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Chapter 3 | Listen to Your Heart

It's the most fitful sleep I've ever had—even if it was a few hours shorter than what I'm normally used to—and it isn't until an incessant buzzing on the bedside table wakes me up that I realize why.

Edward's here. In my bed. Holding me in his arms. The events of the night before come flooding back, and I smile, turning my face into his chest and inhaling his musky scent. It had felt like a dream come true. Like something out of a modern-day fairytale: After one night together, feelings had bloomed between two people, and there was no fighting it. I hated walking away from him, but I knew I had to because there was no way that society—let alone our close-knit circle of friends and family—would ever accept us being together. It didn't matter that he was all I seemed to want; I knew I had to walk away.

I know that the two of us being together should feel wrong, but the more distance I had put between us, the more it hurt. So, if anything felt wrong, it was being apart . . . even if us embarking on this adventure together might seem . . . unconventional to some people. My dad, for example.

Edward's phone vibrates again, and he growls, his chest vibrating against my face. "Good god. Who the hell is calling me this damn early?"

I giggle, lifting my face and resting my chin on his shoulder as he reaches for his phone. "You're kind of a bear in the mornings, aren't you?"

Running his hand over his weary face, he looks down at me and smiles. "Sorry. I just hate it when I'm woken up from such a deep sleep."

"Noted," I affirm with a nod before sitting up. His eyes trail down my body, stopping on the exposed skin of my upper body as I stretch my arms over my head. "I'm going to go and hop in the shower before I have to head to class." I hold out my hand toward him, smiling coyly. "Care to join me?"

Edward chuckles, the outer corners of his electric green eyes creasing. "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with your sexual appetites," he confesses, placing his hand on my bare knee instead of in my hand, his thumb moving back and forth over the smooth skin.

Letting my mouth fall open in mock-insult, I stare at him. "Hey, I didn't say we were going to do it . . . I mean, I hadn't entirely ruled it out, either . . . I was only inviting you for some clean and wholesome shower-time fun."

"Hmmm," he hums softly, the sound moving like a gentle vibration under my skin. "Something tells me that any activity that involves you and me naked together is going to result in anything but clean and wholesome, Isabella."

"Fair enough," I concur, "but I really do need to shower and head to class."

Edward nods. "Go ahead and start without me. I'll join you as soon as I check my messages."

My cheeks hurt from my incredibly wide smile, and I lean forward to kiss him before hopping off the bed and heading for the bathroom. "Okay!"

I leave the bathroom door open a crack before I turn the shower on to let the water warm, and I brush my teeth before Edward joins me, because, really, morning breath is the worst. After my teeth are clean, I hop behind the shower curtain and wet my hair before lathering it up with shampoo. I've just begun to rinse the suds from my hair when I hear the bathroom door creak and the latch click into place. I peek around the curtain and smile when I see Edward at the sink with his black leather toiletries bag, digging through it and producing his toothbrush, toothpaste, and shaving supplies.

"Leave the scruff," I speak up, causing him to look in my direction and furrow his brow. "I like it."

Edward chuckles, but he puts his razor and shaving cream back in the bag. "You got some kind of fetish I should know about?"

My laugh bounces off the tile walls of my bathroom, and my cheeks warm. "Not exactly . . . I just like the way it feels against my skin."

Edward brushes his teeth quickly and then makes his way over to join me in the shower. I can't seem to take my eyes off him as he walks across the tile floor completely naked. He's not only good-looking with a physique most men my age would desire, but his confidence only adds to his sex appeal.

When he pulls the curtain back to step inside, a blast of cool air hits my skin, making it prickle with goosebumps. I take a step back so Edward can stand beneath the showerhead and run conditioner through the length of my hair. I watch, entranced, as rivulets of water stream down his body, over every muscle in his back and toward his extremely biteable ass, and I start to think that maybe this shower won't be as clean and wholesome as I'd originally intended.

Edward turns around and catches me ogling him. "Now who's staring?"

Channelling my inner-parrot, I smirk. "How can I not? You're stunning."

