressed to keep my hands off of you this evening."

"Baby, you're hard pressed most of the time." I tap his nose. "And I like it that way."

Grabbing my bag Christian helps me with my wrap and we leave the bedroom to go down stairs. He looks so handsome in his charcoal flannel slacks, Navy sports jacket and white shirt without a tie. The kids are eating their way through hot dogs with mac and cheese as we reach the family room and dining table.

"Mama, you wook pwetty." Gracie smiles up at me with ketchup on her face.

"What about me? Am I chopped liver here?" Christian smiles at her.

"You wook pwetty too daddy." Tommy grins with a mouth full of hot dog. I take a seat at the table to give them instructions.

"Ana we don't have time. We're running late already and we have a flight plan to stick to." Christian is almost doing a jig on one leg looking at his watch.

"Just a minute." I tell him. "Okay now everyone minds Gail, right?" They all nod. "And no arguments when it's time for bed." They all nod like little zombies eating hot dogs.

"Ana." Christian growls.

"Okay." I stand up. Well that's progress. "And no getting Jack all riled up just before bed."


"I'm coming." I tug at my dress to try to pull it down. "And just remember to….." Christian walks over and leans down tossing me over his shoulder. The kids are delighted at the spectacle and laugh and squeal. "Christian put me down." I try to tug at the back of my dress to cover myself.

"Come on. We're late."

"Christian!" he turns to walk out toward the door paying me no attention. "Bye kids. Mommy and daddy will see you in the morning. Gail call if you need anything." I give my final instructions looking at everyone upside down and waving good bye.

Reaching the open car door he sets me upright on my feet. "Was that really necessary?" I ask as I tug at my dress and get in the car.

"Stop tugging at your dress." He growls as he slides in next to me and I try to straighten my hair.

"You had it hiked up over my ass. I had to try to do something." I growl back.

He swiftly places his hands on my upper arms and pulls me to him grinding his mouth against mine. "I like your dress hiked up over your ass. But only for me."

"Well that's the way I prefer it as well. That's why I keep pulling it down."

"You know tonight's going to be torture. You're the most fuckable thing I've ever seen in that dress." He gasps against my ear.

"You mean I'm more fuckable than usual?" I giggle.

"I mean I want to unwind that thing or whatever it is you do with it, and go balls deep right here right now." He releases me and falls back into his seat. "But I guess we'll have to wait until we get home and that's hours from now." I can hear his breathing as his chest heaves and he rubs his index finger back and forth across his lower lip.

"So you like the dress?" I tease and ask with a lilt.

He glares at me from the corner of his eye. "Don't make me take you over my knee."

"Right here? Right now?" I giggle.

In one motion he unbuckles my seat belt and yanks my arm pulling me across his lap. I can feel the first smack as his palm makes contact with my ass.

"Ow." I giggle as I pretend to squirm. Again he smacks my ass with his hand. "Christian!" I giggle and I scissor my feet in the air. Again he smacks my butt cheeks." Now I'm laughing so hard I can barely catch my breath. "Christian. Let me go. You'll ruin my hair." He has my hands clasped behind my back and I have no escape, as if I wanted one. Once again I feel his hand come down on my ass. This time it slips beneath my hem and I can feel his fingers groping to find my crotch. Suddenly remembering what panties I have on, I quickly sober up and try to get away.

"Christian no. Let me up." I struggle against his arm pinning me to his lap. It's no use as his fingers slip between my thighs and sink into the wet, warm flesh.

"What the fuck do you have on?" he growls.

"Um….. Panites….. Crotchless." I grin up at him through the mounds of hair falling over my face. "Fuck Christian." I grumble at him as his finger passes my threshold and slips inside.

"You've been a bad girl Anastasia. You've been teasing me with that dress and now these panties." I can feel his finger begin to circle and thrust in and out.

"Ch…Christian. No. We don't have time." I can feel his thumb begin to circle and stroke over my nerves as his index and middle finger thrust in and out. "Christian. We'll be there in a few minutes."

