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~~~Cammie Morgan~~~

I wandered into the halls of the Gallagher Academy. I've known every one of them. Every day, it's like a weight added on my heart. I felt alone.

My former best friends, Rebecca Baxter, known as Bex, Elizabeth Sutton, Liz, and Macey McHenry, are all ignoring me. My sort-of ex-boyfriend, Zach Goode, is ignoring me too. Or, I'd like to think they are. They talk to me sometime, but I find it hard to tune to what they're saying.

I kept chanting to myself. My name is Cammie Morgan. I'm a senior at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. It's a school for spies. The Circle of Cavan is after me. I ran away in summer, and then I lost my memory.

I looked at every thing. Anything that could trigger my memory. Unfortunately, I don't get anything. I had just gotten back a few days. Things had just gotten normal again. The hectic is gone. Well, as normal as a spy school could get.

I wandered the school at every moment I could spare. I kept digging in my mind, trying to find my lost memories. But they won't resurface.

It's breakfast now, if I head over to the dining hall now, I'd still be late by 30 minutes and 24 seconds. And I'd prefer not to eat anything. I've gotten skinnier. Three days of hunger, but it still hadn't exhaust me. I'm bent on finding answers. Answers to my lost memories.

These days, Bex is flat-out ignoring me. Liz still talks to me, but to me they're endless chatter. Macey looks at me with an expression with bliss and anger, confusion combines together. Zach looks at me like how a doctor inspects a patient, with a tender expression. But I still feel alone.

I've never uttered a single word since I got back. I just wanted to find answers, and I needed them badly.

I didn't find anything, so I went back to my room, and ruffled through my things again. During these days, I had ruffled them exactly 356 times. But none of them triggers my memory.

I laid on my bed, beaten. It wasn't a while till my roommates piled in. Bex kind of forgot my existence on earth, which is what I want most right now. Macey looked at me with a funny expression. Liz said, 'Cam, you missed breakfast, again.'

I shrugged. I shot her an it's-okay look. She shrugged.

I went to class then, and Macey tagged along. I saw Bex calling Zach as they two, walked down the stairs together, chatting and laughing. No surprise there, Zach spent the summer with the Baxters. But I couldn't help a gut feeling in my stomach, sending out shivers through my spine. I felt bitter, betrayed. I looked at Macey, my eyes questioning whether they're couples, and where're they going.

'They're going to Sublevel Three.' Macey answered. She didn't seem to hear my first question. Anyway, I hate being behind, but that's my punishment for running away and getting in danger, I guess.