Norman Shapes Up

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Chapter 1: P.E. Class

Norman Babcock woke up to the moaning of his zombie alarm clock at 7:30. He hopped out of bed, put on his zombie slippers and went to the bathroom.

He didn't bother combing his down, Melinda liked the way his hair stood up, and he brushed his teeth and pretended to foam at the mouth. Then he got dressed, and waved to his grandma who was knitting on the couch, before getting breakfast.

At Melinda's house she woke up to low moaning of her ghost alarm clock. She got out of bed, and went to the bathroom and brushed her hair. After that she went down to have breakfast with her family.

She waved to her grandpa as he sat in his seat. But she saw her dad was about to sit on him. "Dad, Grandpa's sitting there." said Melinda. "Oh, sorry, Dad." said Ryan.

After breakfast the two headed out to meet each other at the corner. "Bye Mom, bye Dad. Have to meet Melinda." said Norman as he walked out the door.

"Well Norman finally gains another interest besides ghosts and zombies." said Perry to Sandra. Norman walked down the street about 5 blocks and saw Melinda waiting for her at the stop sign.

Norman gazed at Melinda, he thought she looked very pretty as the sun shined behind her. Norman remembered the first day he met her at the mentally facility. He hair was still a dark and shiny brown, and he eyes were still like two emeralds.

"Hi Norman." said Melinda. "Oh, hi Melinda." said Norman snapping out of his daydreaming. "Well let's get to school." said Melinda. Ever since she got checked out of the facility after they saved the town from the witch's curse, she went to Blithe Hollow Middle School with Norman.

As they walked they waved at the ghosts. "Hi Mrs. Brown we love what you've done with your hair." said Norman. "Does anyone smell burning?" asked Mrs. Brown, which was funny because that's how she died.

"At your stations soldiers." said a civil war ghost on a horse. "Sir yes sir." said Melinda and Norman as they saluted to him. "Hey Norman Melinda playing hookey?" asked a ghost from the 50s.

"No, we're just late." said Melinda. "How you doing?" Norman asked a gangster ghost. "Hey, how you doin'?" asked the ghost. "Hi Harriet, how's the tree?" asked Melinda.

"Never heard that one before." said Harriet. Finally the two arrived at the school. They walked in together side by side, then the bell rang. Their lockers stood side by side.

"Hi Norman, hi Melinda." said a voice. The two turned to see Neil and Salma. "Hi guys." said Norman. Then the bell rang for classes to start. The first class was P.E.

"All right you wimps, today we're going to be doing aerobics." said Coach Field. "Hey Norman do think they'll be a cute instructor on the video?" asked Neil. But Norman didn't say anything.

"Hello?" asked Neil. "Wha, oh sorry Neil." said Norman. "What's wrong?" "My gym shorts feel kinda, tight." said Norman. "Maybe it's just breakfast weight." suggested Neil.

Everyone lined up, and Coach Field turned on the video. The kids did jumping jacks, walking in place, raised their arms, and twisted. After an hour and 23 minutes of that P.E. was over.

"Well I feel nice and refreshed." said Melinda. Norman looked a little winded, and out of breath. "Norman are you all right?" she asked. "I'm fine just a little out of breath." said Norman.

As they left Coach Field glanced at Norman. "Hmm, Babcock's looking a little chubbier." he said to himself.

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