Blaine stood by the railings on the rooftop patio, keeping a firm grip on the sturdy concrete post as he looked out over the cityscape. The party at the Motta's penthouse apartment carried on behind him, oblivious to the man watching the city.

Tall buildings rose out of the horizon, their lights twinkling in the night sky and laying out a scene of endless possibilities for Blaine. In each little dot of light there would be someone in there who had achieved a dream, however big or small, and it gave Blaine hope for his future.

The late spring air was warm around him; the building shielding him from the wind that whipped around building's as high as the one he was standing on in the city, but still Blaine shivered.

He was standing in the same spot on the rooftop patio where he had almost fallen to his death months earlier. The railing had been mended, fitted securely against the concrete posts, and readorned with fairy lights to make the place look more festive.

A few feet to his right were the slabs of concrete that had once been stained with Kurt's blood. Although they were now scrubbed clean Blaine felt as though the bright red stain was seared into his memory forever.

He had come close that night to losing the one person in his life that had ever made him feel accepted, who had made him feel that he was worth something, and Blaine was determined never to let anyone or anything come between him and Kurt again. The conspiracy against Blaine and all the other people had been fully uncovered by the government and Blaine felt safe finally.

He and Kurt had been dating for six months now, ever since the cold night in November when they had talked on the hospital rooftop. Determined not to let anything else stand in the way of the life he wanted Blaine had asked Kurt out. He had been worried that despite, or even because of, everything they had gone through Kurt might not want him, regardless of what Kurt had said as they made love in the hospital bed.

But he needn't have worried, Kurt seemed just as determined for them to be together as Blaine was and since that night the two of them had been inseparable.

Kurt had helped him adjust to the new time, getting him up to date with technology, current events and fashion. He had taken Blaine to bed and slowly showed him, through many nights of lust and passion, just how good sex could be and that Blaine didn't have to feel used or wrong ever again. It had been one of those nights, lying naked and exhausted next to each other in tangled sheets that they had whispered their first 'I love you's' to each other.

They had even tracked down Blaine's old friends, visiting the ones he had been closest to and giving them some closure on what had happened to their friend.

Blaine had learned that a few of them had gotten married and had kids; one had fallen into a life of drugs and drink but had picked himself up and made what he could of a life for himself. One had become a fairly successful writer and one had lost his life in an attack that had wiped the New York skyline of its iconic outline and was only ever referenced by a date and an air of sadness. Blaine remembered when those buildings had been the tallest in the world, towering majestically over the city when he first arrived.

His parents moved back abroad, his father ashamed at what he put his son through and his mother, due to her condition, unaware that anything had changed and Blaine had moved in with his brother to be closer to his family. He had been welcomed with open arms by all of them, finally getting the accepting family he had always wanted and finding he had a lot in common with Cooper's son Blaine.

Blaine shivered once more as he stared out over the city, jumping slightly as a pair of arms wrapped themselves tightly around his waist. Warm breath tickled over his ear as Kurt rested his head on Blaine's shoulder.

'You're making me worried, standing so close to the edge like this.' Kurt murmured.

'It's ok; Mr. Motta assured me himself that the railings are safe.' Blaine grinned back.

'I'm sure they are, but why are you over here.' There was a touch of concern to Kurt's voice.

'Just thinking. I came so close to losing everything that night, it reminds me of how lucky I really am, despite everything.'

'What do you mean?' Kurt frowned.

'I got frozen for thirty six years Kurt. I left behind my friends and family and everything I had ever known. It should be the worst thing that has ever happened to me. But out of all of it, I've got you. I'm in a time where my sexuality is more accepted and I can marry the man I love. It showed me the man my father really is and it's made me more sure of who I am and what I want to be. It just makes me think that it wasn't the worst thing that could have possibly happened to me.'

'Are you happy now?' Kurt asked, entwining his finger's with Blaine's.

Blaine smiled placing their clasped hands over his heart, his voice breaking and his eyes shining with emotion. 'Like I said, I've got you. I'm the happiest man in the world.'

Kurt grinned and hugged Blaine tightly for a few moments before pulling back, aware that Blaine still wasn't completely comfortable with the public displays of their relationship just yet. It would take time to adjust to the future's mentality towards homosexuality.

Blaine was about to pull him back in, not caring what anyone at the party thought when the look on Kurt's face stopped him. His eyes were wide and unblinking and he looked so terrified that for a moment Blaine thought the ghost of Jack O'Ryan had risen to haunt the rooftop where he had fallen to his death.

Blaine turned to look at where Kurt was staring but there was no ghost spectre floating about, just a man staring at them through the crowds of people gathered on the patio.

'Who is that guy?' Blaine frowned, wondering why he was staring at them and why he was making Kurt so scared.

'That's Kieran.' Kurt said, the words sticking in his throat.

Kieran, Blaine rolled the word around in his mind for a few moments, trying to remember the name and why he was making Kurt look so worried.

'As in, your ex-boyfriend Kieran, the one who cheated on you and you gave me his guitar?'

'That's him.' Kurt nodded. 'Oh why is he here? He would know I'd be here, he's only come to torment me.'

