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Chapter Six # Call The Nanny #

Greg paced up and down in the waiting room in the paediatric unit. Everyone who had been at Nick's house was there, along with Morgan. Greg's grandfather was picking up his grandmother from the airport but promised to be there as soon as he could.

"Greg, you're making me dizzy." She said softly, putting her hands on his shoulders. "They're gonna be okay."

Greg moaned softly and fell back into a chair. "They took them both!"

"We know." Morgan nodded.

He sighed, flashing back to the conversation with the doctor.

"Sir, have either of your children experienced seizures in the past?"

"I...I don't know... I've only had custody seven days, I didn't know they existed before that..." Greg whispered hoarsely.

"In that case I think it would be better if we took a look at both of them. It won't take too long, you and your friends can take some seats in the waiting room."


"But what?"

"Can't I be with them?" Greg pleaded.

The doctor shook his head sympathetically. "This ward has strict rules, Mr. Sanders. They're in good hands."

"What's taking so long?" Greg muttered, and Catherine put an arm around his shoulders.

"Greg, it's only been half an hour and they probably need to run a lot of tests. Besides, it's probably nothing at all. Febrile seizures are common in kids-"

"Above the age of six months." Greg looked at Catherine. "I looked it up."

She squeezed his shoulder. "They're going to be fine."

"Mr. Sanders?"

Greg leapt to his feet at the nurse's call. "Yes?"

"This way."

Greg looked at Catherine quickly and she nodded as he followed the nurse down the hall. The doctor he had spoken to before was holding a crying Loeila, whereas the nurse next to him held Reuben.

Automatically Greg's hands twitched to take his daughter and the doctor handed her over.

"It's okay, daddy's here." He murmured softly, his heart glowing as Loeila instantly quietened. Greg glanced at Reuben, then up at the doctor. "Are they okay?"

The doctor sighed and Greg's heart stopped beating. "Loeila is fine."

"And Reuben?" Greg whispered.

"Mr. Sanders, where is the mother?"

"I have no idea, what's wrong with my son?" Greg said tightly.

The doctor ignored the question. "She just left you with the twins?"

"A week or so ago, yes." Greg's eyes left Reuben for a second to stare at the doctor. "Please?"

"Was their mother addicted to drugs?"

Greg felt like someone had poured ice over his heart. "Wh...what?"

"Your son is experiencing symptoms of a disease known as narcotriphysis, which is caused by exposure to drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin."

"Oh my god..." Greg breathed in horror. "She...she did...will he be okay?"

"I can get you a prescription for some meds that would clear it up in a week or so and he shouldn't face too many ill effects. However, he may be more prone to having febrile seizures, and depending on how much he was exposed to fumes and the like there may be long term effects. It is very, very likely that he will develop epilepsy later on. More than 80% a chance, actually." The doctor paused at the agonised look on Greg's face. "I've given them all the normal health checks and vaccines as I couldn't find the records. If you give him the medication every day and keep a close eye on him for the next two weeks or so, I don't see why Reuben won't be okay."

"Why is she not sick?" Greg murmured, staring down at the baby girl in his arms.

"I don't know." The doctor answered. "It may just be luck, less exposure, healthier immune system... You can take them both home if you wish."

"What do I do if he has another seizure?" Greg asked softly, his hand softly stroking his son's hair.

"Wait for three minutes. If it lasts longer than that, call 911." The doctor explained, handing Greg a leaflet. A nurse carried Loeila into the waiting room as Greg took Reuben and the others stood up quickly.

"I'll take her." Morgan offered quietly to the nurse who was happy to hand the blonde her goddaughter.

Greg opened his mouth to repeat what the doctor told him but only five words came out. "She was a damn druggie."

"Oh, god..." Catherine covered her mouth. Sara and Nick's eyes widened and Grissom's eyes closed.

"I...I had no idea... I..." Greg hung his head.

"Greg, is Reuben okay?" Nick asked gently but firmly. Greg took a deep breath and nodded.

"He has narcotriphysis. It means she was exposing them to drugs and he's got meds and the doctor said he should be fine but that doesn't mean he will be. He said that there's more of an eighty percent chance of epilepsy."

