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Truth - Part 2

Shou quickly jumped off of Otoya's lap, but to Kaoru's surprise, he didn't look as shocked as the redhead. Otoya also noticed this, but decided it would be best right now not to speak. but instead he got up and laced his fingers with the older brother's as a sign he would be there no matter what.

"Explain Shou" Kaoru's voice was bitter, laced with anger. When no answer was offered his anger rose "NOW!" the older boy flinched, he didn't expect his younger brother to be this angry.

"how long have you been breaking the rules like this Shou?! It's sick!" Shou just turned his head to face the wall, he didn't know what to say. Otoya looked at the blonde next to him, then looked at Kaoru annoyed

"Me and Shou have been together for little under two weeks, I love him like i've never loved anyone in my life, so why is it so bad?!" His voice rose, he couldn't believe how Shou's brother could act this way towards him. After he was so nice before.

"Why is it bad?" Kaoru laughed in Otoya's face before continuing "You're both guys! it's completely wrong! In fact it wouldn't surprise me if you were the one who did this to my brother!" the room fell silent both older boys were in complete shock. Otoya gripped his hands and gritted his teeth, he'd never been this angry in all his life.

"Y-you take that back..." he was now shaking with anger, Shou now looked at the redhead for any sign of what he would do next, but got nothing.

"Why, have I hit a nerve, are you going to hit me like you hit my bro-" he was cut off by the older boy's angry outburst.

"YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW! I-I WOULD NEVER HURT SHOU..." he trailed off, shaking with anger, then he felt tears run down his cheeks. just the thought of him hurting his boyfriend broke his heart, "...I wouldn't...I just wouldn't hurt him...because i love him too much" The 'act' still wasn't convincing Kaoru, he wanted truth, and he'd dig and dig until he got it, even if that meant hurting them both.

"You expect me to believe tha-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH KAORU!" Shou finally retaliated, slowly he made the redhead look into his eyes and wiped the tears from his cheeks and face, smiling at him. "Don't cry Otoya, I know you wouldn't do anything like that." He then turned to his younger brother and confronted him, outraged that he would even consider his boyfriend would hurt him in any way. "You have no accusing Otoya like that! Shou seemed outwardly calm, he was trying his best not to raise his voice again. Yet this seemed to anger Kaoru even more.

"THEN IF IT WASN'T HIM WHO WAS IT!? BECAUSE I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU TELL ME SHOU!" Kaoru's voice boomed through the room, when he saw that this wasn't getting any sort of reaction from his brother, his fists tightened before they relaxed once more trying desperately to cap his anger. "you always were stubborn, and I hated that about you, as much as you'd tell me you always kept secrets from me" Now he saw a reaction, it was slight, but his brother was caving. Inside Shou knew that this would have to come out eventually. But what scared Shou wasn't his brothers reaction, but more what Otoya would say and do. He was terrified that he'd let Otoya into his heart only to lose him again from this. Gripping his hands, Shou quickly averted his eyes, he was now shaking. Two other pairs of eyes were staring at him, and though he knew them both, in that moment, it scared him.

Shaking his head, he turned again facing his desk, attempting to busy himself with something to stop the tears flowing forward.

"I-I can't tell you. You wouldn't believe me" The room fell silent for what felt like hours. Then suddenly, that's when Kaoru's temper finally hit boiling point. Before Shou could even comprehend what had happened, Kaoru had twisted him around and was slamming him against a wall, forcing a cry of pain to emit from the older twin.

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! YOU COULD TELL ME ANYTHING AND I'D BELIEVE YOU!" Shou was now in tears, shaking with fear, he'd never seen his brother like this, "who did this?" Kaoru reclaimed his composure, keeping his brother pinned to the wall. Shou shook his head, refusing to speak which made Kaoru grip onto the older blonde's shirt tighter but when he spoke, it was calm, but laced with pure anger,

"Who. Did. This?" Another shake of his head. "DAMN IT SHOU ANSWER ME" Kaoru snapped and slammed his brother again into the wall this time alerting Otoya to how dangerous he was to pushing the older twin into one of his attacks.

"K-kaoru please, calm down!" the redhead went to place a hand upon the younger brothers shoulder, which was quickly shrugged away.

"NO, I WON'T STOP UNTIL HE TELLS ME" Shou felt the fear rising again as tears streamed down his cheeks, his younger brother kept yelling, shouting and screaming at him. Eventually it all became too much, he'd broken him and Shou had finally had enough. "WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO Y-"

"TOKIYA..." the crying blonde finally erupted. He began sobbing, feeling his body shaking more and more as the room fell silent.

Otoya's face was one of total shock, as was Kaoru's.

"Shou, a-are you sure?" the redhead said slowly, to make sure the words didn't come out in a mass jumble of words, to which the only reply he received was a slow nod. Quickly, Otoya was becoming increasingly aware of several times in the past few weeks where he could of picked up on what was happening. Slowly, his hands curled up into fists, anger rising in his chest. Before he knew what was happening, he was running out of the dorm room. Hearing the door slam, Shou realised the redhead had gone, and attempted to run after him. But that's when it hit him, a crushing feeling in his heart, sending waves of pain up his through his body. Blood spilled from his mouth as he began to cough violently, Kaoru turned his gaze to the sick boy noticing his condition worsen. The older blond fell to the floor in a heap, coughing and spluttering, trying desperately to catch the air that never came.

"S-shou! Oh my god Shou!" the voice was muffled to the other as he fell into unconsciousness.