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Chapter 2 | Wrong Feels so Right

What the fuck are you thinking?

It's a question I've been asking myself from the moment I got in my car and flew up the highway to Seattle.

Chasing after Bella.

When I left Tanya the other day and went to stay at Charlie's house in Forks, I never dreamed that anything would happen between Bella and me. Had I fantasized and dreamed about it more times than I can count? Yes. Yes, I have. What man my age doesn't, at some point or another, fantasize about being with a younger woman? I just never thought I would act on it.

Bella's very persuasive, though.

While "having too much to drink" is absolutely no excuse for what happened between us that first night, it's really all I have to go off of. Charlie and I had been up shooting the shit and talking about my failed marriage for hours, working our way through a few six-packs, before we decided to turn in. Charlie wasn't sure what time Bella was going to be getting into town the next day, but he said he didn't want to be exhausted and hung over when she did. As always, drinking that much knocked me out completely, and the beer had obviously helped to blur the line between my dreams and reality.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that I'd fallen asleep in Bella's bed or if some subconscious part of me sensed her presence after she'd crawled into bed next to me, but she was the star of my dream that night. When I woke up with my fingers buried in her pussy, I was a confusing combination of horrified and thrilled.

Horrified because I'd taken advantage of her while we both slept . . . but thrilled because she seemed more than responsive to every kiss and touch I'd lavished her with unbeknownst to either of us—unless I'd mistaken the passion behind her kiss and how incredibly wet she was as something else.

The minute the sleep-induced haze cleared, any positive feelings I'd experienced dissipated, and I was left with guilt.

The guilt was quickly forgotten the minute Charlie knocked on the door, and that was when my instinct of self-preservation kicked in . . . of course, it wavered the minute Bella turned around and flashed me her ass, and I started to wonder just how far it would have gone had she not fallen off the bed. No, I didn't just wonder, I found myself feeling a little disappointed.

I'm a sick bastard—I know this—and yet, a large part of me just doesn't fucking care.

I knew Charlie wouldn't respond well to finding the two of us in bed together, so I had to think fast to placate him enough to keep him on the other side of that door. Him thinking I was on the phone with work seemed to do the trick and bought Bella and me enough time to put some clothes on and sneak her into the house without her father knowing.

My brain might have been at war on what was right and wrong when it came to what just happened, but I did know that I should apologize to Bella for it; I couldn't imagine what had to be going through her head. She had every right to tell her father or press charges . . . so colour me surprised when she seemed almost flirty that afternoon.

It took everything in me to fight the urges that coursed through every damn cell in my body.

She helped me forget about the shitstorm my life had become as we hung out that afternoon. The menial task of grocery shopping followed by making pie crusts in her father's kitchen kept me from thinking about my soon-to-be ex-wife's betrayal. It was easy to fall into a comfortable conversation with Bella—it always was—and soon we were teasing each other like we often did when together. I never thought it would escalate to a food fight.

Seeing her with flour scattered in her hair and specks of it on her cheeks made something in the air shift for me, and as we chased each other around the kitchen, I wanted nothing more than to kiss her . . . but knew I couldn't. It would be wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, was what I kept telling myself as I advanced on her like a lion on an unsuspecting gazelle.

When the doorbell rang, interrupting our silly behaviour, I was grateful—until I rounded the corner to see who it was.

Tanya showing up at Charlie's pissed me off. Hearing her accuse me of sleeping with Bella was laughable after what I'd learned of her extramarital affairs, but a part of me wanted to let her believe it—wanted it to be true, even. I didn't entertain her idea that Bella and I were together, but I didn't exactly squash them either. My nerves were rattled by the time I got rid of her, and when I returned to the kitchen, I found myself in Bella's arms as she did her best to comfort me.

And then I kissed her and it was like the planets aligned and other miraculous shit happened all at once. The rational part of my brain screamed at me to stop—told me it was beyond wrong—but I found it hard to believe when it felt so goddamn right.

And then Charlie showed up.

Bella and I broke apart, short of breath and red-faced. I tried to apologize for stepping out of line, but she brushed it off as though it was nothing. Yes, she had confessed to wanting it to happen as much as I did, but that didn't make what happened okay . . .

Did it?

Thankfully, Charlie had no idea what he almost walked in on, which meant I got to keep my life another day. It terrifies me to the core to think about how he's going to handle hearing about Bella and me. We're not ready to tell him just yet, but he'll find out eventually; we just have to find the best way to break it to him, because somehow me telling him that I decided to take his advice to "find some hot young thing to help me forget about Tanya" probably isn't going to go over too well.

