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In My Arms

Chapter One - Have a kid!

She stared up nervously at the large, grey building labelled the Las Vegas Crime Lab and took a deep breath. She clutched at the old, creased business card and entered. The bustling activity slammed into her as she made her way to a reception desk. A friendly looking woman smiled at her.

"Can I help you, miss?"

She held her swollen belly and forced a smile to her pretty face. "Um, yeah, I'm looking for Nick Stokes? He, uh, he used to work here, I don't know if he still does, but...well..." She trailed off awkwardly and stared at the floor.

"He still works here. Why do you want to see him, Miss...?"

Quickly avoiding giving her name she blinked her big green eyes. "He's...I don't know what to do. He...he helped me and I have nowhere else to go."

The receptionist smiled wryly. "Okay. Morgan!" She called, and a short, pretty woman twirled around. "This young woman would like to visit Nick, could you take her to the break room please?"

The woman, Morgan smiled. "Sure. This way."

She took her visitors pass and followed the blonde through the lab.

"So how old are you?" Morgan asked with interest.

She glanced at the woman only an inch shorter than herself and quietly responded. "I'm sixteen. Seventeen in a week."

"Okay." Morgan nodded. "Are you one of Nick's nieces?"

She quickly shook her head, biting her lip nervously.

Morgan glanced at the girl, deciding to pass the burning questions to Nick later as the teen looked terrified. Or rather like she was trying to cover up being terrified.

"Just in here." Morgan said kindly, pushing open the door and revealing the only person in the break room. "Hey, Nick, someone here to see you!"

Nick turned and frowned when he saw the girl.

She quickly blinked back tears and Morgan left, closing the door behind her. "I don't expect you to remember me Mr Stokes, but you saved my life when I was ten and I...I'm sorry I...I'm just a little...lost..." She wrung her hands, the tears trailing down her face.

"Oh my god..." He breathed. "Cassie McBride?"

She looked up, shocked with a small nod. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have wasted your time, this is a bad idea. It's just, ou were really nice to me and I didn't know where else to come."

"It's okay!" Nick smiled warmly, "its fine. I'm not busy. Sit down, please." He pointed to a cushioned chair on the opposite side of the small table he was moving his feet off of. She cautiously but gratefully sat. He smiled and shook her hand. "How are you doing?"

Her lip trembled. "Um...not...not so good."

Nick frowned and leaned forward. "What's wrong?"

"Well, um...my foster family... Alicia, my foster mom is fine. So are Jimmy and Kyle, my foster brothers. I mean it's not like they really give a damn, but they're nice enough. But my foster father, John..." She took a deep breath and trained her eyes to the floor. "A few nights after I arrived he came into my room and...well, y'know... And um, I'm pregnant and he told Alicia I'm a slut and a whore and I don't know what to do or who to go to or-"

"Whoa, whoa!" Nick held up his hands with a tortured expression on his face, immediately ceasing the growing panic. "He... He molested you?"

Cassie nodded tearfully. "I'm not a slut I swear!"

Nick nodded painfully. "It's okay, it's okay. I believe you. He's been doing it for years?"

"He said he'd kill me if I told anyone." She squeaked shamefully.

"Okay. Okay." Nick took a deep breath and took her hands in his. "You're gonna be okay, Cassie, I promise."

"She kicked me out." Cassie whispered. "I was wondering if you would mind helping me find a new home to stay at for a while?"

Nick shook his head. "First things first. Do you have any evidence?"

She smiled wryly. "I remembered what you told me and I watch the crime shows. I...I got my bed sheets and...I found this..." She passed him a bag and a DVD, tears dripping off her chin.

Nick closed his eyes for a moment. "Okay. Here's what we'll do. I'll talk to my supervisor, okay, and I'll get these processed. Just procedure. You can stay here for now, okay?"

She nodded gratefully and Nick left the room quickly. She tucked herself away in the corner and drifted off to sleep.

She was woken by soft voices speaking around her.

"...was definitely the foster father, John Adamson. His and her DNA on the bed sheet, and the DVD just proves it. It was sick, Russell."

"I know. You're sure about...?"


"Good. Well, Sara and Finn on that triple in Henderson, and Greg's still sick so I may need to call you in tomorrow."

"Thanks, Russell."

"No problem, Nick, no problem."

Cassie sat up nervously as Nick walked back into the room.

"Hey, Cassie. I've spoken to social services...if you like you could stay with me for a while? It's been cleared with your foster parents, John's in custody now."

Cassie hung her head. "I screw everyone's life up, I can't-"

"Hey..." Nick frowned. " You've just been through more than most people could bear. I'd like the company?"

Cassie bit her lip. "Are you sure it's okay?"

"Sure. Sure..." Nick waved his hand absently. "I got a couple of days of work, it'll be fine."

