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Till now in Fairy Tail Slumber Party: Mysterious Lucy...

Mira decides to finally get all the couples together by hosting a slumber party for girls so that they can confess who has captured their hearts! But little did they know that the boys overheard their conversation and were planning to sneak in on them! But our dear celestial mage, Lucy, heard it and she remembers something from her past and rushes to her apartment, breaking down...

Lucy has some unwanted intruders in her apartment while she is busy breaking into tears. But, surprisingl,y they cheer her up! Natsu runs off towards the guild after teasing our poor Lucy. Whereas in the Spirit World the badass Aquarius is surprisingly gentle and melancholic and nobody knows why except Cancer, who had the same look on his usually stoic face. And Gemini is getting teary-eyed while running into the depths of their precious master's past...

Gemini finally discovered their master's secret and were wishing for her well being unaware of their leader eavesdropping... Meanwhile, Natsu finally admitted out loud to Happy that he loves Lucy, and had a brief discussion with Gajeel about it, which was heard by Wendy who seems innocent but is not! But she hid that conversation from the three exceeds. Dragons and their complicated lives with their mates...

Natsu and the rest of the males in the guild blackmailed Master Makarov to get him to tell them where the secret passageways to Fairy Hills were, so they could peek in on their girls. After a lot of resisting, Makarov finally gave in and told them what they wanted to know. Wendy dragged her duo dragon slayer brothers to her apartment along with Carla and informed them of her eavesdropping. She then made a deal and disclosed the side of the story her foster parent, Grandine, had told her when she was younger, which consisted of the true tale of 'The dragoness who was able to love again.' The story left Natsu and Gajeel thinking for a long time afterwards. After leaving Wendy's apartment, they both came to a final conclusion about Wendy's innocence and to never judge a person by his/her looks whilst shuddering...

And Now...

Chapter Five: The Slumber Party finally begins! (Part 2)

The Memory-Dream, Aquarius, Gildarts and the Mysterious Cloaked Figure

Screams... Terrifying screams were echoing everywhere.

She couldn't make out anything except for a blue blur. Her body was bruised and beaten.

Suddenly she felt herself being dragged. She tried to struggle but her body was limp in the person's hands.

'No, no, no!' This couldn't happen! Not again! She had to run!

An evil laughter echoed throughout the room, sending shivers down her spine.

'No!' The sound was coming close and closer. No, she had to run, to get up!

Suddenly, she felt a boost of magical energy coming towards her.

She waited for the impact, but something or someone blocked it, and then a shrill, terrifying scream, echoed.

No! It was not possible! She couldn't die, too! It was all her fault! She was too weak!

She heard her protector's body fall lifeless on the ground with a thud...

She tried to move, but her bones were broken. Fatigue was reaching her. No!

No! No! No! Please, someone, save her! Save them! Everyone died! No they didn't… They are alive, right?

She wanted to end her life, too! But not this way, not by the bloodied hands of the killer who had killed them! Somebody, please!

She had to keep that last promise! That last promise she made to–

"Lucy, wake up!" A voice commanded harshly, but Lucy continued thrashing and whimpering whilst begging and pleading for someone to come to their rescue.

A jar full of water was dumped on her face and Lucy stopped thrashing, gasped for air, and sat up in pure panic.

She opened her panicky, blurry eyes to see the figurine of her saviour.

Much to her surprise, it was none other than Aquarius!

She hugged her and started sobbing... She was muttering her name between hiccups for a while. Aquarius was too shocked to react at first, but soon relaxed into her embrace and started to rub her back whilst murmuring soothing words.

"Aquarius... Aquarius it is my fault..."Lucy sobbed. "Shh, hush, Lucy, it is no one's fault," Aquarius tried to comfort her, but to no avail. She continued to blame herself.

"Aquarius, everyone died! It was my entire fault! I am too weak! I-" Lucy started, but was silenced by the sudden shocking and stinging feeling on her right cheek.

Aquarius had finally snapped and slapped her.

"For the last time Lucy! It was not your fault! Do you think they would want to see you in this state?" Aquarius yelled angrily, while glaring at her.

