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It has been one month exactly. One month ago Nahuel wound up on our property. Since that time we have had no trouble. I knew that Joham was around. Everybody knew it and he fucking knew we fucking knew it. In that time we have trained, chilled, soaked in the hot tub, hunted in groups, vegies in one group, cool guys in the other. And we have all kept one eye on Nahuel and Bell.

I for one did not like what I saw. They were getting close. They spent most of the day hanging out and talking. I suppose it's natural. I mean he is the only other one exactly like her that she has ever met. I still didn't like it. I saw a look in her eyes that said hey, I really like you, want to jump my bones? It's a look I knew well. I invented it.

I was sitting on a fence at the ranch. It was twilight and my Garrett was right beside me.

"So what do you think? Is he trying to wait us out? See how long the fellowship will hold?"

"Fellowship?" Garrett asked, looking confused.

"Fellowship of the Ring dumbass."

"Oh right. So who would be Aragon?"

"You're my Aragon, baby. You know that." I told him leaning over to kiss him.

"And Legolas?"

"Have to be Jasper."

"And Gimli?"


"Good answer. I was thinking he could be Took but you are right. He is a good fighter even if he is here mostly for comedy entertainment."

"Well who am I lovely husband?"

"You are Gandalf of course."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm the old gray haired man?"

"Of course. Aragon may have been King but Gandalf was the one who planned. Who instructed. Who knew what to do. He was the one the Fellowship looked to. That's you dear. Over two thousand combined years of vampire experience in those two houses and everyone would jump through flaming hoops at a word from you."

"I don't want to be Gandalf." I whispered.

"I bet Gandalf didn't either. I doubted Frodo wanted to be Frodo. But we all have our parts to play."

"Speaking of, you know there is no way Joham is alone right?"

"Of course not Bella. But until we know who he is with, there is not much we can do about it."

I know who he is with, I thought to myself. But I couldn't say until I knew for sure.

"How is the training going with Jasper? He seems pleased."

"I suppose." I told him in a bored tone. Truth be told there is nothing boring about it. It is very mentally tiring and emotionally draining. Jasper has been playing with different emotions to determine what I perform best in. Looks like it is anger. Surprise, surprise.

"How is the combat training?" I asked him.

"Good I suppose…"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong per say. Hannah is a natural. Of course having a hellcat like Vicki as a mate, I'm not surprised. Kat should probably not fight anybody. Ever. Charlie…"

"What about Charlie?"

"He and Carlisle have gotten a little too involved in the sparring on occasion."

"How involved?"

"There may have been an arm ripped off of Charlie." Garrett said in the most casual tone he could come up with. He waited for my blowup. I hated to disappoint him but…

"I wonder what the deal is with those two."

"You don't know? You're so insightful about everything but yourself."

"What are you talking about?"

"Carlisle and Charlie are locked in a battle to see who gets to be your vampire daddy." Garrett told me grinning.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I can't believe this shit.


"Great. Now I have to deal with this shit too?"

"You don't have to deal with anything. Let it play out. They are big boys."

I sighed. I suppose he is right. Besides I have other things on my plate. We all do.

"Garrett we need to talk about what is going to happen when Joham comes."


"I have to meet him alone."

"Not going to happen."

"Garrett, I can't keep you covered and concentrate on stopping him from taking my shield."

"No Bella. You don't have to cover me. I will handle him on my own. "

"He won't be alone. He is going to attempt to incapacitate us. And then he will try to work out terms of surrender. Just like we did to the Volturi."


"Garrett, shut up. I have a plan. Are you open to hearing it or do I have to keep you out of the loop? I can handle this with Jasper alone if I have to but I would rather you be involved."

Garrett opened his mouth and then looked me in the eyes. He knew when I as serious. He closed his mouth and nodded to me to talk. And I did. For the next two hours.

Sun up found me working with Jasper again. I suggested that Charlie spend more time sparring with Vicki and Carlisle work with Hannah, to Peter. He laughed but agreed.

Alice walked up. She was about to say something, probably about shopping when she fell into that oh shit trance. Judging by the look on her face she wasn't seeing a vision of a sale at Neiman Marcus.

"In ten minutes Bella. Joham. North fence line. He will be standing there."

"Okay Alice." Every vampire on the ranch was in my living room suddenly. Even the ones from Peter and Char's house.

"Where is Bell and Nahuel?"

"Pool." Esme said.

"Get them inside. Please. And tell me Bell is not wearing one of Char's bikinis."

"I'm on it." Hannah responded and took off with Vicki following her.

