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As our eyes connected I felt something change, I didn't feel terrible, I felt uplifted, I wanted to smile but before I had a chance her eyes broke from mine. I sat myself next to the 30 something old man who was quietly humming to himself. Over the next few minuets more people arrived, some looked tired and unwell and some looked rather normal. But I did feel like people were staring at me. I felt so uncomfortable. Then the woman from before opens the door to the '9th session room'

"Hello, would you like to follow me in" A few people hurried into the room, scuttling like rats and some just plodded, I stood up and looked down at the girl on the floor, she pulled her iPod out of her pocket and looked back up at me, by now, it looked like it was just me and her in the corridor, I didn't have a clue what to do, so I offered my hand to help her up. As I did I saw my bandaged arms, there was a massive red stain all the way down. She took my hand and I pulled her up. Then she saw my arms. Her eyes widened.

"Doesn't that hurt" she said

"Yeah... Do you know where I go?"

"Um I think it's down the halls" she said running her hand though her hair, I saw she too had bandaged arms. I didn't want to stare. "Do you want me to show you" her voise was soft, but it had quite an empty tone to it, like there was something missing.

"Yeah, please" I said. "Im Dan, by the way"

"Poppy" she said walking down the hall towards the medical ward. When we reached the ward she looked up at me "Here you go"

"Thanks Poppy" I said knocking on the door, the door flew open and a rather fat woman looked at me.

"What..." She said with a glare.

"Um, my arms" I said she looked down and dragged me inside by my wrist.

"And you." The rather rude woman asked Poppy.

"Oh I was just showing him here" and with that the door was slammed and I was led over to a chair. When she asked me to sit in. I lowered myself down, a little but worried about what she was going to do to me, she pulled a pair of gloves on and walked over. But she was surprisingly gentle as she unwrapped my sore arms and wiped them down with some gauze and water. It hurt but I refused to let her know. She re-wrapped them and asked me to sign a form.

As I exited ward, I almost tripped over something... Or someone. I looked down to find Poppy sat on the floor

"What is it with you and floors" I said quietly

"Oh nothing, um yeah are your arms okay"

"Yeah there find." I didn't like talking about them to Phil, let alone someone I had only met about 15 minuets ago.

"What do you wanna do" she asked pushing herself off the ground. "The gardens look nice... Right"

"What about that meeting"

"Fuck it. Gardens?" She asked again.

"Yeah okay" I smiled, with that we started to stroll down the corridor toward the back entrance. It was quite an awkward walk, because I didn't want to say anything in front of any other people, but when we got outside I looked over to a Poppy and said, "So, why are you here" I know it was quite a formal question, and quite sudden seeing I didn't even know where she lived or anything but I felt it was needed

"Arms" she said waving them up apothem letting them flop back down "you"

"Yeah arms, and" I paused "Suicide attempt" the moment I said it I wish I hadn't, but we kept strolling down a gravel path until we reached a bench

"How long have you been here" she asked placing herself on the bench

"Um about 2 hours, you?"

"About 2 days"

"How old are you"

"Im 20 in two weeks, you know, love spending my birthday in a mental bin"

"Hey don't look at it like that" I said smiling over her, she looked back and smiled too. Her smile lit p her face and her eyes glistened in the sunlight... All I could think was... Wow!