"Greg, epilepsy isn't usual fatal." Grissom pointed out.

"Usually!" Greg cried. "My cousin died of SUDEP – Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy!"

"Greg, he's going to be okay." Catherine insisted.

Greg just shook his head. "I swear, I am going to find that bitch and I am gonna-"

"Greg!" Sara interrupted, glancing meaningfully at Eli, who was looking at Greg curiously.

Greg hung his head and Sara wrapped her arms around him.

"Its gonna be okay." He dropped his head onto her shoulder for a second.

"You won't find her, Greg." A new voice announced. Greg looked at Brass, who was quick to elaborate. "I already did. Lisa Cooke has been picked up for drug possession with intent to distribute. If you wanna talk to her she's sat in an interrogation room."

"I do. I have some questions." Greg growled, angrier than he thought he'd ever been before.


Brass watched Greg enter the interrogation room. The woman on the other side of the table was hot, there was no doubt about it. She had a face that most people would find difficult to hate. Brass didn't have that problem. What she'd done to Reuben and Loeila, whatever it was, was inexcusable. Brass knew better than anyone how it felt to have a child affected so badly by drugs, though in Greg's case his son hadn't done anything wrong.

In Brass' eyes Greg was just a kid himself, the way he was able to retain his innocence. He didn't look like a kid now.

"So what did you do?" Greg asked coldly. "Home our babies in a crack house?"

"Greg, I-"

"There is no damn excuse, Lisa!"

"What did you call them?" she asked softly.

"There is no way in hell I'm telling you that!" Greg slammed a hand down on the interrogation table, making Lisa jump. "We already have you for distribution. I'm gonna add reckless endangerment of a baby to the list."

"Greg!" Lisa complained. "I thought you could get me off!"

Greg's eyes narrowed. "Your son had a seizure this morning! He's almost definitely going to have epilepsy because you snorted and smoked around him. I am not helping you. No way. Help yourself."

"Greg, I'm sorry! I never meant for him to get sick, I just..." Lisa pleaded as he headed for the door. He turned around and looked into her desperate eyes. "Can I see them?"

"Over my dead body!" Greg growled, leaving.

Lisa hung her head.

He believed the crack-head story, the one she had been oredered to tell.

He believed that she didn't love her babies, that she had been the one to expose them to drugs and alcohol.

He believed that she hadn't named them because she couldn't be bothered - in reality she knew that Greg would rather do it himself.

He believed that she cheated on him...

If Lisa Cooke had been given a choice, she would have told Greg the truth. And told him straight away about his children. She had never loved him but she had liked him as a man so much that she hated what had happened, what she had had to do.

If she had had a choice she would have left her job, taken the kids to Greg, raised them like a normal pair of parents in a broken relationship.

But at least her babies were safe. She knew that Greg Sanders would look after their babies better than most would. She knew he would protect them. The two people she loved the most in the world.

She'd died when they'd been taken and when she got them back and found out about her son's illness, she'd taken them straight to Greg, to explain, and to leave them somewhere safe.

But with the other woman, Morgan, there, she had to go for the bimbo act.

Feeling as if she should be sobbing, Lisa sighed and tapped her nails against the table to keep up her 'druggie' act. Never ever had she hated her job so much.

Lisa Cooke seriously regretted ever agreeing to work for the CIA.


The next week passed relatively quickly in Nick's eyes. The CSI Hodges had contacted to help was none other than Wendy Simms, who everyone was happy to see.

Grissom and Sara went to Tina's funeral and collected all of Eli's stuff, taking it home.

Greg got into a routine with help from his friends and grandparents, who had to unfortunately return to San Gabriel when another family emergency was declared, though they promised to return soon. Reuben hadn't had any more seizures since Greg started the medication, and he and Loeila were looking better than ever. Greg was however, struggling to find a babysitter he thought would be trustworthy and could deal with the seizures.

Nick's doorbell rang and he opened the door. His mouth fell open. "Rosa?"

A petite Hispanic woman in her fifties or sixties smiled. "Nicky!"

He hugged her tightly. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came to see your baby of course!" The woman replied.

