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Fire burned across and lightning slashed through the sky. What's happening, you might ask? A brave prince that's addressed as Simba; has been accused of murder and he is now hanging for his life. Who would accuse him of such a thing? It would be his envious and villainous uncle, Scar. He had told him, he had come across an event very similar. He finished, "Oh! Yes, I remember. This is how your father looked before her died."

He bent over and latched his claws onto Simba's paws. He was about to tell him a secret, that only he and the hyenas know, but instead he decided saw with a lot of amusement, "It's too bad he's not here too. I would love to see his face when you die"

Simba's ears lay against his head and his eyes widened in fear. Scar didn't waste a moment. He threw him down to his fiery death. The lionesses gasped at what they witnessed, the death of their new king. Their only way of seeking peace, is now gone. That enraged then, especially Nala. They charged at the tyrant, only to be blocked by multitudes of hyenas. It was clear that they were outnumbered, but they still battled. Usually, he wouldn't really care about seeing a fight once and awhile. But, he needed the lionesses for two reasons. One: They're the ones that hunt the food. Two: He will need an heir. He roared, "ENOUGH!"

They all stopped and gave him confusing stares. He walked towards them and reasoned, "If you all remember, I said that hyena and lion will come together. So, we can't have everyone fighting. Can we?"

The lionesses exchanged looks with another. It was obvious he was planning something, but what? "Plus, there is one thing you're all forgetting." He paused. "When my day as king is over-which won't be soon I assure you-I will need an heir to take the throne."

A few lionesses gasped, others tried to flee back into the den, but he didn't care for them. There was only one he's been keeping his eye on. He called, "Nala."

They parted revealing a very frightened Nala. She walked towards him slowly, taking every bit of her time. She shuddered at the thought of being Scar's mate. She stuttered, "Y-Yes Scar?"

"Would you like to be my queen?" Scar asked. Horrified. She was absolutely horrified. Her mother, Sarafina shouted, "Nala you don't have to do this!"

He laughed at her cockiness. "She doesn't have to do this? Then tell me Sarafina, who'll claim the throne when I'm dead?" He informed. She growled at him. She went on, "Nala's betrothed to Simba!"

"Simba is dead! She'll have to be mated to another, Sarafina!" He exclaimed. Her glare intensified but, she remained silent. Knowing that he won, he smiled mockingly at her. When he smiled, thunder roared across the land. It started to rain. He ordered the hyenas to stay away from the lionesses for the night. Of course they had to do what they were ordered. The lionesses went back into the den, as for Nala, she went back to Scar's "private" den. It's private now that he let Zazu out of the cage. Sarabi and Zazu were the ones left out in the rain. He went on her shoulder and asked, "Something wrong?"

She shook her disappointingly. "It just doesn't make sense. Before Simba came, the land was barren and deprived of life. Now, he killed Simba and the Great Kings are trying to restore the land. You'd think it would just get worse."

Zazu believes in the whole Great Kings thing, but didn't really believe they looked after the whole pride. But with Sarabi being very religious, he went with it. "Maybe they had no other choice. It was either kill the whole land and everyone else in it. Or let everyone survive. Why did they let Scar survive? I think that's an answer we'll never figure out. I think-"

He got interrupted by a loud scream. No doubt it was from Nala. There also was cry from the den, Sarafina. The two felt bad for them both. At this moment, they can't do anything. But, just sit back and watch.

"Scar stop! You don't have to do this!" Nala screamed "There are plenty of other lionesses for you to mate with!" She cried out as she tried to claw him and got him in the nose. "Will you stop this madness and listen to me please?"

"No you imprudent lioness!" he hissed, before mounting her and then began mating. "Don't worry; you will get used to this soon enough and you'll learn to love it." He consoled. Nala did put up one hell of a struggle, but she wasn't going to give in without a fight.

Several hours later poor Nala limped out of his den. She went towards two of her friends Khaleesi, a light tan and cream colored lioness and Alice, who was just a few shades lighter than scar with white tipped ears and a white tuff of fur on her tail. "Oh you poor, poor thing Nala!" they both said at the same time and moved to help her. "Everything will be alright, don't worry my dear." Khaleesi said nuzzling her.

"We didn't want this for you dear. I don't understand why he chose you, we are more than willing to take your place" Alice said softly "We don't want to see you get hurt"

"I'll be fine don't worry. I am a tough lioness after all." Nala replied before flopping down to get off her paws. "He's too rough, unlike how Simba was, he was so gentle" She explained softly.

"Get some rest now ok? We will watch over you." They both reassured, before laying down to watch over her. Scar on the other paw paced around his den both annoyed and angered, that a mere lioness could cause such damage trying to fight against him as they mated. "Insolent Nala, she will learn obedience soon enough. And then she'll be more willing to have my heir." He hissed "If not I can always find a more suitable mate. A mate, who'll give me durable enough cubs to rule over this pathetic kingdom."

"Zazu!" Scar bellowed "Get in here now and bring in Shenzi as well" He growled. Zazu rolled his eyes but did as told and brought in the female hyena. "You bellowed, oh mighty King Scar?" Shenzi asked. "Yes I want you to go on the prowl for some more, eager shall we say, lionesses in case Nala doesn't produce an heir for me" He smirked showing his fangs.

"As you wish, any preferences to what you would like?" asked Zazu with a disgusted look. "Shenzi knows the type. Now leave me and send Nala in here!" Scar growled. They dashed out of there, knowing fully well not to disobey Scar; unless they want to end up bruised, or broken, or worse…dead.

Nala squirmed in her sleep. She was having a nightmare about what would happen if she made a horrible heir. Let's just say, there was a lot of blood, and it was not from her birth. Zazu saw her in this discomfort state. How he wished he didn't have to do this, but it was the King's orders. He tapped her and she woke up wide eyed. She breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw Zazu. "Why did you wake me?" She asked suspiciously. He sighed deeply. "Scar wants to see you, Nala."

Her body started shaking. She can only take but so much. Not wanting to disobey, she went inside of the den. If only she knew that things will get much worse than just dealing with their tyrannical king.

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