"I need you all to listen to me. You are all going to have a part in this. If it works out right we ended this today." They listened to their credit.

"Now that everybody knows their part lets talk about what is going to happen. The back side of the ranch is going to be attacked soon. They are going to attempt to take Bell. Joham is hoping to draw us to him and lessen the presence here guarding her." I told the assembled crew.

"How do you know this Bella?" Carlisle asked.

"It's what I would do."

"Who is going to attack us? I can't read any thoughts out there." Edward said. I looked at Jasper who nodded. We had talked about this.

"The Volturi."

That silenced the room.

"Bella you really think they would…"

"Listen Carlisle. After what happened, the weakening of the Volturi, Jane and Alec dying, the guard seeing how cheap life is to Aro, including their own. I would be surprised if Aro and Marcus lasted a day when they got back to Italy. If he made it back at all. Without Jane and Alec having his back I imagine the rest of the guard tore him to pieces. Now think about it. Joham discovered Bell by witnessing the Volturi being beaten. You don't think the guard are looking for the next big thing? And Joham needs people. No matter how strong he is he is not strong enough to take us all on. It's the only thing that makes sense." It wasn't the only thing but I hoped to God I was wrong about the other.

"So you have to stay away from Joham right? You have to protect Bell and the non-gifted vampires will go to fight Joham right?" Char asked.

I turned and kissed her cheek.

"No baby. I am going to take Joham myself."

"YOU CAN"T! He almost killed you last time. He would have! I won't let you go alone! Garrett won't let you go alone! Right Garrett?" Char screamed looking at my mate.

"Garrett?" she whispered.

"Bella knows what she is doing Char. We have to trust her."

"Bella please don't. Let me come with you."

"Char I am going to defeat him. But I have to have my wits about me. I can't be looking out for others. You have to stay here and protect our ranch. And protect those in it." I hated to do this to her. The look she was giving me was breaking my heart.

She nodded her head. "If you get killed I am going to be so pissed at you Bella."

"Not as pissed as I will be at myself." I told her. That at least got a smile.

"He is there Bella."

Without another word, I took off. I saw him sparkling in the sun ten miles out. I ran to a standstill in front of him.

"Good morning Bella. I am glad to see Alice got my message. Where are the others? Surely you don't think you can take me alone right? Didn't we learn anything from last time?"

"The others are defending my ranch from the new guard you have. Aro's scraps."

The look on his face confirmed what I had thought. He hid it well though but I saw him flinch.

"So you are insightful. You will make a lovely queen."

"But I won't. At least I won't be the only queen. And I don't like sharing titles."

"And who do you think would compare to you?" He asked me smiling.

"I would have to say your mate. Come on out Zafrina. I know you are watching. I haven't seen you in while. We have a lot to catch up on apparently."

She walked out from behind a hill. She was beautiful. As always. I hated this.

"How did you know Bella?"

"I didn't at first. I wasn't 100% sure until you walked out from behind that hill. But you were the only name that made sense. Every time I turned around I heard your name. You were everywhere we were. You knew about us. Joham didn't come to witness for the Volturi. It wasn't luck that had him there. You told him what we told you. You knew where the Cullens were. You knew where we were. You brought Nahuel to San Antonio. You saved Edward and sent him here to warn us about Joham so we would gather together. I'm confused. Did you hurt Nahuel to get him with us or hurt him because he actually tried to escape? You know Zafrina, he thinks his sisters are safe with your coven."

"They are safe. We would never let anything happen to them."

"Enough talk Bella. Nahuel wanted to get away. I wanted him close to little Bella. Zafrina thought it would be a good idea for them to spend some time together in a low pressure environment. She helped him escape and I staged the attack to make him believable. Especially to Edward. He had to think he was attacked or Edward would have picked up a lie right away and my boy would have been killed. Now we need to talk about us."

"What us, Joham? I think I have made my feelings very clear."

"I was hoping you would listen to me Bella." Zafrina said walking up closer to me.

"And why should I do that? You betrayed me."

"I did no such thing! What have I done to you? I have talked my mate into letting you rule beside me! I knew when I saw you as a newborn you were something special. You know I love Victoria and you. I like Charlotte. There is no need for us to fight. Let two children do what is natural for them. We would be the mothers of their offspring. We could rule the vampire world. Bella we will rule the vampire world. We could even try to effect positive change in the human world. We could do a lot of good Bella."

"Zafrina, I am sorry. But if you knew me at all, you would realize I have no desire to lead. I just want to be left alone with my family."

"Fine, stand aside. No one has to get hurt. Let us take little Bella to where she probably wants to be anyway. I know they have spent time together. I imagine they like each other. Let them fall in love."



