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Chapter 29: Sixty-four Squares And One Full Circle.

With the toilet as my throne, I was playing pick up sticks. And every one of them showed a plus sign in the box, no matter how many times I checked. Shit!

I staggered out of the bathroom, white as a sheet.

"Something wrong, sweetheart?" Edward sounded like he was across the other side of the hall, when he was actually standing right next to me.

"I think...I think I might be pregnant."

There was a pause while I panicked, and then "Pregnant? Like with a baby?"

"No, Edward, it's half vampire. Waddya think?" I was tense to say the least.

When I stopped snapping, I sobbed my way through a large section of that day.

In the days that followed, I went to Doctor Carlisle, who confirmed that I was with child, that we had a decision to make that would affect our future.

We tried to find an answer with logic, looking at all options. One option took away the need for any further questions, apart from how we would feel afterwards.

Another opened up more avenues of thought.

"There's college..." I traveled down that avenue.

"I could be a stay at home dad..."

"You can't support Masen, and me, and take care of a baby all at the same time."

"Well then there's help available. You know, our parents, nannies...

No, don't say it. Don't you dare say it!


Back to the start...

Back to the future (Eight months into it)...

" Your turn." My husband suited smug.

He made me want to hump smug right off of his face; I was about to pop like a balloon, and my hormones had gone hay wire.

We were in the middlegame of chess,a way of spending time we'd come to hold dear during my pregnancy. A large part of that was due to the memories of a certain exchange attached to it...


I'd picked the white pieces.

"Where is my King and Queen?" I'd queried when I saw they were missing from their squares.

"Search me." He started patting himself down like he didn't know.

If this was one of his games where I had to find them, I'd frisk him in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd strip search him, and give him a thorough examination if that's what he wanted!

"Well, well, I've found them" He fished the two royal pieces out of the pockets of his pants, placing them in their rightful positions on the board.

But what was that on them? Shiny, sparkly...

"Shut. Up!" I still slipped into high school student mode sometimes, though on seeing the two engagement rings— a men's, with a grid of small black and white diamonds on the King, and a women's with a single bigger stone on the Queen, what the hell was my reaction meant to be?

He mounted my ring on the right finger of my left hand.

"A princess cut diamond for my Queen." He'd done his research.

And he would reap the rewards. I mean, what girl doesn't love sparkly diamonds?

I did him, holding up his finger and fitting the ring, so I could really do him...

(End Flashback)

I couldn't move without him winning. He had me. ,Oh, did he have me.

One small, unexpected move in chess could change your whole direction, but we had come to see that my pregnancy didn't have to mean that for us.

I'd deferred my entry to college, not put it off permanently. A change in plans didn't mean we all fell down.

Our parents, even mine, were supporting us now. Sue and Charlie went as far as offering to help financially, saying they were going to help me with financial aid if I'd gone to college at the time I'd planned anyway.

They'd already chipped in for the wedding. We had a no-fuss affair, just friends and family. I wore white, but my dress was simple, with a tiara sat atop my head as a crown.

Aunt Esme, with a little help from my childhood friend Alice, had arranged a hen night to end all hen nights, even without alcohol for me. It was maybe only topped by my baby shower— silliness and games aplenty.

As a wedding gift, Edward had presented me with a movie.

A montage of memories? I'd guessed. Not enough of them had been transferred to film. We'd have to fix that.

A romance that was meaningful to us?

On the rolling of the credits, I'd realized what we were watching: My Favorite Babysitter. Boy, did we have fun with that!,

In fact, just thinking about how he'd attacked me as the film ran in the background had me flinging the chess board aside now, breathlessly saying "I win", and clinging to him like crazy, claiming my prize with kisses.

He was attempting to be careful with me, since I was carrying his child, which hadn't come easy to either of us; we liked to play hard in every aspect.

We couldn't get too carried away, however; Masen would be here any minute.

When Tanya walked in with Masen, he had with him a children's chess set, a spoil from his mother, I presumed. Having watched us partake in our hobby, it was his novelty of the month.

It was all civil between Tanya and us, though I think she'd taken our sudden marriage, and my current condition rather hard; I'd be more shocked if she hadn't.

So long as she played her part instead of playing her games, all was good. The only thing we wanted to play at these days was Mom and Dads, unless we were playing pretend in the bedroom...

When she was gone, we could do our bit to help Masen become an expert in chess. 'Cos the family that plays together stays together...


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