Somebody is spying on Captain's squad - no, not Stalky -, at least not this time...

What are their intentions?

A confession

My name is PR, not much of a name and rather a serial number, I admit it. The world has ended, the nuclear winter will last for who knows how many decades, monsters and mutants roam the dead cities.

And today I killed a friend.

I need to begin this story way before the apocalypse. Back when my career as a news reporter was started. Unusual way of wording? Well, it wasn't actually my choice to become a reporter, it was a humans choice to become a reporter and I was created to be the humble stunt double.

I was customized to go to locations and report about places my human couldn't go to, for whatever reasons – too dangerous, too narrow recording angle is better from waaayy up there, lunchbreak... you get the idea.

I've been hit by baseballbats, shot at, burned, drowned in the harbor and cast into concrete more times than I actually care to count, while all my human got was a burnt tongue from drinking too hot coffee.

Now I think about it: I can't believe we were originally the same person! There must have been some mistake somewhere! Maybe they gave me the wrong personality or something and I'm really the reincarnation of Jackie Chan?

But I digress...

Anyway my warranty ran out within the first week of my operation time. So

it was quite ironic, that of our whole newsteam it was just us drones, who rose from the rubble and settling dust when the end finally came.

I wouldn't go as far as calling us 'survivors', since we're nothing more than small, floating balls made of metal, antennas and cameras running on backup copies of someone elses' personalities.

Unlike those fancy drones the ANNET is using we have no flame throwers, neither can we order an ion cannon strike from space. We have to deal with trouble on our own.

My only weapon is the word. You know, this whole quill is stronger than sword thing would be far more comforting, had I actually a quill to stab opponents with.

But it looks like I don't even need that to murder someone.

And there we are again at my former statement.

As I mentioned there were three of us. Me the reporter, Mike our audio engineer and Cammy our main camera woman. Together we are/were RAD-News!

And this is the tale about the big scoop, our last report, our desperate efforts of taking a snapshot of the face of the one called Zee Captain!