'Well I'm not going to let him.' Blaine said, rubbing a hand soothingly down Kurt's back.

'Oh crap he's coming over; I do not want to see him.' Kurt groaned, turning away from the advancing man and leaning against the railing.

'Kurt, so nice to see you again.' Kieran said as he approached the couple, pointedly ignoring Blaine's presence.

'Kieran, can't say I feel the same about you.' Kurt replied icily.

'I believe you still owe me a guitar.' Kieran smirked, leaning in against Kurt, trapping him against the railing.

'Oh, I threw that piece of junk in the East River.' Kurt shrugged. That wasn't entirely true, Kurt had wanted to, after Blaine had bought himself a new guitar, but in the end they had given it away to a charity collecting musical instruments for disadvantaged kids.

'Well now that wasn't very nice was it?' Kieran said leaning in close, pressing his front against Kurt despite Kurt's protests.

'No more than you deserve.'

'Oh really.' Kieran made to grab Kurt's wrist but Blaine pushed him away.

'I think you need to get off my boyfriend.' Blaine growled, standing in between Kieran and Kurt. Kieran was taller than him, but Blaine reckoned he could take him in a fight. He really hoped it wouldn't come to that, he had been asked to perform at the party by Mr. Motta and didn't want to risk injuring his hand, after all, there was a lot of potential riding on this performance. But he would risk it to protect Kurt from this creep.

'Save yourself the bother, dude, you'd think someone who dresses the way he does would be better in bed-'

Blaine pressed both hands into Kieran's chest, shoving the man so hard that he stumbled backwards.

'Maybe if you hadn't been so busy cheating on him you'd have noticed what a wonderful person Kurt is. He's my boyfriend and if you have anything to say to him you'll have to go through me!'

The party goers on the patio all paused in their conversations to watch the altercation, excited whispers running through the crowd.

'Whatever dude, he's not even worth it.' Kieran sneered, walking away from the couple. The guests around them looked away, returning to their conversations as if nothing had happened.

Sugar ran up to them before they were able to say anything to each other.

'Oh Kurt, I'm so sorry, I didn't know he'd come, I didn't invite him!' She apologised profusely.

Kurt shook his head. 'It's alright Sugar; he only came to make trouble.'

'He's just jealous you found such a handsome replacement for him.' She grinned, patting Blaine on the shoulder, laughing as Blaine blushed.

'Blaine is worth a million of him Sugar. And don't worry; I don't blame you for him coming.'

'Good, I'm glad.' She turned to Blaine, bouncing on the spot excitedly. 'Daddy said they're ready for you now!' She said before walking away.

Blaine felt his stomach clench a little in nervous excitement. He had been looking forward to this performance for weeks. He felt Kurt wrap his arms around his neck, pressing a kiss against his cheek.

'Thank you.' Kurt whispered.

'For what?'

'For saying those things to Kieran.'

'I meant them you know. If he thinks you're boring he's an idiot. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.'

'And you called me your boyfriend; I think that's the first time you've ever done that to someone you don't know. You're getting braver.' Kurt smiled.

'Brave enough to do this.' Blaine replied, pressing his lips against Kurt's and kissing him deeply, not caring who could see them. It was a little unnerving to be doing this so publicly, but Blaine was feeling brave and he wanted to show the world that they were together.

'Oh wow.' Kurt whispered as they broke apart. 'Do you think you can push your performance back a half hour? I think I saw an empty bedroom down the hall.'

Blaine was tempted, especially when Kurt pressed a kiss against his neck, but he could see Mr. Motta standing by the microphone and speakers that had been set up on the patio.

'Later, definitely. I think they're waiting for me.' Blaine said, nodding over to the performance area.

'So they are, go show them what you've got, they're going to love you.'

Blaine kissed Kurt once more before leaving him and walking over to the performance area, picking up his guitar and sitting down on the stool in front of the microphone.

The partygoers began to gather around him, Kurt making sure that he was standing at the front, their conversations dying down to a gentle murmur as they waited for Blaine to begin.

This is it, Blaine thought, this is the moment you came to New York for.

Mr. Motta had arranged this whole performance at his 'welcome home' party as a special thank you to both Kurt and Blaine. When he had returned Kurt had told him about the 'robbery' they had been caught up in and Mr. Motta had assumed it was entirely because of them that nothing had been stolen. He was so grateful that once he learned of Blaine's dreams to be a singer he invited a friend of his who worked in the music business to come and watch the performance.

It wasn't the first time Blaine had performed in public over the last six months; Kurt had taken him everywhere, encouraging him to sing his own songs and believe in his talent. They had visited coffee shops, piano bars and Central park dozens of times, but this was the first time Blaine was playing for someone who could possibly give him a chance at making it.

He set his fingers to the chords for his first song, the words forming in his mind easily. He was starting off with the latest song he had written, a song about a man who felt lost and lonely in a confusing world, a man who found love and hope at the same time, in the same person.

He looked up, his eyes catching Kurt's as he grinned encouragingly to Blaine, feeling his heart clench at the love positively gleaming from Kurt's eyes. He knew he could do this, he could make it.

Blaine strummed the chords, opened his mouth and began to sing.

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