No. He'll shoot me where I stand the minute the words leave my mouth.

Originally, I'd planned not to venture any further into forbidden waters where Bella was concerned. I'd made up my mind, and was feeling almost okay with that decision . . . until she joined me in the living room and sat next to me. Looking into her eyes made my resolve crack, and her taking my hand brought the first brick tumbling down. But it wasn't until she said it didn't have to be about anything other than us giving into our urges that it all came crashing down around us.

I don't know if she'd intended for it to be just that one time—maybe she'd only wanted to know what it would be like to live out a fantasy she'd confessed to having about the two of us—but sleeping with her destroyed any possibility of me walking away from her. Ever.

She stirs in my arms, the light of the moon pouring through her apartment window and over us both. Even though it's almost midnight, I've been unable to sleep. Perhaps my adrenaline is running high after having more sex in these last few hours than I'd had in the last six months of my marriage.

Bella moans softly, exhaling a soft breath over my chest, and I smile. She looks so peaceful. So innocent.

That's when I recognize the source of my insomnia isn't adrenaline-based, but my guilt that is resurfacing. My gut wrenches and turns as I go over—yet again—all the reasons I shouldn't be here right now, and while I don't regret what's happened between Bella and myself in the least, that doesn't make it any less wrong.

Charlie—her father—is my best friend. I've been reminding myself of this fact a lot over the last few days . . . not that it's been helping. I've known the man since we were kids. I was his best man at his wedding, and was at the hospital to congratulate him and Renee the day Bella was born. I was a big part of her life—she called me Uncle Edward up until seven years ago, for fuck's sake. I'd babysat her, protected her as though she was my own, and watched as she grew into a young woman.

And now, I'm sleeping with her.

Suppressing a groan, I run my free hand over my weary face. I'm fully aware that I'm twenty-two years older than her, but I'm more aware that if her father were ever to find out, not only would our friendship be over, but he'd likely hunt me down and hide my body somewhere it would never be found. He's a cop, and I have a feeling he knows how to make shit like that happen.

Seriously, what the fuck are you thinking? I ask myself again.

"Mmmm," she moans softly, still fast asleep. "Edward." My whispered name on her lips is like a drug I can't get enough of, and suddenly, for every reason I can come up with that we shouldn't be together, there are two for why we should.

Con: Bella's father is my best friend.

Pros: She's equal parts sassy, funny, and infuriating while being extremely easy to talk to, and she makes me deliriously happy.

Con: Bella's father owns guns. Plural.

Pros: I've never felt this alive in all my life, and even with our age difference, Bella understands me more than any other woman ever did.

It's that reasoning, as well as all of her other little quirks and traits, that set my mind at ease like they had earlier that afternoon when I made the conscious decision to chase her back to the city.

Her fingers curl lightly over the skin of my chest, tickling me slightly and sending a tremor of desire through me. When her legs start to stir beneath the blankets, her knees pressing together slightly as her hips shift toward my thigh, I stifle a groan. If I was a betting man, I'd gamble everything on the odds that she's having another sex dream.

She moves her hips forward again, this time, the smooth skin of her pussy brushing against me, and my cock stirs. I roll my upper body toward her slightly and cup her face, stroking my thumb over her cheekbone as I bring my lips to hers. "Bella," I whisper softly against her mouth, kissing her once. "Baby, you're having a dream." I kiss her again, and her eyes flutter open.

The left side of her mouth twists up into a devilish smirk, and she brings her hand up to wrap around my wrist. "Am I?" she asks, arching an eyebrow teasingly.

"Weren't you?"

When Bella giggles, it does something to me—fills me with so much joy and excitement—and I find it more than a little infectious. Before I can do or say anything, Bella quickly straddles me, placing her hands flat on my chest as her pussy makes contact with my raging erection. "Mmm," she hums, leaning forward, her nose brushing the length of my neck until her lips ghost the shell of my ear. "Maybe it started out that way . . ." Her teeth catch my earlobe, causing a surge of desire to shoot through me until I ensnare her hips in my hands and pull her against me roughly, making her whimper. "But I could tell it was a dream."

"Oh yeah?" I question. "How so?"

She snickers, lifting an arm to tuck her hair behind her ear as she moves her face until it hovers over mine. There's an impish glint in her eyes when she says, "Well, given my experience over the last few hours, it was far too good to be real." Teasing notes lace her words, but I pick up on some sort of challenge in them.

