Hii There Minna san! I am back with a fanfic ! And there are going to be multiple pairings! And sorry they will remain the same and they will not I repeat will not change! All of my favourite ones and slow Nalu! And I am confused about the genre to what to indicate. There will be hurt/comfort, romance, mystery, tragedy, suspense, humour, adventure, fluff and much more! So what should I do?

Summary: Mira is tired to see no couples in the guild and she decides to host a slumber party at Fairy Hills! But little did the girls know that they are not alone! The boys got an idea to sneak on the love of their lives to know whom they love and their exes, pasts, families and much more! But little did they know that the slumber party will lead to something different...The dice will roll towards Lucy... And they will slowly come to know about a deep and drastic secret which made Lucy's past life more tragic than already it was... The secret that nobody knows... Not even her Best friend and Partner Natsu Dragneel...

Mysterious isn't it?

Oh and the story will not be completely tragic it will have a happy ending! And in the first two- three chapters, umm can be more; there will not be any tragic event or hint whatz gonna come further ; okay a teeny tiny hint! Only Girls admitting their feelings! Oh and as I told ya adventure! Hehe you will see... OMG I said too much! Here guys! I broke down the big paragraphs! Thank you for telling me my mistakes!

And no matter what I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does because if I owned it Lucy will be powerful and she and Natsu would be making out in Lucy's apartment, wink*!

Lucy and Natsu: Blush* Ro chann!

Me: What? *Blinking eyes innocently *

Erza: Nothing! Right guys? *Death glare*

Lucy and Natsu: Aye Erza san!

Happy: Heyy thatz my line!

Carla: Stupid Cat.

Wendy: Oh come on Carla don't be mean to Happy!

Erza: Shut Up! All of you let Ro chan begin her story! And no matter what Ro chan does not own Fairy Tail! Only Hiro Mashima sempai does ! Cause if she did Lucy and-

Natsu: Hey Erza I heard you kissed Jellal!

Erza: *Blush as red as her hair* SHUT UP! NOW RO CHAN BEGIN!

Me: Aye Ma'am!


Our white haired barmaid was lost deep in thought while wiping a glass. Her deep fantasies were of being the matchmaker who matched all the couples in their guild! Oh how everyone would praise her of being the matchmaking Goddess appearing into their lives and making it beautiful! And there goes her imagination with hearts in her eyes.

Suddenly an idea struck her! Yes! That is it! She was going to host a slumber party! Oh how fun would that be! Embarrassing confessions! Wow her plan will be successful!

She then saw her ex-rival sitting in the stool near the bar and eating a strawberry cheesecake. She called her, "Hey Erza!" "Yes, Mira?" Erza questioned raising a delicately carved eyebrow wondering why the white haired beauty interrupted her while eating her precious cake. "I have an awesome plan to get the couples together!" "And that maybe?" Erza asked. "We will host a slumber party! It will be loads of fun! We will drink, enjoy and most of all we will know everybody's secrets!" Mira replied while clasping her hands together. "Sounds fun, Hmm but don't you think we should let them figure out by themselves? You know it is bad to interfere in others private matters." Erza said and started to re-eat her cake. "Oh come on Erza," Mira said with a frown but that frown suddenly changed into a sly smirk.

"Oh Erza you know you mustn't keep secrets from your own guild. We all know that last when Jellal visited you and him k-i-s-s-e-d!" Mira said pronouncing every syllable. "Wh-what!" Erza stuttered. "Oh come on Erza you should not lie to your Nakamas ne? We all know..." Mira said while fake pouting. "Ul- oopsie, I mean a little birdie told us!" Mira said. "Wh-who said it-t? I demand an answer!" Erza asked fuming with embarrassment and anger. "Na-uh-ah, I won't tell you that easily, first you have to agree with the slumber party!" Mira grinned. "Well then it is okay I was going to permit anyways! It is good to have couples in our guild and the dense people to overcome their denseness." Erza said defending herself. Mira sweat dropped but inwardly giggled and prayed for Ultear and Meredy that they will survive on their next visit after she tells Erza that they were the spies; hopefully Jellal will save them.

"Well then it is decided! Call on the girls!" Mira said happily. Mira tried to call the girls in the guilds daily brawl; keyword t-r-i-e-d. Then Erza got fed up and shouted "Stop fighting." Everybody immediately stopped the brawl and cringed in fear in order to not to anger the mighty Titania.

"Thank You, Erza." Mira said with gratitude. She gave one quick glance and saw that Natsu and Gray were acting buddy-buddy again with their arms slung over each other's shoulder, Gajeel was frozen in place with his half extended metal pole, Cana stopped drinking, Levy peeked out of her book to see what was going on and Lucy stopped chatting with Levy, Romeo and Wendy stopped talking, even Carla looked up and Happy stopped trying to woo Carla and directed his gaze that way and more or less everyone's reaction was same, Mira grinned.

"I just wanted to have a girl talk! Boy's can go back to their works. And no eavesdropping." Mira added in a sickeningly sweet tone which made all the people especially the male population shudder and they did as she said because they did not want to face the wrath of 'The Demon Mirajane.' All girls made their way to the bar curious what's going and unaware of the sly male dragon slayer's special hearing.

When the girls all gathered there, huddled up together they all looked for Mira's reply. A grin broke out on Mira's face and she said, "We are going to have a slumber party at Fairy Hills!" and the guild's bookworms did not miss the mischievous glint in her eyes which made them shiver. Lisanna squealed whereas Cana smirked fully aware of what was going on in 'The Demon's' mind, Bisca grinned ; while the other girls looked towards Mira eyes burning with curiosity and uncertainty wanting to know the reason of this sudden action .

"Hey don't look at me like that! I just wanted to have some fun and a girl night! I know you guys are bored too, aren't you?" Mira said with a hint of threat in her melodious voice. The other girls except Erza, Cana, Lisanna and Bisca gulped. "Hai-i," they all replied in sync. "Well then it is decided!" Mira said jumping merrily. "Today come over at Fairy Hills in the evening!" Mira said more like ordered. "We will Mira san," the girls replied. "Very well then see ya later girls!" Mira said and re started wiping the glass.

Nobody noticed the male dragon slayers smirking and telling the other boys what had just occurred yet. After the whole conversation all the boys smirked. "We have to securely go there, the old man knows many ways as he is a pervert; and mind ya guys if you don't want him to sneak on our girls we have to tie him up!" Laxus said , who was just re-instated as a member. All boys nodded and Jellal, who had just come for a visit, said, "We have to plan it very carefully, if we got caught we will be better off dead. Oh and they won't know I am here; Ultear and Meredy have gone to visit Lyon so I am at advantage." Jellal said while thinking what will happen if Erza and the other girls caught them and visibly shuddered at the thought of the outcome.

"Oh I see the boys found out ne? I am worried about the party. I know Mira has planned it, to get the girl's confess their feelings towards respective people." sighing Lucy thought to herself. "I better watch out, I won't drink too much, I don't wanna reveal anything about-t ..." with her voice cracking and almost sobbing she thought to herself and rushed to her apartment.

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