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"Whoa, can you believe it?!" Katherine, the new pack healer, was having a conversation with Kate.

"What? Believe what?"

"You haven't heard? He's back."

"Who's back?"

"The wolf that left two years ago is back! I thought he was dead!"

"The wolf who left two years ago? What's his name?"

"And he has changed a lot! They say he..."

"If you don't tell me the name, I swear I will smash your head into a tree!" Kate yelled with explosive rage, rearing her paw back, as if to punch her. Her cheeks were literally burning with anger.

"Hey, relax! You sound just like your mother."

"How can I relax? I have just suffered a wave of labor pains and God knows when the next one will come! Are you going to tell me the name or not?" Kate said, backing off a little.

"Okay, okay! But I forget his name…." Katherine said, expecting the worst from Kate.

"You idiot!" Kate shouted again. "Any way is his name Humphrey?"

"Humphrey! Yes, that's it! That's a long name. Who told you? Wait! Where are you going?" Katherine asked with concern.

"I'm going to see him right now!" Kate yelled.

"No! You can't! You're risking your life!"

"But Katherine, I... fine. But right after this I'm going to see him, and you can't stop me!"

"Well, at least you're not going right now. Ha-ha, I wouldn't be able to stop you if you persisted. And why do you care so much about him? He's an Omega, right?" Katherine wondered.

"He's a friend. Tell me what you know."

"Well, I don't know much. But there IS a rumor that he has A LOT of scars on his body and there is a horrible one across his face, barely missing his eye."

"Oh, that must've hurt." Kate said.

Where has he been? She thought.

"Oh, and I have also heard about his behavior these past two days."

"What? Has he gone crazy or something like that?"

"No, he's become autistic. They said that he hunts for his own food, and hides from others. Just like a lone wolf…"

So, Humphrey was back, but he was too late. What happened to him? And how will he reactwhen he finds out that Kate has become a mother? What will happen between him and rest of the pack? PLEASE be patient.

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