"Is that a fact?"

Nodding, Bella moves her hips against me, spreading the increasing wetness between her legs along my dick. "Yup," she whispers, popping the 'p'. "Care to prove me wrong?"

With a guttural growl, the fingers on my right hand curl into her hip while my left hand comes up to cradle her face, and I kiss her hard and deep, our tongues sliding languidly over one another as her hips continue to rock above me. Every nerve in my body is alive, currents of electricity flowing through my veins, and my desire to claim her as mine ignites.

I raise a leg beneath her to roll us over, but my Bella has other ideas, placing one of her hands on my chest and holding me down—okay, so she's not using a lot of strength, but I grasp the idea behind the gesture. I'm not completely dense—even though most of the blood in my body is rushing in an entirely different direction than toward my brain right now.

"God, Bella," I murmur against her plump lips, pulling her hips forward again. The friction of my cock sliding between her slick folds drives me wild, and my eyes roll back as I revel in the sensation.

Bella moans, swivelling her hips counter-clockwise before lifting them and sliding her hand from my chest and between her legs. Her fingertips brush the tip of my erection, causing it to pulse with need, and I can't take the anticipation anymore.

"I want you," I tell her gruffly.

"Mmm," she hums, kissing her way along my jaw before raising her head to look me in the eye. "You have me." Her hand surrounds my length, sliding over it with ease as she guides it toward her entrance. "I'm yours to do with what you please."

Before she can ease herself down onto me, I lift her slightly. "Condom," I whisper, my voice strained.

Bella tucks her hair behind her ear again and nods. "Okay. Yeah." She leans across me, her tit nearly grazing my nose, and reaches into her bedside table where she keeps what I kind of hope is an endless stash of prophylactics, because I don't want to leave this apartment unless we absolutely have to.

Breathing heavily, she scoots down my body, coming to rest on my thighs as she positions the condom and rolls it down over my length. Once it's in place, I sit up quickly, wrapping one arm around her and pulling her back toward me until we're aligned again. Our eyes lock as Bella slowly lowers herself onto me, and we both groan with satisfaction when we're joined once more.

Home. It's the only way I can describe how I feel when we're together, so how can it possibly be as wrong as I keep thinking it is? It doesn't even matter how we're together; just being in her presence is the most natural thing in the world. Like breathing.

I draw one of her perfect nipples into my mouth, flicking my tongue over it before grazing it with my teeth, and she mewls above me, her arms tightening around my shoulders to hold me in place. Her movements are slow and precise at first, using her legs to move up and down my length, and then she speeds up, her brow furrowing and her moans growing louder as she closes in on her orgasm. "Edward," she pants, resting her head on mine, and I lift my face from her breast to crush my lips to hers, swallowing every sound that breezes past them.

Her legs begin to tremble on either side of me, and I assume she's exhausted them, so I move to roll us over when she shakes her head. "Mmm . . . no," she mumbles, pulling her lips from mine. "Lie back."

Never one to say no to watching a beautiful woman ride me to climax, I do as she says. She adjusts her legs so she's kneeling and places her hands on my chest, lowering herself to kiss me softly while she finds her new rhythm. This new position has me going slightly deeper inside of her, and I can feel my orgasm building as each one of my muscles tightens and my toes curl. I'm so close, and the need to come becomes the only thing on my mind.

I wrap my hands around her hips again and begin guiding her hips a little faster and harder against me, the new depth and level of friction pushing me even closer to the edge. I can feel the walls of her pussy beginning to tighten around me, and I increase my efforts, now needing to feel her come as much as I need my own release.

"Oh, god . . ." she moans. "Edward . . . I'm going to . . ."

Her ability to form a coherent sentence has been momentarily disabled, but, to be fair, so has mine. "Bella," I groan, lifting my hips off the bed slightly, meeting her thrust for thrust. "You feel . . . amazing . . ."

"You too." Her body begins to tremble above me, and I know she's struggling to hold her orgasm back. "Soooo good," she moans slowly, one of her hands wrapping around my wrist and pulling it from her hip.

I'm confused at first, but as she guides it up her body and to her tit, I understand what she wants. I palm her tit—hard—putting a little more focus on her hardened nipple as she continues to ride me. Her moans fill the room, and she covers my hand with hers, squeezing her breast in tandem with me as she calls out my name over and over and over until her body begins to quiver above me through her orgasm. She drags her free hand down my chest, curling her fingers until her nails scratch me lightly and leave red lines in their wake. The minute she reaches my stomach, I sit upright, moving my hand from her hip and into her hair as I kiss her almost desperately as I chase my own release.

