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"I'm Never Letting You Go"

It took them just under an hour to reach the hospital that Shou had been taken too. Otoya and Ren had gone together. The older blonde hadn't dared leave the younger alone, he'd almost been raped, and the thought of being near Tokiya repulsed him. They had traveled in complete silence, mostly due to Ren unsure of what to say, what was there too say? Nothing would lighten the red head's mood until he'd seen Shou. By now, he was sure the rest of Starish would've been informed. Ren risked a glance over at the shorter boy. He was still shaking, although, it was nothing on what he'd seen when he'd first barged into his and Tokiya's shared room. Otoya felt the intense stare of the blonde and turned his head to face him. He felt like he had to say something, but what? casting his gaze to his lap, he took a deep breath, releasing it slowly.

"T-thank you Ren" his voice was small, unsure of himself. Ren smiled slightly and faced the window again.

"No need to thank me. I just did what any decent human being would do. Tokiya deserved more than a knock on the head for what he's done to you and Shou." Otoya's eyes lifted quickly too look at the older boy, a mixture of shock and confusion spread across his face.

"Y-you knew about this and didn't tell anyone?!" A deep sigh left Rens lips before he spoke again, his voice deeper this time.

"I had my suspicions, but i wasn't sure until Shou confirmed it, I was on my way to tell the headmaster when i heard you shouting." Otoya's head dropped again, mumbling a small apology before the car pulled to a stop and Hyuuga announced they'd arrived. Quickly, the two bands members got out of the vehicle and entered the hospital, only to be met by Kaoru.

"O-otoya I'm sorry for how I-"

"Where is he Kaoru?" Otoya's tone was slightly lower, but only in concern, he would sort things out with Kaoru later, once he'd seen his boyfriend. Kaoru understood the tone and nodded his head, leading the way to the older twin's room, Ren had decided to wait for the others to arrive.

"S-shou had a severe panic attack, which lead to his heart beat accelerating, that's why he collapsed" Otoya only nodded in understanding, before putting a hand on Kaoru's shoulder, it was clear he felt responsible for what had happened.

"Please, don't beat yourself up, you we're just as worried as I was." They soon arrived at Shou's room. There he was, just lying there completely still. Otoya felt tears roll down his face slowly. Seeing Shou with all the wires hooked up to the machines, it killed him inside. slowly, he made his way over and sat next to him. He took the blondes hand and held it in his, watching the boy carefully.

"Oh Shou, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." He sobbed quietly, gently squeezing his lover's hand "I promise you, I'm never letting you go again. I-i love you Shou" he finished and closed his eyes resting his head against Shou's hand.

"I-it's a good job...I'm not going anywhere then" a raw, shallow voice spoke, causing the red head to look up. Bright blue eyes opened slowly, focusing on the room, causing otoya to jump from his seat and lean over the younger boy.

"Shou?! Oh my god I'm so glad you're alright!" Otoya swiftly wrapped his arms around the other tenderly, trying not to hurt him. "I'm so sorry, this is all my fault, if I'd only seen what was happening sooner maybe I could of-" He was quickly cut off by a pair of lips lightly covering his, making the redhead gently stare at Shou.

"I don't blame you for any of this. I blame Tokiya. Please, don't hate yourself" Gently, Otoya kept sobbing, resting his forehead against his younger boyfriends.

"I love you so much Shou" they shared a gentle kiss before Otoya stood up, straight wiping his eyes. "I'll go get a nurse to check you over"

"Mr Ichinose, I hope you realise just how serious your situation is" a deep voice sounded, as the blue haired boy stood, eyes burning holes into the carpet of the large office

"Yes, headmaster" was all the boy could force from his lips. He was starting to realise now, just what he had done.

"Not only have you broken my rule of no love or relationships within this academy, but you have seriously assaulted two of your fellow classmates. I'm deeply disappointed in you." Saotome spoke deeply as Tokiya slowly raised his head to look at the older man. "Do you understand what you have done is wrong?"

"Yes, I do headmaster" Tokiya spoke again, keeping his tone the same. Shou never deserved what he got, and now Starish were in serious danger of missing their debut concert. He needed to sort this. Even if they didn't forgive him, maybe they could salvage things enough to at least start regaining their trust. Of course, it wasn't just Shou and Otoya he'd have to gain the trust of. It was Ren, Hijirikawa, Nanami too. He had a lot of work ahead of him, but first thing he had to do, was accept that Otoya, was never going to be his, and it hurt. A lot.