A/N: Hi! This is based on a game I used to play when I was a little girl, which was based on a book by Mercer Meyer. But anyway, the story is going to be a little different, since I'm replacing the pre-adolescent boys with teenage girls, and the original crime with something that is actually a little more serious. But the structure is the same, just more interesting. Please review!

Six girls of fifteen years old lounged around in a room, playing Truth or Dare. It was Friday night, and the girls, or the "Demi Goddesses" as they called their group, were having a sleepover. (Their group name didn't really mean anything – there was a group of girls at their school who called themselves the "Superiors", but they didn't really mean anything by it). They had frequent sleepovers, and this one was no different to any other.

"Bindi, truth or dare?" questioned Taylor, with a mischief-making look on her face.

Bindi, the rebel and host of the sleepover, instantly replied "Dare!"

Taylor, who was the mysterious one of the gang, smirked. "Right. I dare you to...do a Britney Spears impression, and sing all of Baby One More Time!"

Bindi laughed. "Why not?" It was her room, after all, so she dressed up in her old-time school uniform, tied her hair in plaits, and giggled as she began to sing, "Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know,

That something wasn't right here?

Oh baby, baby, I shouldn't have let you go-o-o-o,

And now you're outta sight, yeah..."

All the girls were laughing throughout, especially the practical joker, Emma, who had a sadistic streak (that was why she specialized in practical jokes, so she had her friends believing).

"But Tay, I don't get it." frowned movie buff Amber. "Why would you ask edgy-style Bindi something so easy?"

Taylor smirked. "Cause I wanted to see if she'd do it straight off, or tell me to give her something harder. Anyway, it's your turn to ask someone, Bindi."

Bindi looked at the nerd, Courtney, who was reading King Lear. "Pointdexter, put the book down! Play the game with us, truth or dare?"

Courtney sighed. "Do you mind? I'm trying to read! But truth, I guess."

"So, when was the last time someone else made fun of you for loving school work?" Bindi said mischievously.

Courtney's cheeks turned red. "Um...yesterday." she mumbled.

The most sensible member of the group, Melissa, put a hand on Courtney's shoulder. "Don't worry, Courtney." she said. "I'm guessing it was someone brain-dead."

"Um, actually, it was me." Emma protested. "So you think I'm brain-dead?"

"How was I to know it was you?" Melissa pointed out.

"Excuse me, girls?" Bindi's mom put her head around the door before Emma and Melissa could argue further. "Please, don't make so much noise. Bindi, your father and I are going to bed now."

The six girls nodded, and said their goodnights.

"Thanks, Mom." Bindi said.

"Don't stay up too late." her mom answered, and closed the door.

Before Emma could say anything else, Melissa quickly said in her sensible way "Look, Em, let's forget it. You're not brain-dead, but lay off of Courtney, OK?"

Emma sighed. "Whatever." she mumbled.

It was Courtney's turn in the game. She had to smile, because she enjoyed making up questions that were hard to answer for each friend she had. "Amber, truth or dare?"

"Hmmm..." Amber thought for a moment. "Truth." she decided.

"Right. What is your favourite movie genre?" Courtney was smart enough to choose something hard for Amber to answer, instead of just something stupid and embarrassing.

Amber took a full five minutes to choose an answer. In the silence, a smile slipped onto Emma's face, and she turned to Taylor. "Tay, want some of my gum?" She held out a piece of gum, wrapped.

Taylor looked suspiciously at it, then smiled. "Well, OK." she took it, then bit into it. She immediately spat it out, gagging and grabbing the water bottle lying next to her. "Em, you promised you wouldn't do the spicy gum trick again! Why did you have to do it?"

Emma burst out laughing. "Come on, Taylor! It was just a joke!"

Amber suddenly snapped her fingers. "I know!" She smiled. "My favourite movie genre is most definitely crime."

Courtney returned to her book for a bit, until Emma and Taylor both started a pillow fight, which Courtney tried to ignore, but it was hard when five fifteen-year-old girls were punching you with pillows.

"Quit it!" she cried. "Mel, Tay, Dee, Em, Ambe, you know I love you guys, but, please, just let me read it!"

"What was the point of you coming to this sleepover?" Bindi demanded. "All you do is read! But that dumb book away and join in!"

"Come on, Courtney." Melissa pleaded tactfully. "Please, please p-lease?" But Courtney refused, especially when Taylor teased her about not being able to have fun. Taylor seemed to have it in for Courtney sometimes, but none of the girls knew exactly why Taylor seemed to have such a problem with the brains of the group.

The girls stayed up until midnight, and then, finally, turned in.

But little did they know, after five of them were asleep, the sixth lay awake. Finally, she got up, and sneaked out of the room, thinking about the start of her movie-esque caper, her break from sensibility, her rebellious peak, the mystery to top all mysteries, the practical joke the world would fall for, and the way to show everyone that a little brains could go a long way.

She ran down the stairs, her light feet barely making a sound, and then at the foot, she reached out from her stylish trench coat disguise, and held up her gadget. She giggled darkly as she set to work. In ten minutes, her first job was done, and she looked around with a smile. The magic didn't get show itself, but she couldn't wait to see the results the next day. Finally, she ran back up to the room, and went straight to sleep, literally dreaming of the havoc she would wreak on the town the next day.

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