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When Théoden and I re entered the hall, we noticed Eowyn crouching down beside two children. I frowned and shared a look with the king before wandering over to where my lover sat.

Once the king was seated Eowyn spoke up "They had no warning" she stood and moved toward her uncle "They were unarmed" her voice was pleading and desperate now for her uncle to take action "Now the wildmen are moving through the westfold, burning as they go. Rick, cot and tree."

The king sighed wearily and I made my way over to the children as the girl said innocently "Where's mama?"

I knelt beside them, shushing quietly "You will find her eventually" I smiled softly to them both, the boys eyes widening as he took note of my pointed ears.

"You're an elf?" he asked confused and in awe.

"Yes" I replied simply, glad I had distracted them from the conversation continuing behind me "I am Vanya, Princess of Mirkwood… and you?"

"Freda" the girl replied casually.

"Eothain Lady Vanya" the boy replied more formally.

I chuckled "Just call me Vanya, please"

It was then Eowyn chose to interrupt, talking to the children and shoving me away. I rolled my eyes but turned my attention back to the conversation as Aragorn said "Open war is upon you. Whether you would risk it or not"

I rolled my eyes and inwardly groaned at the annoyance of manly pride as Théoden glowered at my lover and snapped "When last I looked, Théoden, not Aragorn, was king of Rohan"

Gandalf chose then to intervene as the tension grew "Then what is the king's decision?"

I don't listen as he replies, but walk over to Aragorn "If it helps, you're still the manliest person here" I teased lightly.

He glared at me, but chuckled before looking up as Gandalf left the room, we exchanged a look before swiftly following him.

"Helm's Deep!" Gandalf scoffs.

"They flee to the mountains when they should stand and fight. Who will defend them if not their king" Gimli then puts in, agreeing with the wizard.

I rolled my eyes, before turning to Estel as he spoke "He's only doing what he thinks is best for his people. Helm's deep has saved them in the past"

I smiled at Aragorn resting my hand on his arm as he defended the king, we entered the stables and Gandalf continued his rant , I wandered over to Prince and stroked him softly, only looking up when Shadowfax rides out of Edoras.

Las, Gimli and Aragorn leave, but I stay speaking softly to my majestic companion, I look up as Eowyn enters, I smile but it is not returned, so I mutter "Child" as she walks past me to her own horse.

Seconds later I am interrupted of my grooming of Prince when two guards start struggling with a horse, I see my lover out of the corner of my eye by the door, with a saddle, watching them silently.

"That horse is half ma, my lord. There's nothing you can do. Leave him" One of the guards say as Aragorn nears the steed.

He whispers something in elvish and then speaks in Rohirric, I understand the language well enough, but it is plain and ugly compared to my own so I avoid it where I can, I even prefer the dwarvish language compared to it.

But honestly I was glad I knew it as Eowyn joined the conversation, I glare at the floor, brooding until the girl speaks common tongue "I have heard of the magic of elves, but I did not look for it in a Ranger from the North. You speak as one of their own" she sounds surprised.

I stare at my lover, smiling slightly as he grins toward me before replying "I was raised in Rivendell… for a time. Turn this fellow free. He's seen enough of war."

I walk out before he finishes knowing he will follow. He catches up and wraps his arms around me, I turn and kiss him lightly, before allowing my eyes to fall on the star around his neck, I raise my hand to it and smile.

I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately, he seems surprised but goes with it dragging his tongue along my bottom lip, begging entry. I open my mouth and allow his tongue to dance with mine, as he explores my mouth, as he has done many times before.

I pull back gasping in air "What was that for?" he asks drawing in a breath.

"I love you Ara" I just say "Do I need another reason" the latter was said with obviously fake innocence as he frowns but shrugs it off.

I smirk inwardly, feeling slightly embarrassed of my possessiveness, never before had I ever attempted to stake my claim on him, but knowing my necklace rested around his neck, knowing he belonged to me, and vice versa … I smiled as I watch him walk toward the golden hall.

"Hello Lisse" I said as I wandered into the courtyard, she smiled back but continued tending her steed with out a word, she wore a green silky dress, one of Rohan, it suited her but the dress did nothing to compliment the beauty she beheld.

I myself wore a black dress, with slippers and a cloak, it seemed suitable for the dark times we were unfortunate to live in.

I walked further on and saw the guards Hama and Gamling training with others that remained unknown to me.

I approached them, they smiled warily having been present to my threatening of their friend.

"Greetings Lady Vanya" One guard said.

The others turned and looked at me, one, a giant I might add, was leering at me in such a way you'd think he had never seen a woman before.

"Did you get lost woman?" the giant growled at me.

"No, I was looking for Aragorn, Gimli and my brother Las, have you seen them?"

"No milady" Gamling was the one to reply, I nodded my thanks and turned to leave but stopped as I wandered over to the well crafted man made swords lying on the ground. I went to pick one up to examine it, but stopped and turned as a voice spoke behind me.

"A woman should not trouble herself with such things, just go back to your chambers and off the training field where you may break a nail princess"

I chuckled but Hama noticed the glint in my eye, and passed me the wooden training sword he had been using.

It wasn't long before the giant was under me panting, with a broken nose, and no dignity "How's that for being in the way, Princess" I mocked before walking away.

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