She smiled sadly. "I don't wanna be a burden."

"Cassie, I visited you every week for as long as I could. And when I couldn't, when you moved foster homes I wrote to you."

She smiled softly. "I still have the letters."

"The Adamsons told me that you would settle in better without the letters." Nick shrugged uncomfortably.

She copied the gesture and he smiled.

"It won't be a burden, Cassie. C'mon, let's get you somewhere safe."

Nick gently put his arm around the teenager and gently led her through the hall.

Cassie felt strangely safe as the Texans' arm slightly supported her. She remembered him visiting her making sure she was as happy as she could be when she moved through the foster home's she'd had.

Two days later Nick stepped into Russell's office with a grim look on his face and a newborn baby in his arms.

"I need to talk to you."

Sara slumped in exhaustion on the sofa with an ice cold bottle of beer. She'd just pulled a triple again- Nick had been off all week. She glanced at the calender on the wall. A week and two days until Grissom got home. She wrenched the top off the beer as the phone rang. She groaned and picked up the receiver.


"Hello, I'm trying to reach Dr. Gil Grissom?"

"He's not here, he's in Peru." Sara replied, too tired for anything but bluntness.

"Well is there a wife maybe I could talk to? This is Desert Palm Hospital."

Sara sat up and placed the beer on the table. "I'm his wife, is there a problem?"

"Would you mind coming into the hospital? There's a bit of a situation."

Sara walked up to the nurses' station twenty minutes later on a low coffee buzz.

"Hi, my name's Sara Sidle, I was asked to come in, I'm not sure why...I'm married to Gil Grissom if that helps."

"Ah, Ms. Sidle!" A voice behind her said. She turned to see a concerned looking African-American nurse. "I'm glad you could make it. There's been an accident, leaving quite a... unique situation. Here." She pointed to a room where a slender, pretty dark skinned woman lay attached to all sorts of monitors. "She doesn't have long left."

"Tina Brown." Sara murmured in shock. She recognised Warrick's ex-wife from when they met up with Eli, his son, every few months as per request from Warrick in his will.

The nurse nodded. "When I said you were coming she wanted to talk to you."

Sara frowned but slipped into the room. "Hi, Tina." She smiled softly.

"Sara." Tina closed her eyes briefly. "Eli...look...you look...after Eli." Sara frowned slightly and Tina's weak hand held hers. "Promise?"

"I promise." Sara repeated automatically. Tina nodded slightly, tears in her eyes. Sara held her hand as the monitors stopped beeping. The same nurse led a quietly crying Sara back into the corridor.

"I'm sorry...we weren't close but...her husband was a brother to me, and I see her son and..."

The nurse nodded sadly. "I worked with her. But the unique situation is Eli."

"Is he okay?"

"Thank god yes. He only got a few scratches. The impact didn't hit as close to him. Something like that anyway, that's more your expertise. Anyway, before the divorce, Warrick and Tina filled out forms called family support forms. They show who each parent would see their children go to should anything happen to them both by filling out family history forms. However Warrick filled it out slightly differently. Under father he put your husband. Since Tina's relatives are dead, you and Dr. Grissom are Eli's legal guardians."

Sara's eyes bulged. "Oh, god." She stared at the floor, biting her lip. How the hell was she supposed to raise a five year old that only saw her once every few months? Warrick's five year old...

The nurse sighed. "We can turn him over to social services..."

Sara's head snapped up. Foster care. She'd been in foster care. "What? No!"

The nurse raised her eyebrows with a hopeful expression on her face. "You'll take him home?"

"Of course! He's not going to foster care!" After everything Warrick did for me over the years, I owe him, she added in her mind. Out loud she added, "Warrick was like my brother, and like a son to my husband. I'm not letting Eli go into care. Uh uh. Can I see him?"

"Of course." The nurse nodded, leading her into a different room. A small, african-american child was sitting on the bed, hugging his knees and crying. When he saw the nurse he flinched.

"I want my mommy!" He cried, and Sara's heart broke. She slipped into the room.

"Hi, Eli."

He glanced at her. "Sara?"

She smiled and nodded, crouching down next to the bed so she was at eye level. "Are you okay, Eli?"

His lip trembled. "My head hurts but I'm okay... Where's my mommy?"

Sara took a deep breath. "Eli, your mommy's gone to heaven, to be with your daddy and nana. She didn't want to go, but God called her." Sara wasn't particularly religious, but she knew Tina had been and thought it might help Eli.

He sniffled. "Why?"

Sara smiled sadly. "The angels wanted her back, baby."

Eli's trembling lip broke into crying and Sara hesitantly put a hand on his back. He flung into Sara's arms and wailed.

"Its okay, it'll be okay..." She murmured soft comforts to the five year old until he quietened and hiccupped. He looked at Sara with fear.

