Chapter 6: The City of Omashu

"So remind me," Sokka said after a long moment of silence in the group, "where are we going?"

"The Earth kingdom city of Omashu," Aang said as a huge city made of rock came into view.

"Wow, nice," Danny said eyeing the structure of the city.

"They have buildings here that don't melt," Sokka said in awe.

"Come on," Aang said as he started to slide down the hill toward the city.

"Aang wait," Katara said stopping Aang in his tracks, "it could be dangerous if people find out you're the Avatar."

"How everyone thinks he's dead," Danny pointed out, "not even the Kyoshi warriors believe us."

"You need a disguise," Sokka said completely ignoring Danny's remark.

"What do you want me to do," Aang said, "grow a mustache?"

Though Danny knew that Aang meant that remark to be sarcastic, Aang ended up wearing a headful of Appa's fur on his head and upper lip. "Ugh, this is so itchy," Aang said scratching underneath the wig, "how do you live in this stuff?" Aang asked Appa.

The bison blew some wind in Aang's face in reply. "Great, now you look just like my grandfather," Sokka said sarcastically.

"Technically, Aang is a hundred and twelve years old," Katara said, making Danny chuckle lightly.

"Now let's get to skipping young whippier snappers," Aang said using an elderly voice, "the big city awaits!"

"You guys are going to love Omashu," Aang said dropping the elderly voice as they walked up toward the Omashu gates, "the people here are the friendliest in the world."

Just as Aang said that tiny fact, some guards called out, "Rotten Cabbages, What Kind of Flum Do You Think This Is!" the guard said throwing the cabbage chart over the bridge.

"No my cabbages!" the cabbage dealer exclaimed.

"Yeah friendly," Danny said with a scowl.

"Just keep smiling," Aang encouraged them walking closer to the ruthless earth benders.

One of the earth benders saw them coming and earth bended a boulder above Aang's head and exclaimed, "State your business!"

Aang used some air bending to run up to the guard and point a finger in his face and yell in his elderly voice, "My business is my business only young man and none of yours," Aang rambled like Danny's dad would probably do if he had lived to that age, "I have half a mind to bend you over my knee and paddle your backside!"

"Settle down old timer," the guard said looking kind of nervous, "just tell me who you are."

"The name's Bonzu," Aang said before adding, "Pippin Paddleloapsacoddleis the Third and these are my grandkids."

When Aang pointed to them Katara stepped up saying in an all too cheerful voice, "Hi, June Pippin Paddleloapsacoddleis, nice to meet you."

The guard looked over the both of them then pointed to Katara and said, "You seem like a responsible young lady," the guard said, "see that your grandfather stays out of trouble."

"We will!" Katara said while walking in after Aang.

Guard watched them as they started to walk towards the doors before stopping them in their tracks, "Wait a minute," the guard said grabbing Sokka by the shoulder, causing Aang and Katara to turn around in horror, "you're a strong young boy, show some respect for the elderly and carry your grandfather's bag!"

"Good idea!" Aang said tossing his bag at Sokka's head causing Danny to snicker making the guard look at him.

The guard took in Danny's black hair and earth bended a bolder over Danny's head, "How dare you bring a fire bender to Omashu!"

"He's adopted," Aang said thinking on his feet, "the poor boy was cast out by his village because his father was a fire bender, now the boy won't ever smile."

Danny hadn't realized that he was still frowning about how the guard bullied the cabbage dealer until Aang mention that he was frowning, "We were hoping that Omashu could bring the smile back on his face," Katara said giving the guard a pleading look.

"Alright, but take this," the guard said giving them a pass, "it will help you get into anywhere you like, even the palace."

"Dante show the man your gratitude," Aang ordered and Danny nodded before bowing respectfully at the earth bender.

The guard nodded his head and the gates opened, finally allowing them through. Danny looked in awe at the many buildings made entirely of earth, the architecture was fantastic. There were tons of slides and arches that Danny's face couldn't help turn his frown upside down while giving his eyes a little sparkle to them, the city sure was amazing.

