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Her choice

"Your military record preceeds you, Ms. Malorn." General Shepherd said to Rose. "Four years with the rangers and two combat deployments, one in Iraq, and another in Afghanistan." He continued. "Distinguished Service Medal and the Congressional Medal Of Honor awarded in Afghanistan, not to mention you have exceptional sniping skills."

"It's Mrs. Sir but whatever gets the job done sir." Rose corrected him as two guys, one with a mohawk and the other with a skull faced balaclava, entered the room. Shepherd continued, "Good, I have a proposition for you, I want to offer you a spot in an elite group of operatives that take on missions deemed too dangerous for even U.S. Navy SEALS. Task Force 141." Rose had a face of uncertainty. "Sir with all due respect, I planned to retire and spend more time with my family, they should be getting back from Russia within three days." Shepherd looked less than pleased, and the two men looked at each other. "You sure Sergeant?"


"Pity, I'm sorry you find your family more important than saving the world." He stated bluntly. Rose felt heat rush to her heart. How dare he say that! She thought to herself, but at that exact moment, another man rushed into the room and said, "Sir you want to see this." Shepherd looked at him. "Bring it up." He replied. The man turned the tv on and they found themselves looking into what looked like a noisily crowded terminal. Instantly recognising faces, Rose pointed at two people "That's my husband and daughter." She stated, pointing at the man with the five year old girl on his shoulders. Sheperd kept watching.

Suddenly Rose's blood ran cold as she watched five men exit the elevator, each with a rifle or machine gun. "Makarov." Shepherd said, pointing at the one with the sunken face and the M4A1. Rose gasped as the gunmen opened fire into the crowd. Hands around her face to help stifle a scream, Rose watched as her husband was ripped to shreds. Her daughter, while dazed and confused, crawled to her father's side, shaking him, tears gliding down her face. Rose heard what her daughter was saying. "Daddy, get up, please get up."

Rose then felt a knot of dread tighten in her gut as the man Shepherd said was Makarov, pointed at the girl and said something to his friend. His friend's eyes widened in shock. "She's a little girl." He said. Makarov looked into his friends eyes and said to his friend. "If you don't, I will kill you myself". Every second seemed like a million years as the man hesitantly approached the girl. "PFC Allen." Shepherd identified the man as he drew his pistol, Rose saw tears forming in his eyes as her daughter tearfully said, "Please don't hurt me." Rose found herself whispering, "Please don't. Don't kill my daughter."

"I'm so sorry." Allen whispered, before pulling the trigger and implanting a bullet in the crying girls skull.

"NO!" Rose shrieked as her daughter fell to the ground with her brains blown out. Allen was breathing heavily as he rejoined Makarov, slaughtering innocent people in whatever conspiracy Makarov believed in. At the end of the assault, Rose watched as they were about to escape in an ambulance. A man emmerged from the back and she listened as he spoke russian, followed by "Get in." The driver said, "We sent a strong message with this attack." as each of the men climbed in, except Allen. Makarov turned around and replied, "That was no message," before drawing his pistol and shooting Allen, "This is a message. The american thought he could deceive us, when they find that body, all of Russia will cry for war."

Turning the tv off, Shepherd noticed Rose's wide eyed look as she struggled to take in all that happened. That monster, She thought, Even after he had that man kill my family, he killed him afterwards. Tears streaming down her face, Rose looked up to the sympathetic eyes of every man in there, except Shepherd.

Silence followed for at least five minutes, before the man who informed us of the attack meekly said, "I'm sorry." followed by "We will avenge your family." this one had a scottish accent as she looked up, she saw the man with the mohawk had spoke the words.

The man with the balaclava stayed silent. Rose looked at him and turned back to Sheperd.

"You said you wanted to offer me a position on your team?"

Shepherd nodded. "Yes."

"Consider me in..." She replied, still wiping her tears from her face "That bastard needs to be brought down."

No matter what it took, she would make sure Makarov paid for his sin, with his life. Even if it meant giving everything up. As long as Makarov breathes, she had a job to do.

"Welcome to the One Four One, Sgt Malorn."

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