Edward advances on me, making me back up until I'm pressed against the cold shower wall. My breathing picks up, and I'm lost in his intense green eyes as they bore into mine. Speechless, I silently will him to kiss me. He advances slowly, and my breath hitches, my tongue peeking out to wet my lips, but instead of kissing me, he leans down and grabs the shampoo from the ledge of the tub and takes a step back.

A cocky smirk graces his stupid lips, and I glare, pushing myself away from the wall and hoping my weak knees don't betray me. Thankfully, they don't, and I decide that two can play this game.

Turning around, I grab my coconut-scented body wash and squeeze some onto my shower loofah. I work it into a thick, sudsy lather and lift my leg, placing my foot flat on the edge of the tub and leaning over slightly to give him a decent view of my ass as I start to wash—what can I say? I'm a bit of a multi-tasker.

Edward's groan makes me smile, and I turn my head to see him eying my ass. "See something you like?"

He steps toward me, stopping when his thighs meet my ass, and I can feel his erection pressed between us. "You could say that," he growls, splaying his hands flat over my water-slickened back and leaning forward. His hands move up my body, over my shoulders, and down my arms until he works the loofah free from my grasp.

I hold back a moan when he takes over washing my body, turning me around when he deems my back "clean enough to eat off of." I'm surprised I didn't melt into a puddle right then and there, to be quite honest, because I'm suddenly inundated with images of Edward eating off my body like some kind of sexy smorgasbord.

The loofah moves along the skin of my shoulders and neck before travelling down over my sternum, but the way Edward's staring at me tells me he's not really paying too much attention to detail, and my assumptions are confirmed the minute he drops the loofah from his hands and starts using his hands to "wash" my breasts. His hands glide with ease thanks to the water and body wash covering my body, and I moan when he rolls my nipples between his fingers.

I'm excited about the idea of shower sex. I've always been a fan of it, and it's been way too fucking long since I've had it. One more tweak of his fingers, and I throw myself at him, stepping up onto my toes and wrapping my arms around his neck as I press my lips to his.

"You win," I murmur against his ravenous lips, and he chuckles, pulling his hands from my tits and letting them fall to my ass.

"As long as you recognize that," he replies playfully before nibbling on my bottom lip.

I drop my hands to his waist and begin to snake them between us before wrapping one hand around his cock. He groans into my mouth as I stroke him a couple times, and then he pulls away, looking conflicted as he holds me by my biceps, keeping me at arm's length.

"We don't . . . have a condom . . ." he pants, staggering his words. "We should wait."

The right side of my mouth quirks up, and I shrug. "We don't need to have sex to satisfy each other, you know. Or, has it been too long since you've been creative?" I tease, pumping him to the hilt once more.

"Jesus, Bella," he mutters, his fingernails lightly biting into the skin of my upper arms as I continue to work my hand over his length.

I alternate the pressure of my hand as I slide it up and down, rotating my wrist upon every pass of his tip. My lips curl up into a satisfied smile as I watch his eyes close and his eyebrows furrow. He's trying to control the movement of his hips, letting me take the lead, but he fails every so often, thrusting with purpose into my palm. It doesn't take too long before he comes against my hand and belly with a grunt, and the water falling from the shower head quickly washes all evidence of his release away.

Quite content to end our shower on this note, I swap places with Edward so I can wash the conditioner out of my hair and the soap residue from my back while he washes his own body. He quickly lathers up his chest, legs and back, and I've just finished rinsing the last of the conditioner from my long hair when he steps forward, forcing me behind the spray of water and against the other shower wall. With the water raining down on his back, his lips latch onto my neck while his right hand palms my tit much like I'd instructed him the night before, and his left hand grabs my right leg and lifts it. My foot sits on the edge of the tub, and he coaxes me to spread it wider with the back of his hand before he massages his way up my inner thigh and strokes my pussy with his index and middle fingers.

"Oh, shit," I moan, weaving my fingers into his hair and holding his mouth against my neck where he's busy kissing, licking, and nibbling. Both of my legs begin to quiver as his fingers move with intent and experience, swirling around my clit with just the right pressure before gliding back and circling his destination. At an agonizingly slow pace, he eases them into me.