"Then I guess you better hurry up and come, baby." I can hear the smile in his voice and I give in relaxing across his lap and take in the pleasure of my punishment.

I can feel my hips as they writhe against his lap and my body is trembling as he works to bring me closer to the edge. "God your ass is spectacular in that dress." He murmurs as he begins to thrust faster and harder and he still has my hands clasped behind me discouraging escape. My breathing is becoming ragged, my belly is quivering and my crotch is dripping as I grind against his hand.

"That's it baby. Work that ass. Come for me."

"You're enjoying this." I gasp helplessly up at him.

"Yes. I . Am." He leans down and whispers, "I think you are too. By the way we're almost there. You need to hurry."

Christian begins to furiously rub against me circling and stroking. I can't catch my breath and my muscles are taut and ready to spring. "Oh Fuck." I growl as I fall over. My body convulses against his lap as the waves of pleasure wash over me.

"That's my girl." He chuckles as he wrings the last spasm out of me. I fall limp against him and he finally releases my hands. "Where's your purse?"

"Seat. On the seat." I gasp back. He quickly takes a tissue from it and cleans my soaking thighs and his wet fingers before righting me and setting me back in my seat. My breast heave and retreat over the low neckline of my dress as I try to catch my breath.

Christian leans over and straightens my hair then cups my face and gives me a quick kiss. "Lesson learned?" he asks.

"I doubt it. I may need further reprimand later." I look over at him and laugh. "I'm a slow learner."

Luckily I'm able to make myself presentable by the time we get to Kate and Elliot's.

"Oh my god! Your hair." I almost scream as we are met at the door. Kate has cut it off short…really short around the back and sides. The top is longer and forms bangs as it drapes across her forehead.

"Do you like it?" she asks running her hand over her head.

"Yes I do. What brought that on?"

"I don't know. I just wanted a change. I'm still not sure about it."

"I need the ladies room. I'll look at it closer when I get back. I excuse myself to the ladies room taking a few minutes to wash up and straighten myself.

Walking back out to the living room. Kate hands me a martini and a napkin with two small hors d'oeuvres on it. "Christian said we had time for one drink." She tells me. "You look flushed. Are you okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine. It's just that Christian rushed me out of the house." I take a sip of my drink and sit down next to my husband.

He puts his arm around me, "You do look a little flushed, baby. Sure you're feeling okay?"

"Yes, Christian. I'm fine." I growl over at him and roll my eyes.

"I love that dress Kate." She stands up to let me see it. It's a red crepe halter dress. With red sequins around the dog collar style neck and at the hem of the A line dress. It's short too. She has on flesh colored stilettos to go with it and big gold hoop earrings. As usual she looks spectacular.

"Ana. I love that dress and it does not make your ass look big. Does it Christian?" she asks.

"I can tell you after close inspection it does not make your ass look big." He grins as he takes a sip of his martini.

"Ana the only big ass you have is the one sitting next you." Elliot rears back and laughs.

"Don't start Lelliot. It might get ugly." Christian grumbles back.

Christian puts an entire hors d'oeuvres in his mouth and finishes his drink. "Come on. Let's roll. We have a plane to catch."

We all pile into the car and head for Boeing. Elliot and Kate are next to each other facing us.

"I really like your hair Kate. Do you like it Elliot?" I ask.

"He hates it." Kate answers for him.

"Oh, no. Why?" I ask.

"I don't hate it…exactly. I just liked it long better," he hedges.

"Why do men like long hair?" I look over at Christian.

"Don't involve me in this. My wife has all her hair…..well most of it," he looks out the window.

"Let me try to explain." Elliot starts. "So you're making love and she's on top and she looks down at you and that hair falls across her face. And you have to run your hand through it to move it out of her face. Fuck that's so damn hot," he growls.

I look over at Christian, "Really?"

He just shrugs and smiles. "The man has a point."

"So it doesn't matter what happens out of the sack as long as she looks sexy in the sack." I ask.

"Yep. That's about it." Elliot grins.

