These stories will be centered around Booth's Daddy's Handbook. The idea for this handbook appeared in chapter 38 in my story, "Personal Effects". I introduced two new characters to my Booth/Brennan world in that chapter, Hank Zachariah Booth and Joseph Seeley Booth. They are the identical twin sons of Booth and Brennan and are two years younger than Christine.

I don't own Bones which is probably a good thing.

When Booth needs backup with his parenting skills, Booth uses his "Daddy's Handbook" as a sign of his ultimate authority with his children. What else can a guy do when raising genius children?


Carrying Christine into the house, Booth strode angrily over to the staircase and placed his daughter down on the first step. "Go upstairs to your room, Christine. Right now!"

Not sure she liked her father anymore, Christine looked at her father and rubbed her eyes with her fists. "I want my Mommy."

Furious, Booth shook his head and pointed towards the top of the staircase. "You go up to your room right now young lady. Daddy is very angry with you and I don't want to see you for awhile. Now Go!"

Tearfully, Christine turned around and slowly climbed the staircase her sobs loud enough for Booth to hear. When she arrived at the top of the steps, Christine turned around and threatened her father. "I'm going to tell Mommy on you."

Stepping up on the first step, Booth threatened her back. "You go to your room or you'll have a lot more to tell your mother about than you do right now."

Her hands over her eyes, Christine stumbled to her bedroom and closed the door as hard as she could after she was in the room.

The sound of the door slamming like a punch in his stomach, Booth stepped down from the staircase and walked over to the couch. Sitting down, he leaned forward, placed hs hands over his eyes and began to weep.


In the laundry room downstairs next to the Man Cave, Brennan was certain that she had heard shouting upstairs. Folding the last sheet, she picked up her folded sheets and walked upstairs to see what was going on. Arriving at the top of the steps, she thought she heard Booth weeping which alarmed her greatly. Hurrying across the living room, Brennan sat down next to Booth. "What's going on Booth? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Where is Christine?"

Embarrassed that he'd been caught crying, he wiped the tears from his face and looked up at Brennan. "I have to do something Bones. Christine may have almost been kidnapped today. We need to do something about her being too friendly with strangers."

Fear coursing through her, Brennan placed her hand on Booth's knee and almost shouted her next question. "What do you mean she was almost kidnapped? Where is Christine now?"

Aware that he had frightened his wife, Booth placed his left hand on her hand and gripped it firmly. "She's okay, she's in her room. I made her go to her room because I was so mad I was afraid of what I would do if she stayed down here. Today was the closest I've ever come to really punishing her."

Still upset about what had happened, Booth held up his right hand and measured an inch with his fingers. "I came that close. She scared the Hell out of me Bones."

Confused and very nervous, Brennan shook her head. "Please Booth, tell me what happened. What do you mean she may have almost been kidnapped?"

Under control now, Booth sighed. "I needed a new tie, so while we were at the mall, I stopped by that shop I like and decided to see what they had in stock. Christine didn't want me to hold her while I looked, so I put her down and told her not to leave my sight."

His gaze now on Brennan's worried face, Booth continued his story. "I started to look at the ties and I guess I forgot to make sure that Christine was still standing next to me. The next thing I know, I hold out a tie and ask her if she liked it and I realized that she wasn't standing next to me. I liked to had a heart attack . . . I turned around and I called her name and I heard her voice at the front of the store calling for me. I ran to the front of the store and some guy had Christine's hand in his and he was walking towards the entrance. He was trying to leave with her."

His emotions high, Booth panted as if he had just run a hard mile. "I ran over to the guy and grabbed Christine from him and demanded to know what the hell he was doing." Booth shook his head. "The guy claimed that he found Christine running around the store unattended and he was trying to find her parents for her. What a crock of shit!"

Stunned, Brennan felt cold inside. "What . . . what did you do?"

"I reached down and grabbed my badge out of my jacket and I showed it to him. The bastard ran from me as fast as he could. I was holding Christine, so I couldn't chase after him. I tracked down the manager of the store and I made arrangements to have all the film from all of the security cameras sent over to the Jeffersonian. I called Angela and she's going to do her best to try to identify the guy. He is not going to get away with what he tried to do. I promise you that bastard is going to rue the day he was born."

Exhaling deeply, Brennan knew their child had been in grave danger. "Maybe Christine is too friendly. I don't know what we can do about it though. We've talked to her many times about it, but nothing seems to impress her."

He knew she was right. Leaning his head against Brennan's head, Booth closed his eyes and mumured. "Let me think about it. I'll try to come up with something."


Two days later, Booth came home with a big manila envelope in his hands. As he entered the house, he called Christine's name out loud.

Trying to be on her best, four year old behavior, Christine hurried out of her bedroom and came downstairs where her father was. Stopping at the bottom of the staircase, she held on to the stair railing. "Here I am Daddy."

Booth sat down on the couch and motioned for Christine to come over to where he was sitting. Brennan, standing in the kitchen doorway, stood and watched.

Determined to get it right, he patted the couch and smiled grimly at his daughter. "Sit down next to me Christine. I have something important I need to talk to you about."

Wary of her father's tone of voice, Christine walked over to the couch, sat down and stared at her father.

Solemly, Booth held up the envelope for his child to see. "Do you know you got me into trouble, baby girl?"

Puzzled, Christine shook her head. "How come Daddy? What did I do?"

Gravely, Booth placed the envelope on his lap and explained. "The head Daddy found out that you almost walked away with a stranger the other day and he contacted me and yelled at me for not enforcing the Daddy rules. He was really mad at me."

Her eyes large, Christine stared at her father. "I don't like you to be yelled at Daddy."

Booth bit his lip to keep from smiling. Once he was sure he was serious enough, he continued. "Me neither. He sent me a binder and he said he's going to start sending me the Daddy rules to put in it. I'm supposed to make sure that you, me and Mommy memorize the Daddy rules. We have to follow the Daddy rules or the head Daddy is going to punish me."

Her eyes widening if that was possible, Christine whispered. "We have Daddy rules?"

"Yep, let me show you." Opening the manila envelope, Booth pulled out a three ring binder and opened it. The first page displayed the words, "Official Daddy's Handbook".

Counting on the fact that Christine had started reading at the age of three years old, Booth made sure that Christine was looking at what was printed on the pages. Turning the first page over, the next page displayed: 1. Mommy and Daddy love you now and they always will. Turning the page, Booth showed Christine what was printed on the next page, 2. Don't talk to strangers even if they say they know Mommy and Daddy. Turning the page, they both saw the printed words on the next page, 3. Make sure that Daddy knows who all of your friends are.

Once he was sure Christine had seen them, he turned to look at her. "The head Daddy is going to send me new pages once in awhile to put in the book. It's really important that we memorize these rules and try to follow them. If we don't I could get into trouble and you don't want me to get into trouble, do you Baby?"

Solemnly, Christine shook her head. "No Daddy. I'm sorry. I didn't know you can get into trouble."

Placing the book down on the coffee table, Booth hugged his daughter. "That's okay. We just have to learn the rules and everything will be fine."

Sorry for the trouble her father was in, she kissed him on the cheek, slid off the couch and picked up the book. Carrying it to her mother, Christine held the book out for her to see. "See Mommy. We have to follow the rules to keep Daddy from getting into trouble."

Brennan took the book from Christine and acknowledged what Christine had said. "I see, Christine. We will be very careful from now on and memorize the rules. We definitely don't want Daddy to get into trouble."


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