"Oh, god, Edward," I pant toward the ceiling. My toes curl and my arms tingle before going numb as he plunges his long fingers in and out of me.

Edward raises his face from the crook of my neck and pulls my earlobe into his mouth for a second. "Come for me, Bella." His gruff request makes my stomach quiver and tighten as he works me right to the brink of release before his fingers curl toward my lower abdomen and push me over.

"Yes . . ." I whimper, feeling every muscle in my pussy contract around Edward's dextrous fingers. "Just like that . . . yes . . . yes . . . Yes!"

As I come down from the high of my orgasm, Edward eases my leg from the edge of the tub and kisses me passionately. My brain is still muddled as I try to wade through the fog of ecstasy, but I sense the gratitude behind his kiss, and I return it tenfold.

When the water starts to run cold, shocking us both, I hop out of the shower and grab my towel while Edward still has to quickly rinse off. Poor bastard. I get his towel ready and hand it to him the second he pulls the shower curtain back, and he wraps it around his waist before following me back out into the apartment.

While I sift through my closet, Edward digs through the small duffle bag he'd packed when leaving Tanya, grumbling as he goes through shirt after shirt.

"There's a laundry room down the hall," I suggest. "Or there's a Laundromat around the corner. I prefer the Laundromat, though, because I don't trust the creepy guy next door enough to leave my laundry alone." I wish I could say I was kidding, but I've had several bra and panty sets go missing, and the dude likes to leer.

After quickly dressing, Edward heads to the kitchen while I stuff my books into my backpack, and just as I'm zipping it up, my phone vibrates on my nightstand. I pick it up to see it's Jess, so I answer it, keeping my voice down in hopes that Edward won't think I'm talking to him and try to respond. "Hey, Jess."

"Hi!" she replies happily. "How are you feeling?"

I'm confused for a brief moment until I remember I told her I wasn't feeling well to keep the true reason for my sullen behaviour from her. "Oh, much better. Totally slept it off."

"Oh, good! You want me to come pick you u—"

"Bella?" Edward calls from the kitchen, making my body stiffen in fear of us being found out by my best friend. "You don't have much for breakfast food—did you want some toast?"

I pray she hasn't heard him—that he wasn't as loud as I thought he was—but I'm just not that damn lucky, and I don't get a chance to react before I hear Jessica in my ear. "Who . . . the fuck . . . is that?" My heart begins to pound rapidly, and my eyes widen as I try to think fast. "Isabella Swan!" she squeals into my ear. "Do you have a man in your apartment?"


"Oh my god! Tell me everything!"

There's no way I can tell her everything, so I try to get rid of her instead. "Sorry, Jess. I gotta go. I'll see you in about thirty?"

"Bella . . . I'm your best fr—"

"Okay," I sing into the phone, pulling it from my ear slowly. "See you soon!" And I hang up before she gets the chance to ask again. I know I'm not going to escape her interrogation forever, but I've at least bought myself thirty minutes to figure out a way to stretch the truth and omit a few facts.

When I walk the twenty feet to my kitchen, I eye Edward. "Well, I've got to think of something to tell Jessica now," I announce, flopping into one of the stools at the island counter separating my kitchen from my living room. Edward looks confused, so I hold up my phone. "She called and heard you talking about breakfast food."

"Fuck," he mumbles, running his hand over his face. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were even on the phone."

I shake my head. "It's okay. I don't know what I'll tell her, but I don't think she'll recognize your voice or anything." I lean on the counter and peer over at what he's doing. "Whatcha got going on over there, handsome?" I ask.

Edward laughs, lifting a plate with two pieces of peanut butter covered toast. "Breakfast. I'd hoped to do a little more, but all you had was bread and a cupboard full of ramen noodles. You really should go grocery shopping."

"Are you looking down on my choice of food?" I tease, and Edward challenges right back.

"Ramen noodles are not food, Bella. They offer absolutely no nutritional value."

I shrug. "And yet, I have this rockin' hot bod."