"Do you think–" Aquarius started again while huffing angrily, but saw the same broken look on her master's face, and she knew she shouldn't say anything else.

Lucy opened her mouth to say something, but was quickly cut off by Aquarius who composed her usual scary demeanour and stated, "Forget this happened, blonde brat. Oh, and you must now leave for your Slumber Party. Don't ever think I will save you the next time." And then she vanished into thin air with a poof.

Lucy sat still, trying to absorb what had happened. After a while, she finally cracked a smile. She still cares, Lucy thought. Her eyes clouded with sorrow, remorse, and many other feelings that brushed through her mind. She quickly dismissed all her thoughts and glanced everywhere.

She gazed out of her window, only to see that the moon was about to appear in its whole beauty and the stars were shining, albeit dimly.

She gasped, noticing the time, and hurriedly climbed out of her bed. Oh Mavis! She was just supposed to take a nap not sleep the whole afternoon!

She glanced at the clock seeing the hour hand nearing the digit eight whilst the minute hand was inching slowly towards nine. Well, it was almost eight o'clock!

She rushed to the bathroom. She was supposed to meet the girls at six at Fairy Hills! Oh, Mavis, she is so dead!

She paused her frantic movements, only to glance at herself wearily in the mirror. She truly was a mess. Her hair was all disheveled and sticking out in the corners, and her eyes were bloodshot due to all the crying. There were tearstains on her still flushed cheeks, and her whole face was wet due to the dumping water incident.

She quickly washed her face and started to fix her appearance. She changed into a long-sleeved white sweatshirt and black baggy jeans. She tied her hairs up in a tight pony tail and applied some make up to cover up her bloodshot eyes and worn out face, and then put on a black belt, attaching her keys on the loop.

She looked simply elegant and beautiful. She neither wore those of her sinfully-short-skirts-that-barely-covered-her-ass, nor the tops that-showed-her-generous-cleavage-and-hugged-all-her-curves-giving-people-less-scope-to-imagine-the-rest. She even didn't stop to admire her reflection in the mirror. If Natsu and Happy had been there, they wouldn't have believed that simple girl was Lucy. It was a different side of her: It was almost as if she was lonely and longing for something, or someone. There was no perfectly fake smile plastered on her pretty face. Her eyes were void of all emotions; they were emotionless and dull. Her cheeks were pale and ghostly white, with no pretty blush decorating them, and the mascara hid her bloodshot eyes. It was as if she was a nonliving thing, just following orders. She was like a mechanical robot. If the others saw her in this state, she was sure as hell they would've been scared.

She was acting so un-Lucy-like...

She grabbed her small backpack, which she had packed before her nap, and glanced at the father clock on the wall. It was eight, already!

Oh, man, Mira was so gonna kill her! She had to hurry!

She rushed out off her apartment, locking the door behind her, and made her way to Fairy Hills in a hurry. She was still lost deep in thought, so she didn't see where she was heading and bumped into someone. She landed on her butt, and just as she was about to open her mouth to apologize, a familiar voice greeted her: "Yo, Lucy! You changed your attire, huh?"

Lucy looked in front of her to see her fatherly figure grinning at her.

"Hey Gildarts!" Lucy said, trying to sound cheerful.

"So, where are ya off to at this time?" Gildarts asked, but he was really surprised at what she was wearing...It was almost as if...

"Umm..."Lucy started, but was relieved as Gildarts cut her off, "Oh, it's alright if you don't wanna tell!"

"Thanks, Darts!" Lucy grinned a full grin.

Gildarts was taken aback. It was so long since she had called him that… It made tears brim in his eyes. Yeah, those were the old, happy days. She grinned mischievously whilst challenging him to a fight. He never would admit it, but he missed her calling him 'Old Man'. She was almost like Mira! That tomboyish yet badass attitude was her old charm…

She was never the same after that incident, yet Gildarts recognized her the moment he entered the guild after his failed 100-year quest. Just like Mira, she had completely changed...

