A Helping Hand

Heyy folks, It's been a long LONG time since I last put anything up here! And I just thought I'd upload something I've been working on for a little while. I love Uta No Prince Sama, and I think all the characters in it are really cool and stuff. But this pairing is a little different...I decided to try a little something between my two favourite characters Ittoki Otoya and Shou Kurusu, and what I've got so far seems to be working.

Now this isn't going to be a M rated fiction, but I'm putting it as M because it might change in the future (or I might just decide to throw a lemon in at some point...Idk, we'll see)

Anyway, I apologise for my absence, please do enjoy it!

~ Chapter one~

~Speculation ~

This wasn't the first time Shou Kurusu had stood over the bathroom sink, coughing up blood and struggling to breath. It had been happening for the past two weeks, every night after eleven O'clock. The medication given to him by his doctor was no longer working, making his heart ache even more than usual, and the worst thing was, the fact that his best friend Natsuki Shinomiya, wasn't noticing a thing.

The coughing always subsided after about half an hour, but the breathlessness never went away, and he could never go back to sleep after the attack happened. It made him anxious and scared incase he stopped breathing in the night. when sleep did finally take over him, it was time to wake up.

The alarm sounded, buzzing down his ear with its high pitch voice as it did every other morning

"A...alright...I'm up," he mumbled groggily as he slowly rose from his bed rubbing his eyes furiously. He felt like crap, he had done for the past two weeks. He risked a glance to his left and to his relief, noticed that his roommate Natsuki, was gone (probably to get an early chance at breakfast before the morning rush started). 'Good,' he thought, 'I don't think I could deal with his obsessive attitude at all right now' he let out a shaky breath not realising he had been holding it. He dressed quickly in a black pair of shorts along with a black T-shirt with purple stripes running through it, before proceeding down to the main hall for breakfast. He wasn't hungry at all, but if he didn't turn up, people would question his absence.

"Oh Haruka, you wouldn't believe the new outfit I've found for Syo-chan! It's too cute!" Natuski boasted excitedly.

'Crap!' Shou thought, pressing his back to the wall outside the hall, he didn't need to see him right now, he just didn't. slowly, he took a deep breath and walked into the room, keeping his breathing under control as best he could

"I'm not wearing anymore of your stupid dresses Natsuki, it's degrading" he mumbled in a monotone voice as he walked round to sit on the opposite side of the table.

"Good morning Syo-chan! You're late getting up this morning, I almost thought I wouldn't see you before lessons started today!" Natsuki always sounded happy, even when he wasn't, why did it bug him so much? Was it just how his illness was affecting him? Probably

"Yeah, well maybe I just wanted a lie in, you don't know what I want!" the shorter of the blonde snapped. 'what's going on, why am i being like this?' Shou was getting nervous, but still, no one seemed to notice, was he always this grumpy or were they putting it down to it just being early morning or something?

"Anyway," Natsuki continued, "This dress I've got isn't like the others...okay maybe it is a little frilly but..." He was cut off by the sound of a fist hitting the table hard. Natsuki looked up, his friend leaning over the table with angry eyes

"I SAID NO! I'M NOT WEARING ANYMORE...EVER! YOU'RE OBSESSIVE, AND COMPULSIVE, AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" the table fell silent, along with the few around theirs. Shou looked from side to side seeing everyones face in shock, everyones but Natsuki's of course, which still harboured that smile.

"I...I'm going" He announced and left without another word. He felt sick to his stomach, and his chest hurt more than ever. 'Pull yourself together, it's just Natsuki, it's not like he's even noticing my problems!' he thought bitterly as he walked towards the men's restroom.

That was when Ittoki had first noticed it. How Shou was changing in front of him. His outburst wasn't the same as the others that he had seen from him, yet no one was picking it up, and right now everyone continued like it hadn't happened, like it was just a normal occurrence. What really bugged him was that Natsuki wasn't noticing this change, and neither was Haruka.

"Don't worry Haruka, Syo-chan is just shy" Natsuki chimed happily. Somehow, Ittoki didn't think that was the problem.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I will upload a new chapter in the near future.

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