"I can't go home without mommy!"

She sighed. "You're gonna come stay at my house for a little bit, is that okay? Me and Gil."

Eli's eyes lit up slightly at Grissom's name and he nodded, tears still running down his face. Sara ran a hand down his cornrows as she continued.

"Now, I know we're not your mommy or your daddy, but we'll look after you, okay?"

"Sara." He nodded. "Can we go home?"

Sara thought about it for a moment. "Yep. Can we make a couple of quick stops on the way?"

Eli nodded, and lifted his arms out. Sara lifted the small child onto her hip and turned to the nurse, who was frowning slightly.

"I can take him home, right?"

"Well, yes, but I was wondering about the stops... He has just lost his mother, Ms. Sidle."

"I only meant my work and the store. It would be easier to explain to my boss in person, and I've been so wrapped up in work recently that the only food in my house is leftover take out. I was just going to pick something up for breakfast." She explained.

The nurse sighed and passed her a bag in the shape of the front of a Ferrari. "He was going to stay with a friend, he has clothes in there. He should be in a booster seat, if not a car seat."

"Do you sell them here?"

"No, but my daughters just grown out of hers. I was going to give it to goodwill, but I suppose this is."

"Thanks." Sara smiled, too tired and shocked to argue as the nurse went to collect the booster seat.

Half an hour she stopped her car at the crime lab. Eli had stopped crying a while ago, though she had told him it was okay to cry. When she opened the back door he stirred slightly in the cool night air but he didn't wake up. He was asleep.

"Lucky you." Sara whispered as she gently extracted him from the car, holding him on her hip and locking the car. As she made her way through the lab he stirred and started crying.


"Its okay, Eli." She murmured and he looked at her. His eyes filled with fresh tears.

"Oh...I memember...mommy can't hear me." He sobbed.

"She can." Sara argued. "She just can't talk back." They went into Russell's office as Eli's small hands connected around Sara's neck as she heard Nick say he needed to talk to the boss.

"Can I butt in?" She asked, slipping through the door. "This is really import...ent..." She finished, staring at the newborn in Nick's arms.

"Uncle Nick." Being one of Eli's godparents (though he hadn't found out until after the funeral) Nick had been given the title 'Uncle'.

"Eli?" He half smiled, half frowned. "What are you doing here?"


Greg was hyped. He'd just taken Morgan out to breakfast after closing a case early. He opened the door to his apartment and made his way to the kitchen to make her some coffee.

"Nice place." She remarked. She picked a sock off the coffee table with a pen. "Well, um, kinda a nice place."

Greg blushed and he snatched it off her. "For your information, they're clean. I was going to wear them this morning then the phone rang and I was late and I forgot where I put them."

Morgan laughed and sat down. They'd been doing this for a while, breakfast after shift, back to Greg's for coffee. Strictly, coffee.

The doorbell rung as Greg passed Morgan the steaming mug.

"I got it." He winked, and answered the door. He was shocked when a woman with mousy brown hair immediately began talking.

"Oh, thank god! You asshole!"

Greg frowned. "Lisa?"

The woman pushed past him into the house. Morgan stood up awkwardly as the brunette shrieked "who the hell is that?"

"None of your business, Lisa, you dumped me a year ago! Remember?" Greg shouted angrily. "What the hell is going on?"

"Of course I remember. I just expected you to be alone. Sorry." She added to Morgan.

"What do you want, Lisa?" Greg frowned angrily. "Please get out of my house."

"You are an ass Greg Sanders. Do you have any idea what I've gone through?"

"No, I haven't heard from you since you said it was over." Greg rolled his eyes.

"You didn't come after me." Lisa narrowed her eyes.

Greg scoffed. "You were cheating on me. We'd only been dating three days. Why would I?"

She seemed stumped.

"Now, what do you want?"

"Well, you jerk, you got me pregnant!"

Greg rolled his eyes. "Sure I did."

"I'm not lying."

"We had sex once and we used a condom!"

Morgan shuffled uncomfortably and Greg glanced at her, blushing.

"It broke, remember! I didn't have sex with anyone else with a broken condom! And Andre is black!"

"So?" Greg's heart sank

"Well, the kids' white. I only slept with you, Andre and James at that time. Andre, who I married if you care-" Greg rolled his eyes again. "-is black, James is Chinese, and the kids're white."

"Wait, kids?" Greg frowned.

"Twins, you sonofabitch!" She shrieked, and Morgan and Greg's eyes widened. "I can't stand them, they scream and cry at all hours. Greg, I'm moving to New England. And I'm not taking them."

"What!" Greg cried.

"Either you take the little devils or the system does, I don't care. But they're yours, so..."

"Wha...where are they?"

She shrugged. "In the car. Duh!"