Kate gives him a swat to his gut. "So I'm not sexy in bed anymore?"

Elliot crawls over and enveloping her in his arms he teasingly starts kissing her, "Oh no baby. You're always hot in bed."

"Stop it, Grey." She playfully pushes him away. "Thin ice buster."

"I know. I mean I'm not going to stop wanting to fuck you just because you cut your hair. I just liked it longer better."

"I got news for you buster," she grins over at him. "I fuck just as well with short hair as I do long hair."

Christian just shakes his head and rolls his eyes and takes my hand. "What was all that with Grace and breasts?"

"Huh?" I think for a second. "Oh. When we were in the tub she asked what these were and I told her. She wanted to know when she would get some. I told her when she got older."

"I wondered why out of the blue she informed me that she was going to get big 'breasties' when she got older. I hope you told her that she would never get breasts, never get her period and always be three years old."

"No. Christian she will grow up and get all those things. So you might as well get prepared."

"Nope. Not doing it."

"You can't fight nature."

"Yes I can. I'm a rich. I can do anything."

Shortly we arrive at Boeing and pull up to the plane. "Is this the new one?" Elliot asks.

"Yep." Christian responds.

Stephen and Frank greet us as the door and we take our seats. Natalia takes a drink order before we taxi.

"Christian," Kate asks, " if this guy is wining and dining you, why didn't he send his plane and car for us? Why are you having to foot the bill to get there?"

"I never use anyone else's transportation if it can be helped. I prefer to travel in my own vehicles when possible. Security reasons. I don't want any of us to be trapped in someone's vehicle who might have gotten us there under false pretenses."

"Oh. That never entered my mind. You really do have to be careful don't you?" She remarks.

He slowly nods in agreement.

"I can't believe this plane. It's just fabulous."

"Soon as we're off the ground I'll show you around." I tell her. Looking out the window the sky is ablaze with the colors of the sunset over the Pacific as we leave the ground.

"It's just spectacular." Kate notes as she looks out the window.

After we level off we all unbuckle and take the grand tour of the plane. I have to admit it is quite over the top. Christian adores this thing and his enthusiasm shows as he explains all the technical stuff to Elliot.

"My god Ana. This thing is nicer than our house." Kate giggles still sipping her drink.

"No it isn't."

"Well almost. Damn. I always wanted a rich best friend." She starts to giggle again.

"Get over it. It's just a plane. Let's go sit down."

After taking our seats we sip our drinks and chat.

"So when is the adoption final?" Kate asks.

"Actually we go before the judge on Monday." I tell her.

"That soon? That's great. Do you see any hitches?"

"Nope. Everything looks good. I think it will go well. At least our attorney says it will. Tommy will be ours lock stock and barrel by Monday evening." I smile over at Christian and we clink our glasses to our new addition.

"So she hasn't shown up? Nothing?"

"Uh uh. Haven't heard a thing from her." I tell her sipping my cocktail.

"I just don't understand it." She shakes her head. "How can a mother just abandon her child?"

"Perhaps she knew that he would be better off with us; that we could give him everything that she couldn't. Maybe it took a lot of love to do that for him." Christian tells her.

"You're probably right. At least I hope so." Kate says.

"Did you see that poor baby girl in NICU? The warmer across from Sara?" I ask.

"Yes. Mia said the mother just delivered and left."

"Yep. That's what I was told too. She doesn't even have a name yet. Poor little thing."

"Don't get any ideas." Christian tells me.

"I'm not. The last thing we need is another baby. Our family is perfect just like it is."

Stephen dims the lights and announces our arrival into Van Nuys. As we depart the plane Christian thanks Stephen for the smooth flight.

"Thank you sir and welcome back to Van Nuys."

"What?" I ask a little tipsy already and tugging at my dress. "When were you in Van Nuys?"

"I haven't been here in ages. Just keep walking before you fall down." He takes my arm to help me down the steps.

As we hit the tarmac there is a limo waiting to take us to Imaginer. The chauffer helps us slide in the back and points out the chilled champagne waiting for us.