Seeing her attire, he couldn't help but wonder what had happened to her. When did she start wearing all those girly skirts and skimpy, revealing clothes? She used to loathe them… And why was she the only one who joined the guild? What about the others? He also wanted to inform 'them' about his conflict with the dragon, so he asked her to stop by after Natsu's visit and asked her about it. As usual, he started teasing her. He thought that she would brush it off lightly and laugh, but that wasn't the case. It saddened him to see those beautiful brown eyes, which had once held a mischievous glint, dull and lifeless.

He knew he was always a father figure for her, just like he was for Natsu and Lucy's old team. He also knew she never had the love of her father, either. He was too shocked about the change! What the hell had happened exactly? For Mavis's sake, she was a member of the most powerful freelance fighting mage team! What could have torn her apart to this extent? …To change everything? Then, everything clicked for him… Something had happened to her comrades, so he had patiently waited for her to begin.

He felt repulsed after hearing the story. He wanted to kill and torture those bastards, just like they had done to her teammates ! But, no, those people don't know the meaning of friends… Now, do they?

What an act of great cowardice. Torturing her own comrades in front of her while she watched, unscathed and helpless. He knew that everyone in the 'Light Team' would rather give their own lives instead of watching their comrades get hurt. Just like every Fairy Tail member. He had stayed with them for a year. He knew all five of them well enough to know that they were the same as his guild. 'One's tears, everyone's tears...'

But it was their fault. That God forsaken Baram Alliance! They made her what she was right now... She lost all her will to fight... She never used her old powers anymore, because it brought back old, painful memories... Every happy and sad memory... She had with them... She had with–

" –man, Old Man!" Lucy snapped.

"Huh, what?" Gidarts asked, coming out of his daydreaming.

"Aren't ya too old to slack off?" Lucy grinned and for once, for once Gildarts thought he saw a glimpse of the same old Lucy.

"Oy!" she nudged him.

"Well, I have to leave ! See ya later!" Lucy rushed away, showing her perfectly fake grin on her face. But during her hurry, she forgot to notice a cloaked figure standing some steps away from Gildarts, because if she had, she would've sensed the almost too familiar magical energy.

Gildarts looked towards the cloaked figure and called out, "How long are you going to plan staying in the shadows Rose?"

A sigh came from the cloaked figure and she scooted closer to Gildarts.

"Why didn't you tell her that you were alive?" Gildarts questioned.

"Gildarts she isn't ready for that yet. And I just barely managed to escape the hell prison… I am not ready to face her yet. I couldn't save any of them even though I was the older one… Even though I promised…" The cloaked figure lifted up her head and Gildarts could see tears brimming in her beautiful bright blue eyes.

"You know she never blamed you… She still blames herself. I could tell by the way she talked about that incident." Gildarts sighed sadly.

"I know… Same old Lucy, huh?" Rose stated with a sad smile.

"Yeah, well, let's go and tell Master. We should inform him about this matter, and get ya into the guild!" Gildarts grinned, draping an arm over her shoulders.

"You cannot hide it forever from Lucy, you know..." Gildarts said seriously.

"Oh, we must go… Both of the exceeds might've reached the guild and might be waiting for us… I think it's good that they didn't meet her, otherwise your identity would've been blown." Gildarts said.

"Yeah, I know, now let's go, Old Man..." Rose said softly, earning her a "Hey, I am not old!" from Gildarts, but she laughed and brushed it off, and they headed off in the direction of the guild.

Back to Lucy

"It was nice meeting the Old Man… Old Man, huh?" Lucy smiled sadly.

"But, that familiar presence… of her. I know I felt it there. Ah, must be my imagination. I am thinking about my past a lot, nowadays. Stupid me," Lucy chuckled bitterly.

Snapping out of her thoughts she saw she had already arrived at Fairy Hills. She was standing just before the entrance gate.

Even before she could blink, she felt a blue blur slamming into her, and she stumbled and fell backwards, landing on her butt again.

Oh, okay, what's with her landing on her butt tonight?