"No. You leave now. Take you mate and take… actually leave the Volturi scraps. We will go ahead and kill those idiots. Go back to Brazil and I won't have to hurt you Zafrina."

Zafrina looked at me with sad eyes. I am going to miss her. But I had a feeling one way or another, one of us wasn't coming out of this in one piece.

"I won't attack you Bella. But I can't save you."

"I understand Zafrina. Besides I think you are going to have your hands full."

"With what Bella?"

"You've met little Bella's parents? They don't take kindly to people fucking with their daughter or her boyfriend."

Right on time, thank you Alice, Edward and Hannah charged Zafrina. She may be able to take one of them with her power. But she can't take both. Not if Edward can locate her by reading her mind. At least that's the theory. Joham shouted and turned to help her but he ran into my shield. He seemed surprised.

"Yeah bitch, that happened. You just ran into my shield. It's time to play."

Charlie POV

We waited facing south, where Bella expected the Volturi Guard to come from. I hope my little girl wasn't fighting that Joham bastard on her own for no reason. I was beginning to think they wouldn't be coming until I heard them. Off in the distance. Moving quickly. Sounded like 6 pair of feet.

"Peter, Garrett and I take one. The rest of you jump on the other three and look out for vampires coming up from the side." Jasper hissed out without looking in our direction.

I was about to complain that I could take one on my own. But the three of them were gone. The 6 Volturi came over a hill only to be collided with by the three boys. I heard growling from Jasper and Peter. Garrett was engaged with a blond haired guy. Jasper had a Spanish looking guy. There were two females that tried to jump on them and Carlisle, Esme and I jumped on them. Unfortunately one of them we couldn't land a punch on. Every time we tried it seemed the blow slid off. Carlisle yelled something to Esme about some Riatta or something. Kat was in the house. Vicki came barreling out with Alice. Carlisle Esme and I surrounded Riatta or whatever the hell her name is, Vicki was taking on the other girl with some help from little Alice. It looked like Vicki was winning. That girl can fight. I'm glad she never came after Bella after that James fiasco.


"That was not smart. I'm disappointed in you Bella. You really want to be trapped in a shield with me? Have it your way. But you should know, Zafrina and I have an open relationship obviously, judging by the human women who have given me children. Before you die I am going to enjoy you."

Joham didn't look as confident. But he was pissed. Wait a minute. Did he just say he was going to rape me? Oh no that motherfucker did not just go there. Controlled fury, Bella. Just like Jasper taught you.

I felt this asshole pulling my shield. I knew it was coming this time. And I was pissed. I growled. He growled. We were locked in a war and neither of us had moved yet. God he was strong. I couldn't take a chance to see what Edward and Hannah were doing. My entire focus was on the asshole in front of me. He began moving towards me and swung. I ducked and hit him in his nuts. Not that it hurt him much but it got his attention. He stumbled back and I felt my shield further in my grasp. Do what I want. Do what I want.

The invisible wall reached out and took his arms pinning and curling around them. He looked shocked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm a fast learner."

He strained to get out of my shield's grip. That took his concentration farther away from me. It was time. I ejected him from the shield and he fell on his ass. He lost it. I didn't feel the soul sucking pull from him anymore. He stood to charge me. I figured he would grab my shield to try to pull it from me. Fucking Sponge Bob. I threw my shield out and around him. I pulled it around him tightly and lifted him in the air.

"What the hell did you do to me?"

"You're in my shield now. Without me. Your powers won't work in their Joham. And you aren't doing any fancy disappearing act this time. Your ass is mine." I growled him. There he was. The reason I had all these people at my house. The reason I couldn't watch TV in peace. The reason I couldn't get in the hot tub naked with my girl or my mate. The monumental pain in my ass. And everyone else's as well.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zafrina throw Edward into Hannah. She was coming for me. C'mon guys…

Right there. Big brother and the Ice Queen. Rose was growling. And not because someone looked at her wrong.


"Yep Joham. Your girl is getting torn to pieces by 4 vampires. Sucks doesn't it? Sucks to know your mate is in trouble. Now you know how Garrett felt you asshole." I was working myself up. I heard Edward say something about my eyes turning red. No shit they are red Edward.

I had him. I felt every inch of his slimy body wrapped in my shield. Now time to break him.

