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"I'm not scared of you!" she yelled at me angrily.

"You were a moment ago." I calmly replied. Then, without warning I grabbed her and held her. At the moment of contact she screamed.

"I knew it" I whispered smugly. I lent my forehead on hers.

"You've got a slight fever." I commented, concerned. I pulled my head away from hers and looked her fully in the face.

"It's from standing in the rain." I informed her. "How do you feel?" It was a perfectly civil question and I genuinely did care. She struggled in my arms. I was stronger though.

"Stop it! Let me go! Get off me!" She demanded. Her reaction shocked me slightly. Her voice sounded different.

"Alright…calm down…." I was interrupted.

"I don't wanna talk to you anymore.!" She turned her head away. Her reaction seemed slightly childish to me. Nevertheless I lead my head in slightly, the corners of my mouth upturned. Her head snapped in my direction.

"Alright" I mumbled.

"Never again!" She screamed causing me to pull my head away, the words rang in my ears.

"I'll never speak to you again! Get away from me murderer!"

That's when I identified the change in her voice. Hate. Those words were fuelled by hate. The words shocked me momentarily. Murderer. I killed to live. Nothing else. Yet in her eyes I was classed as one of those sick bastards that kill for no forgivable reason. That kill unsuspecting innocents. Before I thought I was just trying to survive, now I felt like a common criminal.

I felt tears appear in my eyes. I dropped my gaze and closed them slowly lowering Chiaki. I couldn't stand to see her disgusted face. Hate filled her eyes boring into my own. I kept my eyes on the ground, but could hear her quickened pace move away from me, running away from everything that wrong in her world. I was evil. Disgusting. A monster. A murderer. I was everything she hated and more.

But I had made her a promise. In my eyes I had to keep it. Forever. Like I had said I would. I jammed my gloved hands in my pockets and turned for what I had been calling home and what I wondered if Chiaki would let me continue calling home

That's when I heard the scream.