"Oh I am so sorry Lucy san! I was very worried since you arrived late and I smelled you first so I rushed–", Wendy started explaining whilst apologizing, but Lucy just smiled at the small girl while rubbing her butt cheeks.

"Oh, no problem, Wendy, sorry for making you worry. I just overslept in the afternoon." Lucy grinned apologetically.

"Lucy, you're late... Umm, Lucy, what are you wearing?" Erza's voice was stern but soon turned into a shocked one. Yet, it still made Lucy and Wendy cringe in fear.

"Oh, anyways, come on in, quick!" Erza quickly composed herself whist talking, and they both heaved a sigh of relief and entered the big dorm.

No matter how many times she arrived there, this place never ceased to amaze Lucy! It was so grand and beautiful.

She followed Erza and she saw that Erza was leading them towards her room.

"Erza, is the party going on in your room… umm rooms?" Lucy asked hesitantly.

"Oh, yes, well, my room is the biggest, so Mira and the others thought that it would be the best option." Erza replied somewhat proudly.

"Oh, well, that makes sense." Lucy awkwardly replied, sweat dropping.

"Lucy san, you look beautiful today! Oh, I mean, you look beautiful everyday, but umm..." Wendy said shyly.

"Oh, thanks, Wendy." Lucy replied assuring the little girl that she was not offended.

"Really, Lucy, this look suits you better, and, oh, you might've to be careful 'cause you arrived late and Cana opened the barrels and umm…" Erza started and Lucy quickly replied in understanding "And almost all of them couldn't handle the booze, and you are one of the few people who is sober, right?"

"Yeah, pretty much, only Mira, Cana, and I are sober…" Erza sighed.

"Hey, you forgot me and Carla!" Wendy huffed in annoyance.

"Oh, you both don't count because you are underage." Erza replied indifferently.

"Hey!" Wendy pouted cutely.

"I didn't know you were a heavy drinker Erza!" Lucy stated amused.

"Oh, no, I don't drink much, I just took a shot and the same with Mira. Well, if we got drunk, then who'll enjoy the fun afterwards, hmm?" Erza said nonchalantly.

As Lucy was about to ask what sort of fun Erza was referring to, she heard her say, "Come on in, Lucy!"

Lucy was surprised to see Erza and Wendy already inside, but entered quickly nonetheless.

As Lucy entered the room, she prepared for the worst, because she knew what drunken Fairy Tail girls could be like! And suddenly she was hugged by a hyper Levy who squealed in her drunken stupor, "Bunny-girl-hic-Lu-hic-chan!"

Lucy sweat dropped. 'Bunny girl, Lu chan?' Woah, this girl was really drunk.

Mirajane chuckled. "My, my, Levy san!"

"Oh, so Lucy finally arrived!" Cana taunted and Lucy shot an apologetic glance at her and she sighed, showing that she accepted Lucy's apology.

"Listen up, gals!" Cana almost half yelled.

"Drink some of these!" Cana said shaking some small bottles in her hand.

"Hic-what's that Canaaa saaan?" Juvia slurred.

"Yeh, hic- that water woman's correct! What's it Cana!" Lisanna asked slurring, too.

But Cana silenced them and handed them over a bottle each. It was quite small according to Lucy, it couldn't contain more than one glass of wine.

Suddenly, Cana whispered, so that only all the sober ones could hear, "Well, alright, listen up! This is known as Veritaserum. It is special rum. It makes even a drunk person almost sober."

Wendy's eyes widened and she started to speak, but Cana cut her off, "Wait, I am not done yet!" she whispered hurriedly as she handed each of the drunk girls one bottle each.

"It actually nullifies the effect of the previous wine you had; yeah, no headaches, or nothing. But it has its own special effect. It makes you almost sober as I said. When it acts, it makes the person drinking it tell whatever feelings he or she has been holding back fearlessly. It also makes a person tell the truth and only the truth. All their frustrations, their welled up feelings and emotions are gonna be out now! Oh, and they can't lie no matter the consequences. That's the power of Veritaserum," Cana finished proudly.