Elliot pops the cork as we take off to down town and the club.

"So Christian, if you have no intention of investing in this place, why are we here?" Kate asks as Elliot pours the champagne.

"I have other business dealings with this guy. I don't want anything to do with this venture, but I do need his business on other things. I can't just tell him to fuck off, so I am politely looking at the place before saying, 'no thanks'. It's just a courtesy."

"Well please feel free to include us on any future 'fuck off' visits you need to make." Elliot tells him filling our glasses with the bubbly.

We finally pull into a basement garage that requires us to be on the list to enter. There are security guards tucked away everywhere. We pull up to a door that looks like a service entrance and are ushered out of the car.

"Can't say I'm impressed with the entrance." Kate comments.

"You aren't supposed to know there is a club here." Christian explains. " In fact they don't even advertise. You have to know someone to even get in. It's all very private; very discrete. A place celebrities, politicians and the like can go and relax and unwind without fear of being hassled or photographed."

The doors open and we are led through what looks to be a tunnel that ends at an elevator. The doors open to an elegant glass walled stainless steel elevator with a marble floor that is dimly lit so as not to obstruct the view of the city as it rises above ground level.

"Wow this is beautiful…so far." I smile over at Christian and tug at my dress.

"Will you stop tugging at that dress. Please." He whispers.

"I can't help it. It's too short."

"Well you wore it so just….let it be short," he audibly exhales.

Reaching the top floor the elevator doors open to a beautiful lobby; ultra- modern, marble stainless steel imported dark woods. The lighting is recessed and dim. The seating is dark wood with light neutral color fabrics, beige linen, soft greens and browns and accent pillows for a punch of color. Giant palms that skirt the walls are captured in gigantic sandstone pots and arch out over the room like rainbows. As the maître de welcomes us we are suddenly met by our host.

"Christian. So glad you could make it." He proffers his hand and Christian shakes it.

"Miguel. I'd like to introduce my wife, Ana." I give him a smile and shake his hand. "And this is my brother Elliot Grey and his wife Kate."

"So glad you all could make it this evening. I assume you haven't had dinner."

"No we haven't."

"Great. Follow me. You're my guests in one of the VIP rooms this evening. We follow him through a place that is relatively quiet for a club. I can barely hear a soft thump, thump off in the background.

"Notice the quiet?" Miguel says.

"Yes. Actually I was wondering about that." I tell him as we follow him upstairs and down a hall.

"The entire place is sound proofed and everything is separated. We want you to experience your meal in a quiet and soft ambience."

"That's good." I note.

"Hard to enjoy and digest a meal with music pounding in your head," he says.

He opens a door to a private dining room with a table exquisitely set for four. "This is Eduardo." He introduces us to an equally exquisite male of about twenty five who takes our wraps and seats us with the help of two additional waiters. "He will take care of you this evening. The menu is yours to explore and so is the wine list. Christian I know how you appreciate a fine wine. And the evening is on me. I have some business to attend to and will join you later. Please enjoy yourselves."

Miguel is an Hispanic man probably in his forties. Attractive. He lives in LA but dresses very conservatively in a pale gray suit, black silk tie and white shirt. He is well mannered and welcoming and I did notice a wedding bad on his hand. Not at all a bad sort of fellow.

Eduardo goes over everything on the small but elegant menu. We start with oysters Miguel, an original recipe from the chef aptly named after the owner and a bottle of Bollinger Rose. The walls are masked by heavy silk draperies in an oyster color. No frills, very clean and unadorned. The small round table is covered in a white linen cloth that drapes to the floor with matching napkins. It is laid with clean white china with a simple silver trim with ultra- modern silver flatware and hollowware. The crystal is clean and clear with simple lines. There is a low arrangement of flowers in the center of the table. The colors are various shades of white with greenery intermingled, but the flowers have very little fragrance so as not to interfere with the aroma and flavor of the meal. The soft glow from the candles on the table bounce off of the silk to bathe the room in a soft light and make the china and crystal twinkle.