Edward laughs again. "Touché," he replies, handing me a cup of coffee and then joining me to eat our breakfast, parking his hand on my thigh and leaving it there for the duration of our meal. It invites a flurry of warmth and fluttery feelings in my belly that makes me smile.

By the time we finish eating, it's time for me to head downstairs to meet Jess. I grab the spare set of keys for my apartment off my key ring and hand them to Edward. "This one will get you in the main door," I say, holding the heavier brass-coloured key. "And this one will lock up the apartment."

"Got it," he says, pocketing the keys and then pulling me into his arms. "Have a good day."

Winding my arms around his neck, I hum. "How can I not when I know you're going to be here when I get back?" I press my lips to his before peeling myself from his arms and slinging my bag over my shoulder as I rush down the hall and fly down the stairs to meet Jessica outside.

She's already parked right outside my apartment building, so I run across the sidewalk and slide into the passenger seat. I notice her looking out my window as I buckle up, and I poke her arm. "What are you looking for?" I ask.

"Your booty call! He isn't going to walk out with you?" she demands. "Come on! I want to see what he looks like! He sounded hot!"

Rolling my eyes, I turn away from her. "You're hopeless," I tell her, but before I can say anything else, I hear her gasp, and it startles me. "Jesus, calm down! What is it now?"

Jess reaches across the car and sweeps my hair off my shoulder. "You, Isabella Marie Swan, have a hickey on your neck."

My entire face screws up in disbelief as I pull the visor down to open the mirror. "Oh, I do not," I mumble, but as I turn my neck, I see what she sees: a small bruise-like mark on the apex of my neck. Then I remember his attention on my neck in the shower, and shake my head. "Son of a bitch," I whisper, trying to keep myself from smiling as I run my fingertips over it. Honestly, it's no bigger than a dime, but it's still darker than my pale skin. Thank god I chose to wear my hair down!

Jessica giggles beside me, putting her car into drive. "Your booty call gave you a hickey. What is he, fifteen?"

I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing, because he is most definitely not fifteen. "I guess we just got a little carried away," I tell her, but all the while, I'm debating whether or not I should get him back . . . If I do, it'll have to be in a place that no one will see, because I'd hate to give Tanya or anyone else a reason to jump to conclusions.

While Jessica drives, I grab my phone and take a picture of my neck so I can send it to Edward with the caption: "What the hell is this?"

Only a few seconds go by before my phone vibrates in my hand, and I look down at the screen.

I'd say sorry—because I really am—but, honestly, you bring out a part of me I didn't know existed anymore.

Stifling a giggle, I tap out another response.

Is this part of you a teenager?

Well, I wouldn't go that far, but you definitely bring out the younger, much more primal side of me . . . not that this is me complaining.

To hear that I've had this affect on Edward makes me blush. I love that I've brought him out of his shell a little more, but I'm also a little pissed that Tanya seemed to have snuffed out who he used to be in all the years they were married.

I type out another quick text, telling Edward I might have to pay him back, and his final response before I arrive at school is: "I look forward to seeing what your devious mind comes up with."

"Okay," Jess says, putting the car into park. "You need to tell me about this guy. You've been smiling like the Cheshire cat over there the entire ride, and I'd be willing to bet it's because you've been sexting your booty call."

"You can stop calling him that," I tell her with a laugh. "And I'm not ready to talk about him. Things are . . . complicated and new, and we're not quite ready to go public until we've figured everything out."

"Is it Felix?" she asks. "He still totally wants you, you know."

Shaking my head, I unbuckle my seatbelt, open my door, and shift to step out. "You're delusional. Felix is with Heidi and they're beyond happy. Besides, things between us never would have worked out."

"You said he was the best lay you'd ever had," Jessica reminds me, and she's not wrong—or up until last week she wouldn't have been wrong. Now, though? Now she's dead wrong, because Edward has upped the ante in that department.

Jessica must see evidence of my thoughts on my face, because her lips curl up into the goofiest smile I've ever seen in my life. "Could that devilish glint in your big brown eyes mean that you've found, dare I say it, better?" She squeals, drawing the attention of a few students passing by. "Well, now you have to tell me everything!"