Happily Nick led the woman to his living room. Kristy took to the woman instantly, her little hand wrapping around Rosa's offered finger.

"What are you going to do while you're at work?" she asked softly.

"I'm not sure." Nick confessed as he stared at the woman and child.

Two years before Nick was born, his mother had given birth to twins Ethan and Mary-Jane, two of Nick's older siblings and numbers five and six in the family. However, both Bill and Jillian worked, and with five kids under twelve, they employed eighteen year old Rosa Hernandez to help them look after the children. She was like a second mother to each of the Stokes children, especially Nick. She had been on holiday in Mexico visiting family when he was nine and had been left with a last minute babysitter, and as soon as she came back he refused to leave her sight for months.

When Nick, the last child to leave home, left, Rosa had stayed on as housekeeping for Nick's parents, but everyone knew why she stayed. She was as much a part of their family as each child.

"I don't know where I'm gonna get a decent nanny from, y'know my standards are quite high." He teased.

She smiled. "I may know someone. She works very cheap if she gets a room in the house and is guaranteed good service."

"Really?" Nick asked hopefully. Rosa nodded meaningfully and Nick's eyes widened. "Would you?"

"Of course Nicky! I was hoping that you'd ask me..."

"Please, Rosa, be my daughters nanny!" Nick begged with a grin.

"Of course I will." Rosa smiled back.

"Greg and Sara go back to work tomorrow." Nick sighed. "I kinda wanna go, but at the same time..."

"Go when you feel like you should." Rosa said sincerely. "If there's one thing you can be good at, Nick, its following your heart. Got you into a hell of a lot of trouble..."

He laughed. "Yeah, it did, didn't it?"



"Hi, is this Greg Sanders?"

"Yep, who's calling?"

"Um, hi... I heard that you were looking for a babysitter who can deal with a possible case of epilepsy?"

"Who is this?" Greg frowned.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry. My names Lindsey Willows, you probably don't remember me, I haven't seen you since I was like, fifteen, but-"

"I remember." Greg interrupted. "How're you doing?"

"Good, good. My mom told me about what happened with your kids and I wondered if I could help? I've been looking for a job as a specialist babysitter while I'm doing a degree in nursing."

"I am looking but if you're studying and working nights..."

"That's the beauty of it, my classes are online, twenty four hour so I can study whenever I like."

"Wow..." Catherine's daughter - surely he could trust her? "Would you like to come and meet them first, and we can discuss payment and stuff like that? I'm not really sure how to do this." Greg admitted and Lindsey laughed.


About half an hour later Greg answered the door to his old supervisor's daughter. She was causal dressed in a t-shirt and smart jeans, and a cheerful smile adorned her face.

"Hi, Lindsey, come in. Sorry about the mess." Greg smiled sheepishly, leading her into the living room. Reuben was lying on a mat under his 'play gym', batting happily at the dangling toys and Loeila was chewing on a teething ring, despite the fact that she wasn't actually teething. She gurgled happily at her dad.

"They're gorgeous!" Lindsey smiled.

"This is Loeila and this is Reuben." Greg introduced them proudly. "Sit down."

They sat down on the couch and discussed rates. When they came to a decision that they were both happy with, Greg smiled.

"Now, I'm obviously going to try and cut down on the number of doubles, but-"

"Greg, my mom was a CSI. I know all about doubles, triples, all that jazz. If I wasn't prepared for that sort of thing I wouldn't offer to work for a CSI." She smiled.

Greg could hardly believe his luck. "So what do you know about epilepsy? I thought you wanted to be an actress?"

"I decided that it was more of a hobby than a profession." Lindsey shrugged. One of my friends had a little brother who was often in and out of hospital, and it made me really interested in paediatric nursing, so I'm going down that route. I've been on several first aid courses, including three paediatrics and one specifically on common childhood conditions such as epilepsy and asthma."

She passed him a file and he flicked through it, very impressed. "Wow, this is really good. When could you start?"

She shrugged. "Right away, if you wanted."

Greg's eyes widened. "Could you start tomorrow?"

"Yes." Lindsey nodded.

"You're hired!" Greg smiled.