"This is the Omashu delivery system, miles and miles of tubes and chutes," Aang explained braking Danny from his daze.

"Get so they get their mail on time," Sokka said in a 'so what' voice.

"They do get their mail on time," Aang said as a matter a fact, "but my friend Bumi found a better use for these chutes," Aang said, his normally innocence smile turning into a mischievous smile that Danny was not sure if he trusted.

After Aang told them the story about how his friend Bumi told him of how this mail system could be turned into the world's greatest super slide (aka roller coaster). Now Danny knew that the mischievous smile meant that something extremely dangerous and fun was about to occur. At the top of a mail chute Katara suddenly said, "This sounded fun at first, but now that I'm here I'm starting to have seconded thoughts!"

The basket went down the chute making Katara air out her last few words while they made Aang and Danny laugh. The basket went down just like a roller coaster would, but along the way Aang had to move the basket out of the chute to avoid sharp spears. They kept going riding on the roof tops of people's houses before they finally fell out and onto the poor cabbage dealer's cart, the heavy earth crate destroying the cart in the process, "My Cabbages, You're Going To Pay For This!" the cabbage dealer exclaimed while guards run to stand beside the enraged cabbage dealer.

"Two cabbages please," Aang said with a guilty smile.

The guards took the teens to the king for them to be punished, "Your Majesty these juveniles were arrested for vandalism, traveling under false pretenses, and malicious destruction of cabbages," a guard told the old king.

"Off with their heads, one for each head of cabbage!" the cabbage man exclaimed.

"Silence, only the king can pass down judgment," the guard ordered making the man quiet, "what is your judgment sire?"

The king took a good long look over the four teenagers and said, "Throw them," the king said pausing before saying, "a feast."

Danny looked at the king in confusion, but was glad that he didn't have to try and think of a way out of here. Aang, Katara, and Sokka look just confused as he did, but he gave them a glance that said not to worry. The feast was huge and looked better than anything his mom or The Nasty Burger had to offer them. Momo was already munching on the food while Danny and his companions ate nothing out of fear that it was poisoned. "The people in my city have grown fat from too many feasts so I hope you like your chicken with no skin," the king said picking up the chicken leg on Aang's plate and waving it in his face as if to tempt him.

"Thanks but I don't eat meat," Aang said politely dismissing the chicken.

"How about you, I bet you like meat," the crazed king said shoving the chicken leg into Sokka's mouth.

"Mhmm," Sokka said letting his stomach take over.

"So where are you four from?" the king asked as he sat back down in his chair.

"We're from… Kangaroo Island," Aang said making Danny want to hit himself.

"Kangaroo Island ay, I hear that place is really hopping!" the King said making Sokka laugh.

The other teenagers gave Sokka confused looks, "What it was pretty funny?"

"Normally I would agree with you, but now is not the time Sokka!" Danny exclaimed.

"How dare speak in the king's throne room fire bender!" one of the guards exclaimed.

Danny's eyes grow green with fury as he was tired of being described as an evil fire bender, he stands up and shouts, "Jesus Christ people, I'm not an evil fire bender!"

The guards got into their fighting stances ready for an attack when the King held up his hand at them, "Drop your boulders."

"But Sir," one of the guards said, "he's a fire bender."

"What have I always told you," the King said waving his boney finger, "open your minds to the possibilities, this boy could be telling the truth."

Realization hit Aang and Danny in the face, "Bumi?" Aang asked standing up and walking towards the king.

"Ah sweet nibblets," Bumi said standing up as Aang ran into his arms, "it's good to see you; you haven't changed a bit, literally."

"Why didn't you tell Aang who you were?" Sokka asked looking curious.

"An old king can't have a little fun?" Bumi said snorting like a pig, "Aang you have a huge journey ahead of you and while you're on it I hope you'll think like a mad genius."

The king then turned to Danny, "And you," the king said making Danny flinch, "you seem to already think like a mad genius."

"I'll going to be honest with you," Danny said looking relieved, "you're the first person to ever call me a genius."

"Then we're on the same page," Bumi said snorting like the mad genius he was.