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~~~Cammie Morgan~~~

I felt a numbing pain. I think Catherine's still hitting me. I felt pain intensifying a thousand times every second. I tried forming a scream, but my mouth won't move. My soul felt detached from my body, but I still feel the overwhelming pain taking over my body. It hurts, it really did.

Time passed, but I don't know where I am anymore. I don't even care about the time. The most important thing I care about now is the pain. It intensified, every second, and I couldn't bear it. I tried screaming, but I can't. It's like I'm frozen.

Just let me die already! I yelled at Catherine. Just let me die already! I'm spent! I don't have any information you need, and no one cared about me anymore. Life's already hard for me as it was. Just die already! I cursed in my heart, maybe that'll comfort me a little bit.

It didn't. Then, I felt a pain so numbing that I felt that I'm on fire, with pain. Suddenly, a thought occurred in my mind. An image. Of me and Zach, together, with his hand casually draped over my shoulder. This filled me with bliss, and content. It didn't hurt so much now, but it still hurt. Physically.

I tried to stay in that moment, reaching out in my heart, like how the girl with the matches reach out to her imagery grandmother before she died. But everyone knows it isn't possible to really reach her. And it was like that for me.

I reached and reached, but every time I reached further, the image went deeper and further. My hand isn't long enough. I felt a jab of pain radiating through me, but I don't care. All I care about is that image, that vague sense that maybe if I reached out to him, he would be here again, by my side. But deep down, I know it never is possible.

Then, bit by bit, the me there dissipated. She was replaced by another person, Bex. Is this how it felt to be dumped? And the only person you think about before you die is the one who dumped you? That's pathetic, but it's true.

Normally, people won't die by being tortured. But my life isn't normal, never was. I am a spy, and if I'm not good enough, I get caught. And I did. That means I'm not good enough.

I'm not good enough to not be caught. I'm not good enough for my mother to talk to me. I'm not good enough to not lose my memory. I'm not good enough to be with my friends, to chat with my friends. Just like old times. I'm not good enough for Zach to love me, like he used to. And all of this is because I got caught and lost my memory.

I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. That, adding the pain I felt on my body, forms a wall, suffocating me. I couldn't breathe; I could feel myself giving in, bit by bit. I gasped internally, trying to get out of death's grasp. But then, I felt myself drained of energy. Just let me die now. It's better than the harsh reality.

Just then, the pain stopped. Abruptly. I could feel the pain still, but there is no pressure added on it. I internally groaned and smiled at the same time. Maybe I'll escape death. But what would be the point in that? There'll be nothing for me to live for. Absolutely nothing in the whole entire world. Nothing.

Just then, I felt something. I thought it was agony, but it isn't. It's a sense of contentment, and security. A sense of bliss. I faintly heard a whisper. Then, I felt someone pick me up.

I screamed internally, but then of course no one heard me. The places that it made contact with me hurt a hell lot. It hurts. I felt blood dripping out there, but that person's grip on me didn't falter a bit.

Maybe that was a captor, or my rescuer. Either way, I love to be pessimistic. It's better that way. If I was optimistic, and think it was my rescuer, and it turns out it wasn't, I would be disappointed, left with a shattered hope. And hope shattered everything. 'Don't let yourself hope.' A voice in me told me. And I listened to it.

I couldn't afford to be optimistic. It would kill me. However, I still felt contentment and bliss, pure happiness. That sense covered my pain, overcame all pains I am experiencing in the moment.

I hear more whispers, but this time it gave me a sense of comfort. I felt much better, and the pain subsided bit by bit, by the whisper. It's beautiful, but vaguely familiar.

I didn't care that my body hurts, I didn't care that the whisper sounds familiar, I only strain to listen to the beautiful sing-song whisper. I felt that it gave a comfort song a whole new meaning. It's beautiful, strangely comforting. I felt my strength coming back, but my soul's still detached from my body. I would stay in this moment, if I could, forever and always.

~~~Zachary Goode~~~

I felt my legs give way as I sank to the ground. She looked horrible. I knelt down, trying to get back my drained energy. I felt tears welled up in my eyes, and I tried to stop them falling.

I walked over to her body in wobbly steps. I reached her, and caressed her face. She was real this time, not in some nightmares in my dreams. She is real.

Tears fell down as I rejoiced. How many times had I imagined seeing her again. She consumed my every thought. How happy I felt to find her here, alive. Just then, I took a good look at her. She got a lot of cuts on her face, body, and a knife cut on her thigh. I cried even more, imagining the agony it caused her, how it was my mother, that evil bitch, that inflicted the pains on her. God, I hate my mother, Catherine Goode. That bitch!

God, I never cried. I thought as I wiped another tear that rolled down my cheek. This girl, the girl I love, had me crying. Zachary Goode never cried. But the one now did. Normally I would've cared. But now, it's pathetic. I don't care about anything, the fact that I'm kneeling here, in danger of being attacked. I don't care about the fact that I never cried, or hardly anyway. I only cared about the girl in front of me, the girl I love.

'Zach, would it be a good idea if we go now?' I heard Macey yell as I break out if my trance.

'Yes, I guess.' I answered, and proceeded to pick her up. She couldn't be that heavy, and it turns out she wasn't. I had her in a firm grip, my grip never faltering. I wrapped my arms around her, and stood up.

I clenched my fist, and said, 'Let's go.' Then, we all dashed out of the headquarters. I held Cammie in one hand and a rifle in the other. I don't know what came over me, but when I saw guards I shot them immediately.

After a while, we went out of the headquarters. Liz got a helicopter waiting for us, and we stepped into the helicopter and sped towards the Gallagher Academy hospital ward.

The doctor came and carried Cammie away with a bed. I followed them, trying to keep up. The girls are all hot on my heels.

It was an impatient wait. I see doctors huddled around her fragile body. I heard the machine beeping, but stopping once in a while. I watched the line go flat, but then beating again.

My heart was on fire. Please survive, Cammie. Please, for me, just stay alive. Keep your heart beating. Please!

Tears continued to fall as I looked at Cammie. Tears clouded my vision as I closed my eyes, going into a dreamless sleep.

It was a while later when I was shaken awake. 'Zach!' I heard Rachel shout. I slowly peeled open my eyelids.

'What?' I asked. Rachel's eyes were hollow, and red, as if she had been crying. I looked over at the girls, Abby, Bex, Macey and Liz. Their eyes are red too, red from crying.

'What?' I asked again. Rachel broke into tears. She barely contained her sobs as she said the words that I dreaded the most.

'Zach, Cammie's in a coma, and she's not waking up.'

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