Mirajane grinned satisfied that her plan wasn't going to be a flop for once, and Erza found it good because she thought that they would be helping their nakama in some way. Little did she know how wrong she was, and what troubles this would bring.

And here was Lucy, shocked and currently heaving relieved that she didn't have to drink that, thanking the Gods for being late. Carla was watching Lucy closely whilst whispering, "Crazy bunch of idiots."

And Wendy… Well, little Wendy had a troubled look on her face and it looked like she was not happy about this, not one bit. Yeah, sure, she was glad that she didn't have to drink that wine, or whatever, and that their nakama were going to spill out their hidden feelings, which would, in turn, result in the boys' manning up and confessing their feelings, but she knew some hearts would get hurt. For instance, Lisanna's. She knew she still loved Natsu, but Natsu didn't love her back. He loved Lucy. And as for Lucy, that girl was full of unseen and unsolved mysteries, so it was a whole new chapter. Oh, God, it was so troublesome. She didn't know what to do. Sure she could use her powers and remove the effect of this so-called wine from the others but…

She looked up and saw the girls already starting to sober up. Woah, that was quick!

Bisca, Laki, and Evergreen were rubbing their eyes whilst Juvia, Levy, and Lisanna were blinking repeatedly. Suddenly, she heard faint noises from above the ceiling, and knew the guys where there in a secret passageway.

The sneaky boys

"Salamander, stop huffing! Your girl finally arrived!" Gajeel replied annoyed after looking at Lucy's arrival.

"Yeah, flame-brain, stop tensing up and listen to metal head!" Gray groaned.

"Woah, woah, hold a sec there! Is that Bunny Girl?" Gajeel's tone showed surprise, which caused all the boys to glance down, because Gajeel rarely showed emotions, let alone surprise.

Natsu glanced at Lucy, and what he saw made his mouth drop and a blush coated his cheeks.

"Cheerleader changed her attire, eh? She doesn't look bad, although I prefer her revealing clothes." Bickslow guffawed, but stopped after seeing Natsu's glare.

According to Natsu, she looked so beautiful, simply perfect, but why? Why the dress change now? He frowned thinking about this question.

"Whatever, slow pokes, stop gaping at Lucy's new look and look at your own girls because they are almost sobering up. I think my girl has done something mischievous." Laxus grinned more like smirked proudly.

"Wait a second, is that Veritaserum?" Gajeel asked shocked whilst sniffing.

Laxus's eyes widened, and he had a full-on-teeth-showing grin.

"Hell yeah, now guys, watch the show!" Laxus and Natsu said and high fived.

Every guy had a mischievous glint in their eyes, including Romeo, after they heard about the rum. That means they know what was going to happen.

Happy had a mischievous grin on his face, which made him look absolutely adorable. "Aye Sir!" he purred.

They looked at each other and smirked, as if saying 'Let the show begin.'

Whereas in Spirit World

Loke sighed and leaned his back against his door in the corridor. The Lion Spirit looked very troubled.

Well it was quite unusual because the always flirty, playboy, Leo, the zodiacs leader, hardly lost his cheerful demeanour. Unless… unless something was related to his love or his Master.

"I didn't know Lucy had such a sad past. Lucy, I hope you will accept Natsu as your mate. Natsu I wish you all the best." Loke sighed.

"Meanwhile, what should I do about my mate? If I don't claim Aries soon there is a possibility of the meddling of the White zodiac or Black zodiac keys'." Loke groaned.

"I have to tell Aries soon," Loke muttered.

"Ano sumima-sen... Tell me what, Loke kun?" Aries asked shyly.

"Eh, Aries!" Loke exclaimed while becoming pink in the face.

"I am sorry, Loke kun! I didn't mean to startle you!" Aries apologized profusely.

Loke looked at his mate and unconsciously a smile lit up his handsome face. She was just too cute for her own good. But he hated himself. He wasn't worthy of Aries. He was a freaking playboy and a flirt. He was the wild and dangerous lion, whereas she was the cute, little innocent lamb.

But it couldn't be helped. "Alas! The Lion fell in love with the Lamb." Loke muttered unconsciously.