Garrett POV

We finished off the last of the Volturi. The shield they had was particularly difficult. I took off running for Bella and the others were right behind me. What I saw in the clearing amazed me. Zafrina was in pieces. Rose, Emmett, Hannah and Edward each had a piece of Zafrina. Rose tossed her arm and grabbed her head. I guess Bella was right, I thought sadly. When isn't she? I heard Vicki gasp out Zafrina's name. But Zafrina was beyond talking back. I looked at Bella and almost didn't recognize her. She was staring at Joham who was currently in the air spread eagle and apparently in a lot of pain. His arms were cracking. It was like he was being crushed in the air. Bella's eyes were…glowing. They were completely red. She had a feral look on her face. I have never wanted her so bad or been as afraid of her at the same time as I was right now. She and Joham were locked in a staring contest. His eyes were darting between Bella and Zafrina. The look on his face was agony. He couldn't soak up Bella's power. She beat him. It was just time to finish him off.

I wanted to walk up to Bella but I was afraid if I broke her concentration it would give Joham an opening to escape. Plus her eyes were glowing brighter. There was a power radiating off of her that was making everyone's hair stand on end. I guess Eleazor was right. Suddenly we heard a loud crack. Joham's arms were torn form his shoulders. She had wrapped her shield so tightly around him his arms and legs went where she wanted them too. His nose was crunched into his face. His legs went next. He screamed. It is hard to scream loudly though when you can't suck in breath. And I promise you there was no room for air in that mental saran wrap he was currently caught in. I looked at the clearing and saw everyone was staring at her with looks of awe. All except Jasper, who stood there with a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

"Garrett!" Bella yelled scaring the hell out of me. I was by her side in a flash as was Peter and Char.

"Yes Bella?"

"Finish it."

Joham's torso and extremities fell to the ground. Peter and I attacked.

"Please let me!"

We stopped and turned to see Nahuel running up. I looked at Peter and nodded. We began gathering his limbs. I heard a fire start behind me. We walked over to where Edward was throwing Zafrina' remains in the fire and dumped his arms and legs. Then I turned back to Nahuel. He was staring at his father. He had tears in his eyes. I had thought at first he was sad but no, those were tears of rage.

He gripped his father's head and twisted it off his body with a yell. We watched as he walked over to the fire. He dropped the head in the fire and Bell came up and placed her arm around him.

"Peter! Garrett!" I turned towards Char's voice to see Bella's eyes had stopped glowing and she had collapsed. Char was holding her. I raced to her side. Carlisle stepped towards us and Char and I both growled. Nothing personal but no one was getting near my mate.

"Bella baby open your eyes. Please sweetie talk to me." She wouldn't open her eyes. I know vampires can't sleep but I think Bella may have just surprised us all. I looked at Jasper.

"She is there Garrett. Give her time."

I nodded to him and picked her up in my arms. I began slowly walking back with Bella in my arms. Our coven followed us. All four of them surrounding us in a protective stance. Our leader was hurt. It was a natural reaction.

The Cullens followed us to the house. I laid Bella down on our bed. I lay down next to her and wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes. I didn't know how long she would be in the dark. But I would be there with her.


I was able to open my eyes up with a splitting headache three days after the battle. It went away after a day or two. Garrett was hovering. I didn't mind. We held each other 90% of the day. Char got the other 10%.

The Cullens left. They went to Brazil. Carlisle called a week after the battle and said that they had Nahuel's sisters and Zafrina's former coven did not put up a fight. They may stay in Brazil a while. Nahuel wants to show Bell his home.

We decided to build a house for Charlie and Kat. At the outskirts of the property. As far away as possible. They finally got married. I had some venom pooling in my eyes. It was a beautiful ceremony. Life was good now. I started thinking about anyone who might want me or mine destroyed and couldn't come up with anything. I spoke to Carlise, Esme and Alice nearly daily. I spoke to all the Cullens at least once a week. Even Edward. He was working on his relationship with Bell and to her credit she was letting him. I planned to spend the next three months doing nothing but having sex and watching TV. It was going to be great. I don't think I will ever look at being bored as a bad thing again. No way would anybody be getting me out of my house for a long time. At least a year. My so called nomad husband could kiss my ass.

3 months later

"Bella are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Yes Dad. It will be fine."

"That's a lot of pressure down there."

"I know Dad. If it gets to bad I can always wrap the four of us in a shield. You sure you and Kat don't want to come?"

"No we are good." Kat said quickly. "We will be here if anything goes wrong."

"Nothing is going to go wrong." I said rolling my eyes.

Peter, Garrett, Char and I walked to the rail of our borrowed boat.

"You ready for this? Garrett asked me, smiling.

"Yep. Let's go see the Titanic baby." I smiled back at him. And we jumped.

The End

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