"You left them in the car?!" Greg cried as he and Morgan instinctively raced down two flights of stairs and onto the street. Lisa followed with a bored expression.

"Cracked windows, they're fine."

"Give me your car keys." Greg fumed. Any kid should never be treated this way. He still couldn't think of them as his. She sighed and unlocked the car. Greg gently extracted a small girl, about three months old, out of the car and passed her to Morgan, before lifting out a little boy. "You could have killed them!" He spat.

She shrugged and pulled the car seats out. Greg's mouth dropped open. The seats weren't even strapped in.

"Not my problem. They're yours now. Do what you want with them, I don't care!" She got in the car.

"No, wait right there!" Greg shouted.

"I left all their stuff upstairs." She shrugged, turning the car on.

"I don't even know their names!" Greg cried.

She shrugged again. "Neither do I!"

The car pulled out of the drive and Greg and Morgan exchanged glances. "Oh my god."

They blankly picked up the seats and made their way up to the apartment.

"Morgan, what do I do?" He panicked.

"I...I don't know. Who was she?"

"Lisa Cooke. I dated her about a year ago for a week or so. It wasn't that serious. It was more like a release." Greg shrugged and Morgan nodded.

"I get it."

Greg shook his head. "They just...they can't be mine."

Morgan looked down at the quiet, starring children. "Well, they do look like you. I know, I'll take their DNA to the lab, run a paternity test."

"Thanks." Greg said, relieved.

She nodded and raced to the lab. After escorting some teenage pregnant girl to Nick and dropping off the DNA to Henry, the available tech, she called Greg. "There's a two day wait."


"Don't blame me, blame Henry."

Greg groaned. "Will you come back, please? I need help."

Morgan reached Greg's apartment in minutes.

"How'd you change a diaper?"

Morgan rolled her eyes. She ran him through how to feed, clothe and burp the babies between shifts. Two days later, her phone buzzed. "Hello?" She stared at Greg. "Thanks Henry." She paused. "You're the dad."

Greg ran a hand over his jaw and stared at the twins, asleep in their car seats.

"They need names." He murmured.

"We need to tell Russell." Morgan said gently. "The others can help us pick names."

"You'll help me, right?" Greg panicked.

"Of course. We're friends." Morgan smiled.

"Right, let's get to the lab."

They burst into DB's office as Nick asked someone "what are you doing here!"

"Russell I have a problem!"

"Whoa! Whoa!" DB held up his hands and stood up. "Now, everyone shut up!"

The CSI's stared at each other and the children in shock and curiosity as Russell shook his head.

"Right. Nick, who's kid is that? All I want to know this second is the parents and the quickest explanation as to why you have the kid."

"Cassie McBride is her mom, she's a teenager I rescued when she was a kid. She got abused by her foster dad and came to me a few days ago. I said she could stay with me. Yesterday she went into labour, but something went wrong. She...she died. And she's named me as her daughter's legal guardian." Nick finished in a choked voice.

Russell nodded sadly. "Right, Sara."

"This is Eli, he's Warrick Brown's son. He was in a car crash earlier. His mom's with his daddy now." Sara glanced at the distraught five year old sucking his thumb. "According to hospital records made when Eli was born, Tina's relatives are all deceased, and Warrick's 'father' is the only one left."

Nick frowned. "Sar, Warrick was an orphan, he grew up with his grandmother."

"He put Grissom down as his father." Nick and Greg hung their heads. "Legally he's mine."

Russell ran a hand over his forehead. "Okay, Morgan, Greg?"

"They're...they're mine." Greg admitted. "My ex came round a few days ago, told me she's moving to New England and left them. Morgan did a DNA test. They're mine. Three and a half months old. Lisa didn't even name them. Gave me custody records and stuff in a bag."

Russell looked round at all of them. "Wow, guys. I guess all I can really say is congratulations, you're parents. How the hell is this gonna work?"

"Well I couldn't let them go into the system!" Nick, Sara and Greg cried at once, and DB held up his hands.

"Guys, that's not what I meant. We're gonna be short staffed. You're all gonna need leave, babysitters. We'll all help, but..."

"Grissom's back in just over a week. He's not planning on working for a while..." Sara pondered.

"Grissom, a stay at home dad?" Greg's mouth twitched and Sara thwacked him with a smile.

"Russell, can we maybe talk about this tomorrow, I need to get Eli to bed." She frowned.

DB nodded knowingly. "Yeah, yeah, I guess that's true for all of you. Come back tomorrow at the start of the shift. We'll sort something out." As the four CSIs left his office Russell shook his head and called his wife.

"Hey Barbara. Yeah, I'm on my way. I got a little held up. I am still at work but I'm leaving now. No, not really a problem. We've had a bit of a baby boom."

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