"We're going to be late," I tell her, getting out of her car and closing the door behind me.

She's not far behind, locking the doors and speed-walking to catch up. "Okay, you don't have to tell me who he is, just . . . how did you meet?"

"We've known each other for as long as I can remember," I tell her honestly, and I hope she ends her line of questioning there. She doesn't, because, quite frankly, I'm just not that fortunate.

"So, like, you used to play together as kids?"

"Um," I hum, biting the inside of my cheek. Technically, she's not wrong. I mean, Edward wasn't a kid, but he used to indulge me in the occasional board game or play tag with me after nagging him relentlessly. "I suppose you could say that. Look, as much as I want to tell you about him, Jess—and believe me, I do, because I've never felt like this before—I need to figure things out with him first. Can you accept that?"

Jess smiles, wrapping an arm around me as we walk. "Of course, bestie. I'm just psyched for you. You seem happy."

A warm blush fills my face, and I laugh lightly. "I am."

Truthfully, I would love nothing more than to tell Jessica about Edward. She won't judge me—at least I don't think she will—but I'm scared that if I speak aloud about what Edward and I have going on that it might somehow get back to my father. And there's no way he's going to react well. We need to be extra careful when telling him . . . should we decide that this is serious enough to do so.

The day seems to drag on forever, and I blame my damn anticipation of seeing Edward again. I try to drown myself in the subject material of each of my classes, but it's not long before my mind starts to drift back to my apartment, where I imagine Edward is just getting back from doing his laundry.

I try to keep myself from zoning out in the car as Jess drives me back to my place. I do all right, for the most part. I mean, she only has to repeat herself three times in the forty-minute drive through rush hour traffic. I'd chalk that up as a win.

Before I get out of the car, Jess turns to me and smirks. "Is he coming over again? Because if he is, I won't call you later . . . you know, give the two of you a little privacy."

I laugh. "Yes, he'll be over tonight. I actually don't know if he left the apartment at all." I open my door and turn my head in her direction. "I'll see you in the morning?"

"Definitely." She nods affirmatively. "Have fun," she sings after me as I step out onto the sidewalk and wave.

Even though I'm not sure if Edward's even in my apartment, I race up the four flights of stairs and walk briskly down the hall toward my door. I slip the key into the lock and disengage it, and the smell that greets me makes my mouth water. Edward's cooking, and it smells like marinara sauce . . . possibly from scratch.

"Hey," I say once I step through the door and spot him in the kitchen, standing at the stove and stirring something in a pot. I drop my bookbag by the front door and join him, wrapping my arms around his waist and peeking around him. I was right; he is making a marinara sauce, and in another pot, it looks like he's cooking some pasta.

"Now I know I didn't have any of the necessary ingredients to put this meal together . . . unless those are my ramen noodles in that pot there," I quip, squeezing his sides in an attempt to tickle him.

He laughs, shaking his head. "They are most definitely not ramen noodles. And I had a bit of free time after doing my laundry, so I figured I'd make a trip to the grocery store and pick up a few things."

Curious, I remove my body from his and turn to open the fridge. The sight I'm met with shocks the hell out of me: he's completely stocked my fridge. I've got various meats in the freezer—all individually wrapped into portions—and my fridge is stocked with various condiments and produce.

"You didn't have to do that," I say, still a little stunned. "I mean, thank you, but it really wasn't necessary."

"Bella, I couldn't, in good conscience, let you live off those damn noodles." He turns off the stove and grabs the pot of noodles, taking them two feet to the sink and draining the water. "Do you mind grabbing plates?" he asks. "Dinner's ready."

Edward plates our meal—spaghetti with a homemade meat sauce—and we sit side by side at the counter while we talk about our day. As he goes on about his afternoon, I listen raptly, taking in every word and imagining being able to end every day like this. While I know I have feelings for him—feelings that seem to have grown over the last few days—I begin to wonder what kind of future we could have.

Will those closest to us understand?

Better yet, will it matter to either of us if they don't?

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