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I'm rewriting all of the chapters of 'New Beginnings' because I've had no inspiration for a while and my dog died recently however I decided to have a DVD marathon in my depression and my love for LOTR has been renewed and I have therefore decided to improve my writing and hopefully update it without the long waits so please enjoy =)

I rubbed my head as I thought over the shitty day I had at school, putting up with the little fucktards who thought they were the most important people around. Urgh. I seriously hate high school.

However the day was getting better as I walked home with my bestfriend Alexandria or Lexi as she preferred.

We were having a sleepover at mine and having a movie marathon involving the EXTENDED versions of Lord of the Rings just so I could obsess over the sexiest man in the film. Aragorn of course.

Lexi preferred Legolas because she loved Orlando Bloom's 'perfectly formed arse and his purely sexual accent' as she oh so eloquently phrased it. Although I can't really talk as I only seem to like bearded character's... Lexi says I have a beard fetish... I can't disagree.

Moving on... Today is Halloween and my 17th birthday. Lexi is jumping for joy as I have promised to go 'trick or treating' with her. We even bought our costumes months before today just to be absolutely certain we'd be ready.


I'm dressed as Catwoman in a similar costume to the one Halle Berry wore in the movie except I'm wearing a black venetian mask that only really covers my eyes.

My blonde hair is pulled over my left shoulder and left to fall in soft curls to my waist. I barely use any make up, I put mascara and a little eyeliner on to make my icy cerulean eyes stand out more, whilst I wore a bright red lipstick and put a little blusher on to add colour to my ivory skin.

The only accessories I add is my necklace that looked like a replica of the Evenstar save for a strange liquid within which changed colour depending on one's mood... currently it was an icy blue matching my eye colour.

Lexi was dressed in the black Elektra outfit that Jennifer Garner wore in Daredevil.

Her smooth chocolate hair fell in soft waves down to the middle of her back, her dark brown eyes are lined in a soft brown colour making specks of amber more prominant. She wore a clear lip gloss and a a bit of blusher on her soft sun kissed skin.

Eventually armed with plastic bags we went rick or treating. I traded Lexi money for candy which she happily took.

We were at the end of the road when we saw a house further up the path, quite a bit away from the other houses but still in view.

I turned to Lexi "Leeexx" I said pointing to the house in the distance "Another house?"

Lexi rolled her eyes.

"You were the one who wanted to go trick or treating in the first place" I pouted "And it is my birthday. Come on Lexi"

"I suppose we can... I mean what harm ever came from knocking on a house eh?"

As she walked off towards the house I frowned "The famous last words" I muttered under my breath.


"Oh it's just usually whenever someone says 'what harm ever came from whatever' usually something bad happens"

Lexi rolled her eyes "We watch far too many horror movies"

I chuckled "That we do"

As we continued up to the house I shivered as I felt eyes following our every movement.

Lexi got to the house first and knocked.

"Trick or treat?" She said as the door opened and two men answered.

I cringed as I smelled the alcohol tainting their breath I stood behind Lexi and whispered "Maybe this wasn't a good idea Lex"

"Hello pretty ladies" The one closest to us slurred.

I grimaced every instinct I had was telling me to get the fuck outta there.

"Well, darling" The man smirked "Since you asked so nicely we'll give you and your pretty friend a treat" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively before lunging for Lexi's arm as she back away.

I pulled a face pushing Lexi behind me "Not even in your dreams you little shit" I hissed before kicking him in the crotch. I grabbed Lexi's arm and pulled her along behind me as I ran as fast as I could.

I groaned as I heard the men chasing us, they were quite close and gaining on us.

I pushed her ahead "Get to the road and get help Lex, run!" I half shouted as I stopped and closed my eyes attempting to hide my fear.

I bit my lip to refrain from crying out in pain as a hand yanked me back by my hair.

"That wasn't very nice you little whore" The man I kicked hissed at me "We are going to make you and the other pretty little darling pay for it"

He backhanded me as the other man ran ahead to catch Lexi, I flinched inwardly as his ring caught my lip causing it to bleed. I snarled spitting the blood back in his face.

"You li-"

He was cut off as the other man returned dragging a sobbing Lexi back to where we stood.

The man I kicked sneered "No one's gonna save you. And if you scream I'll gut your little friend, so be good little bitches and do as we say"

My face contorted into a snarl as he started groping me, I started struggling and caught Lexi's look of fear as I felt cool metal press into my neck, I sighed before mouthing 'sorry Lex' and started struggling harder.

"Be a good girl and I won't kill you in front of your friend"

"I welcome death, what you've got planned will seem like hell compared to it's sweet embrace"

The next thing I felt was a sharp pain cutting into my neck as I felt his presence behind me go, I fell to my knees and grasped my neck feeling a warm liquid running down my breasts and hands.

I gasped in agony as I met Lexi's eyes, her face was contorted in a silent scream and stained with tears shed for me.

She started struggling, tried to reach out for me as the man I had kicked walked slowly over to her and showed me the large kitchen knife, now tainted a dark red as he pressed it to her skin and slowly embedded the knife in her chest.

I let a single tear fall before bowing my head in grief as I watched the light leave her eyes, before I felt a darkness wash over me and then... nothing.

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