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You were both pretty new at this whole 'Fringe' business. Olivia was young, you were younger, but that was okay. You had connections.

You had both immediately adopted Charlie as your guide, because...Broyles couldn't terrify Olivia, because Olivia couldn't be terrified. But you couldn't get within ten feet of him without getting twitchy and needing to piss.

So you just hung out with Francis.

He called out your crush on her so many times, said "Lee, I'm only gonna tell you this once, but...it ain't happening."

He told you that a hell of a lot more than once.

But how could you stay away? Olivia Dunham was dynamite, and you saw her every day. You wouldn't change that for the world, in all honesty.

You just loved watching her solve cases, the way everything came together so naturally for her while you...you wouldn't say struggled, but you weren't necessarily the most skilled guy in the world.

Again, connections.

There was only one time anything really happened between you two.

You'd been working with Olivia for about a year, getting in the swing of things and finding your place in the 'Trio of Awesome' (as you enjoyed calling yourselves).

She had been hunting down some psycho killer by herself because Broyles said no way in hell. (Later, when you checked the facts with Agent Farnsworth, she said that Olivia's chances of surviving alone were exactly 3 out of 8. But you didn't know that then)

You followed her. How could you not? You were young and noble and stupid.

She was being backed against a wall by a guy with a knife, and her gun was on the ground not two feet away from you. You had yours, but you wanted to save her with her own gun, because that seemed kind of poetic. (Young and stupid popping up to say hi). Neither killer nor beautiful victim had noticed you yet, and you took him down with two shots to the back of the head. The first killed him, the second was really just an f-you move.

The conversation, as you remember it:

You: "You okay?"

Olivia: "I'll live, yeah. Thanks."

You: "No problem."

Olivia: (pointing at the gun hanging loosely in your hand) "Is that mine?"

You: (mentally cursing the world) "Nah, this one's yours." (you offer Olivia your gun)

Olivia: "No, I'm actually pretty sure the one you're holding is mine."

You: "All guns look the same, okay? Just take it."

Olivia: (walking closer to you) "I will."

You: (she'sgettingcloser) "Here." (awkward laugh)

Olivia: "You know, I'm really grateful to you."

You: "It's nothing."

Olivia: (leans in)

Your heart: (explodes)

Then the door slammed open and Charlie strutted in, saying "Hey, kids. Never do that again, but nice job. Hey, Lee, why d'you have Liv's gun?"

To which you replied "Screw you, Francis."

Charlie smiled, saluted you, and walked right back out of the door. Olivia gave you a sad little raise of her eyebrows and followed him.

You just stood there reeling from your near miss.

And after that it was all done. You were good partners and friends, and you never spoke of it again.

You still have her gun.

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