Aries looked at the person she harboured feelings for seemingly shocked.

Loke looked up paralyzed and Aries dashed out of the corridor.

Loke took a moment to absorb what happened and dashed out after Aries hot on her trail.

Back to the Girls

"Wait… Wha-What happened exactly?" Levy said whilst rubbing her eyes.

"Yeah, Mira nee, all I remember is drinking," Lisanna started.

"Oh, Levy, Lisanna, Juvia, Bisca, Laki, Evergreen, you guys drank too much. Only I, Cana, Erza, Wendy, Carla, and Lucy, who just arrived, are sober," Mira stated nonchalantly.

"Wha- Love Rival! Is that you?" Juvia's eyes were as wide as saucers seeing Lucy.

"Lucy san! You look good!" Lisanna said.

"Lu chan! Why change your attire?" Levy grinned teasingly.

"Oh, back to your senses, already? The one who called me 'Bunny Girl, Lu chan'… So, has Gajeel been rubbing off on you lately, Levy chan?" Lucy teased back.

Levy turned bright red and somewhere above, Wendy heard Gajeel grunt while the boys guffawed, and she held back her own smirk.

"Well, well, enough torturing poor Levy, Lucy!" Cana said.

"Hey! No fair, she started it!" Lucy whined.

The girls except Lucy and Levy chuckled.

They both pouted cutely and Wendy finally smirked and swore to Mavis that if Natsu and Gajeel were down here, they would have grabbed and kissed them right away.

"Hey, Cana how did we get sober?" Bisca asked.

"Oh don't ya worry about that! Wendy helped you guys! Right Wens?" Cana hurriedly made up an excuse and stomped Wendy on her foot.

"Ow! I mean, yes, Cana san did! I mean, yes, I did!" Wendy squeaked.

Bisca looked at them suspiciously, but brushed it off nonetheless.

"Uh hmm…" Mira cleared her throat seeming annoyed, and now all girls focused their attention in order not to face the former 'S class mage's' wrath…

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's play a game!" Mira clapped her hands together, motioning Cana to say further secretly.

"Hmm…Good idea, Mira! Let's play Truth or Dare!" Cana smirked and Erza nodded whilst grinning.

Wait a second. Hold on there. Wait! What? Erza is grinning! Something is definitely wrong! having the same thought, all the girls shuddered.

"Everyone wants to play, right?" Mira threatened while smiling a sickeningly sweet smile, and all the girls nodded frantically.

"Well, so what are we waiting for? Let the game begin!" Mira grinned, popped a bottle out of nowhere, and kept it in the centre, motioning all the girls to surround it and sit in a circle.

All the girls slowly approached and sat beside each other, making a circle. Mira was in between Erza and Cana. Beside Erza sat Lucy, followed by Wendy. Lisanna sat beside Cana, followed by Juvia. Levy swiftly sat beside Wendy, followed by Laki and Bisca. And finally Evergreen approached the group, and sat between Bisca and Juvia.

"Som everyone's comfortable?" Mira asked out loud.

And the girls grinned, indicating an agreement.

"Well, then what are we waiting for? Let the game begin!" Mira smirked.

Mira held the bottle in her delicate fingers and glanced at every girl in the room. Each looked nervous and their eyes were glued to the bottle.

"So here I go!" Mira said gleefully and spun the bottle.

The bottle was spinning, and after a painfully long and breathtaking minute, it rotated one last time and landed on Erza, who gulped, whereas others heaved a sigh of relief.

Mira grinned evilly and asked, "So, Erza, Truth or Dare?"

Next Chapter!

Chapter Six: Truth or Dare!

Erza glanced wearily at Mira, who still had the mischievous glint in her eyes. Choosing dare looked the safest option, so she did. She chose dare.

"Fine, I choose dare!" Erza declared and relaxed her tensed body, seeing the disappointment in Mira's eyes. But that relaxation was short lived because Mira soon replied, "Alright, then! I dare you to tell me the love story of your life!" Mira smirked, accepting the war her rival had silently declared.

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