Dan had just fallen down some escalators, but the tweet didn't show the extent of his injurys.

"PHIL" dan cried has he hobbled though the door of there London apartment. "PHHILLLLLL HEELLLPPPP" the sound of footsteps clattering down the stairs filled the slicence.

"dan what's... HOLY SHIT WHAT HAPPEND" phil cried as he set eyes on dans broken and brusied body.

"I fell" dan said as his flatmate scurried over to help him sit down, pain shot though his body.

"yeah I saw, but, your arm, not like this" phil said in confusion. Dans face as rather unharmed, but his 3/4 length trousers showed his rather battered legs, blood stained though his t-shirt, and his hands looked like they'd been put though a grater of some sort. The laces to his favorate shoes had been ripped and his ankles we're black and blue from bruising. "why didnt you call me you fool" phil shouted as he went to get a cloth and some ice.

"I didn't want to bother you" dan said with a sigh.

"bother me, it wouldn't have been a bother to come pick you up" phil said returning from the kitchen with a bowl of water and a flannel, he has a small bag of tick tucked under his shoulder, "here" he said handing dan the ice bag.

"thanks" dan said looking down at his swelling ankles. "Sorry"

"sorry, sorry for what, you didnt do anything wrong." phil laughed as he passed the damp flannel to dan.

"Yeah but im still sorry."

"Oh shut up." phil said smiling. "oh yeah this came for you today" Phil said passing dan a box. With that, phil stood up and said " do you need any help getting upstairs"

"No i should be fine"

"okay, night dan, hope you feel better"

"nighhhtttt phiill" Dan said picking up a pair of scissors.

**Okay guys this is where you come in, tell me if you want this to be Phan, i mean i would but everytime i came online to read a danisnotonfire fanfiction it was almost all phan. Do you want Dan to have a girlfriend, whats in the box. looking forwards to reading anycomment :) 3 chow for now! -Emily**