"This doesn't look like a club, it looks like a five star restaurant." I mention.

"It is a five star restaurant." Christian corrects me.

"Well it's lovely." Kate chimes in. "And these oysters are fantastic. I think you ought to invest in this place just so we can eat here," she giggles.

"Trust me you can eat here anytime you want to without me investing in it." Christian tells her.

As we finish the oysters, the waiters clear and reset the table for the next course. A fresh bottle of chilled champagne is brought in and uncorked for Christian to approve. After a short wait our soup arrives and it is spectacular. Some sort of seafood bisque with sherry and a dollop of crème fraiche in the center with a sprig of rosemary. When we finish our table is once again cleared and reset as we await the main course.

"I can feel a very faint thump, thump so I know there is a club here somewhere." I mention.

Christian leans over with his arm behind my back and kisses my cheek. "I know where it is." he whispers.

"You do? How?"

"I've seen the blueprints. I know the lay out of this place."

"So there is a club hidden here somewhere?" Kate asks.

"Absolutely." He nods.

Our main course soon follows. Christian has ordered his usual of Chateaubriand rare, with a grilled lobster tail, rosemary potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise. I am however able to talk him out of the asparagus just in case he wants any oral activities later in the evening.

Kate and I got the grilled sea bass bathed with a lemon wine sauce with capers and crab topping, potatoes dauphinoise, and a creamed spinach gratin. Elliot indulged in a huge rare porterhouse with grilled lobster tail, loaded baked potato and the creamed spinach gratin.

"My god I might as well just rub the cream and butter directly on my thighs." Kate laughs.

"Oh, but this is so much better." I giggle. I can feel Christian's warm hand as it gently rubs my thigh between bites. The champagne has me giddy and the food is out of this world. I'm so happy I could probably just clear the table and fuck him on it right here. I can't remember when we've been out like this and just had a good time. Even Christian and Elliot are laughing and joking with each other. I haven't seen that in ages.

"If I eat one more bite, I'm coming out of this dress." I try to take a deep breath and put my fork down.

"Me too. I can't put another bite in my mouth," Kate complains.

We finally all give up and put our forks down. After we decline dessert the table is once again cleared and reset with fruit and cheese as well as our choice of after dinner drinks and coffee. The men are offered a cigar from a humidor, which they wisely decline and we sit and enjoy our drinks.

"Mr. Grey. When you are ready to enjoy the club please let me know." Eduardo tells him and Christian nods.

"So where is this club?" I ask.

"Let's let our dinner go down before we start all that," Christian suggests.

"No. I've waited all night. Where is this fantastic night club?" I insist.


Magically he appears from somewhere. "Yes Mr. Grey."

"I think the ladies are ready for some music."

"Yes sir."

Suddenly the curtains part on the wall behind us to reveal a wall of glass. I can see the changing colored lights coming through the glass and catch a glimpse of people dancing below us. The glass wall parts and the room is filled with the full throttle thump, thump of the dance music that was so faint only moments ago. After the glass wall separates a short set of steps is revealed that lead down to a pit containing comfortable leather sofas and a low table with a clear view of the dance floor below. The floor is jammed with people, many of them I recognize as movie people and celebrities. Kate and I squeal like little girls as we step down into the pit and lean over the railing to look at everyone. It's like going over the rainbow. The walls are bathed in waves of color that change to the beat of the music as well as the floor and everything is back lit with no direct lighting making it difficult to clearly see faces. Neon lights in different colors line the bar back adding to the show of color. It could easily be cheesy, but it is well done and elegant.

"I feel like I'm in a cloud with a rainbow." I tell Kate.

"If you don't like dance music, they have other rooms with different genres; country, rock, heavy metal. They even have a classical room if you're in to that." Christian tells me. "We can change if you like."

"No. I love it." I throw my arms around his neck and give him a bear hug. "Let's sit down."

"What?" He hollers.
"Let's sit down and watch them dance." I yell back in his ear.