Her hand is still sandwiched between us, so close to her pussy, and I crave to feel her come again as I do. "Touch yourself," I command softly, and Bella's hand inches lower until she's able to slip her fingers between her thighs. She continues to rock above me, and when I feel her fingertips brush my cock as it slides out of her, that's it. The surface of my skin prickles and my muscles tense, curling my fingers and toes as my orgasm rips through me.

Panting, Bella removes her hands from her body and collapses on my chest, her hair splaying across my sweat-slickened skin, and her laboured breaths causing goosebumps to rise up all over. My hand trails lazily up and down her back, and I can feel her heart pounding in time with mine as we lay here, still wrapped around each other for a few more minutes before I excuse myself to use the washroom.

I press a kiss to her forehead before she rolls over onto the other side of the bed, and I make my way through her small apartment and into the bathroom where I clean myself up before rejoining her. When she gets out of bed to do the same and grab a glass of water, I watch her walk away, marvelling in how beautiful and confident she is. After emerging from the bathroom, I watch her walk around her narrow kitchen from the bed, appreciating the way the moon highlights the womanly curves of her body.

"You're staring, Edward," she says, setting her glass on the counter.

I chuckle, my cheeks warming slightly at having been caught ogling her naked body. "Forgive me," I say, still unwilling to take my eyes off of her. "It's just . . . how can I not? You're stunning."

Laughing, Bella puts her glass in the sink and rushes through her studio apartment and hops into bed, her tits bouncing in a way that only a 20-year-old's can. "Well, when you put it that way . . ." She nestles into my side, pressing her naked body against mine as she yawns. "Are you ready to sleep yet?"

I'm definitely feeling like I could fall asleep now; my mind seems to have cleared up, and exhaustion is starting to set in. I nod. "Yeah. I think so."

"Good, because I have school tomorrow, and if I don't get a few more hours of sleep, I'm going to fall asleep in class." She hitches her right leg over my thighs to get closer, and I sigh in contentment. "Do you have to work?"

"No," I reply. "I took a few days off so that I could avoid . . ." I pause before I bring Tanya up; something tells me that bringing up your soon-to-be ex-wife while in bed with the beautiful—and very naked—twenty-one-year-old co-ed you've started sleeping with has the potential to turn awkward.

Bella catches on, though; she's always been pretty astute. "Ah, right." She looks up at me. "So, what are you going to do?"

I hadn't really thought about it, to be quite honest, and I tell her as much. "I'm not sure. Maybe drive around the city, go for coffee?"

"Well—and don't take this the wrong way—but why don't I leave you a key to the apartment?" Her eyes widen, almost like she's afraid of what she just said. "N-not to, you know, like, move in or anything, but that way, you can come back here if you want, instead of risking a run-in with the ice-bitch at your condo."

She's so fucking adorable when she's rambling.

"If you want. Obviously," she continues before pressing her face into her hand. "Shit."

"Hey," I say, coaxing her face from her hand. "I would appreciate that, actually . . . as long as you don't mind. I don't want to impose on your life in any way."

She smiles, her entire face lighting up. "It's not an imposition at all. I, um . . . well, while I don't know exactly what this"—she gestures between the two of us with her hand—"is, I know I want to explore it a little more."

Laughing, I press my lips to her forehead. "You don't think we've explored each other enough for a few days?"

"While that wasn't exactly what I meant," she says, rolling her eyes, "I'm going to say no. There's so much more that we need to figure out . . . you know, if this is something you deem worth pursuing."

"Bella . . ." My voice is low and soft. "If I didn't feel this was worth pursuing, would I have broken the speed limit trying to get to you after you left Forks this afternoon?"

Her cheeks turn pink, and she bites her bottom lip lightly. "I suppose not."

Glancing over her shoulder, I see that we're closing in on two in the morning, and I pull the blanket up over us both. "Now, let's get some sleep and just agree to let this all unfold naturally, okay?"

Bella pecks my cheek before placing her head on my shoulder and rubbing her hand over my chest lightly. "Deal. Goodnight, Edward."

Pressing my lips to the top of her head, I inhale the sweet smell of her shampoo and let my eyes fall closed. "Goodnight, Bella."

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